Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This is why I hate being a devotee fan. Muse is in New Moon. I belong to you (my fav track) is going to be rerecord and use in New Moon. I feel sad. The Veronicas covered Uprising, and some of the comments think muse is shite. I do respect their opinion but I like Muse. It's hard to hear all this stuff. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. But I have solution for all of this stuff. I shall just stop caring those idiots opinion and listen to Muse without any influence of outside world.

Gah, Twilight, stupid, argh, grr, I don't mind the book, but seriously it's a sucky movie. I hope Edward dies. I know he didn't. They all live happily ever after. Ladidaa. Stupid Edward & Bella. Stephenie Meyer who copied Sookie Stackhouse, and god I'm so over VAMPS.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I almost forgot!

Probably because I just want to keep my spirits high I will say

I know, it's still a long way to go. But! I can feel it, it's close (duh) so yeah.

I can't wait for Hari Raya because:

  1. No school!

  2. No school!

  3. I can EAT!

  4. Did I mention NO SCHOOL?

    I am such a lazy blogger, I just do not have any muse (no pun intended) to write a full hardcore post. I miss blogging about the weird wonders of the world. But my thoughts is just too normal I guess. Nothing seem exciting anymore. At least I'm getting a week holiday. Maybe my brain has been working over-time. It needs rest!
    What else, hmm. I'm in a muse mania mode, so probably everything I say would relate to Muse. It isn't my fault that I just happen to Luurrrve them.
    It's a jungle out there, so be safe my non-existing readers.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I couldn't resist :|

I just want to share my opinion of Muse's latest album due to release September 14th and I just had to listen to it ( I tried so hard to resist but no one was like supporting me). You can listen via legal streaming ofc! :P But wooh man starting was Uprising, very pop-ish (argh soon to be used in New Moon I can feel it :() But then Resistance kicked in and it actually was nice! The 30 second preview didn't do justice. And if I have to list my favourite it would probably be mostly all. But none that I feel so-so about. I genuinely like all, some more than others but still! And Exogenesis, the three part symphony :'( beautiful. It wasn't space rock solo dark disco to me well maybe the space rock that I expected. It's just a lovely composition. And I think Matt is ultra sexy in I Belong to You, it's sweet, in a way. Muse way? MK Ultra is tre cool, and so is Unnatural Selection. It's such a good album! Can't wait to get my hands on it :S

Friday, September 11, 2009

Do you know..

how much I adore their music?

(by far the hottest picture of Matt)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blame it upon

A Rush of Blood to the Head.

I know this album was release years ago but I fell in love with the title track. And I'm so glad Sharanya lend me Viva La Vida and Prospekts. It made me listen to all of their previous works. And one particular song was just so hauntingly beautiful.

I never really "studied" lyrics but for some reason I decided to try and interpret the lyrics. Well a lot of people say he's burning the house down because of all the horrible things that had took part in that place. Some say he thinks the place is the problem in the relationship so he's burning it down to make things right. Other say it's a suicide pact because of "stand here beside me baby in the crumbling walls..."

I think the guy is sick (not coughing, fever sick). More like mentally unhealthy? Always acting on impulse. The guy must be acting on impulse and he's having problems in his relationship because of that. So then he had another impulse to burn the place down on hope that it will save his relationship. OR maybe the girl was traumatized in that place" Do back the things it did to you in return", so the guy is willing to do anything for her. By burning the place he thinks that that's what she wants".. fill your heart's desires" . He is even willing to start a war if she tells him what to fight for. And all of this actions is because the rush of blood to the head.

Get to the chorus, the girl starting to move on. And the guy is devastated. He's desperately telling her that he had changed and all his mistakes are forever gone. But people around the girl say to keep moving on and leave him, "start as you mean to go on."

He burnt the place down. Some people laugh (maybe they lost their minds) and some cried because on the burning. But the girl just sit there and wondered why he did it. In his defence he reciting again he'll do whatever he will do for her and he blame his action on the rush of blood to the head.

The ending of the song is really sad, eventhough is predictable but still it's just so touching.

So meet me by the bridge, meet me by the lane

When am I going to see that pretty face again

Meet me on the road, meet me where I said

Blame it all upon

A rush of blood to the head

The girl finally sum up all her courage to leave him. And the guy waits for her in places he said he will be, just dreaming of the day when he sees her face again.

I just had to let it out, I don't know why. I'm just so into the song and I guess I made a little plotline for it. I'm catching on Sze Yan's chessyness but I don't care. Because of this song I'm willing to be cheese.

Oh god this is what happen when you're on a blogging hiatus.