Monday, May 31, 2010

Leave Muse ALONE :(

Lol jk, but I wish Twitard would leave them alone :\ Can't believe I liked Twilight, emphasize on the LIKED.

Moving on, well currently Matt is single *ShamWOHOO* :) Well that's how I'm suppose to feel. BUT I feel sorry for Matt, 8 years together and suddenly they just split? That's not something you can just snap out of it. Hmm, I was really hoping that they'll have mini Matts even with Gaia's gene in the mix but still it will be nice to see Matt move on in his life.

I don't know how many times I've been trying to stick up for Muse with their soft-rock genre but I'm going to continue sticking up. WHY? Well simple, I'm tired of people saying Neutron Star is Bullshit, What happen to original Muse, Yada yada bla blaa blaaa and my toe is on fire. Why am I tired? Frankly, it's because of school and secondly I agree to what Matt's saying. Yes I know what's freedom of expression means but if you don't like it, fine. But I'm just saying my opinion.

Like Matt has said, it's like a gene pool, you get variations, keep things interesting. Maybe they're bored with their old ways (I do miss their old songs) and they want to evolve. And the song for Eclipse, yeah I'm kind of pissed that a bunch of 14 or 13 year old midgets think they're Muse's biggest fan just because they know all the songs in Twilight :O But the song isn't that bad, it's just the association with Twilight that makes it cringe worthy. I adore the piano in the chorus <3>

Maybe I'm consolling myself that Muse might not be the guitar throwing, crazy lunatic on stage ever again, but hmm they'll always be my favourite band.

Friday, May 28, 2010

I'll pick adventure over love anyday.

Well, lately I've been reading a lot of children fantasy books. Yeah I know right? Ain't that just dandy? It is! It all started with my fascination with Harry Pot-er and Hogwarts (da best school yo). And I rarely even read chic-lit, I don't even know why. Probably because, in my opinion, they're all the same. There's a confused chick, guys and love. So that's why I read very little chic-lit, heck I've only read two or three. And I must confess A Walk to Remember is <3>

(Wooh I have this cover which is the First US Edition D: )

Ok back to the main topic, Children Fantasy Books :B They're awesome. I've read this Trilogy called Dark Reflection (The Water Mirror, The Stone Light, The Glass Word). The ending was extremely sad, I wished the author re-write the ending but like the book said, this is not a fairytale and even in fairytales it isn't real. Yeah sighh... but it's really unique, original and one of the most imaginative book I've read. And the best part it is set in Venice, and all over the world, but it started in Venice! I really want to go there.

Then there's Darren Shan the half-vampire. He was a normal boy, but one grave mistake made him a half-vamp. And so he goes through many adventures being all vampire, and kind of animal-like. You can finish a book in a day. It's a nice light reading material and very addictive. Well I'm addicted. I just love the first book! A very nice way to start a story, very unexpected and the plotline was great! Gosh I'm sounding geek-ish but I don't give a hoo-haa.

Adding to the list is, Percy Jackson! Thanks to my friend she bought the second and third book (first book, sold out) and instantly I got hook! Percy and Tyson is really funny. And I love Nico di Angelo heehheeee. I don't know why, he is an interesting character and he changes throughout the series. And thanks to the series, I'm googling ancient monsters, greek mythology and the olympians. I have literally become a Percy Jackson fan. Even when I have midterms, I kept reading The Last Olympian and I bet my marks would suffer. But the book was just calling me and saying "Read me, read me!!" How can I resist? I'm not that strong!

I hate it when series end. I cried when Pot-er ended. I know LAME but how would you feel when the book you grew up with finished and every year you patiently wait for the next book to come out and now you have nothing to wait for :( I wish they could magically just continue but I know that would just make it a disaster.