Sunday, February 27, 2011

So Little Time

Whut up,

Sorry bloggie, I haven't been writing. I've been abnormally busy lately. So 3 major things had happen for these past few weeks.

First of all, my orientation camp! I did not at all look forward to it. Especially the activities listed. Night Jungle Walk? Stream trotting?! What is this? Are they trying to kill me? Well to sum it up. It was fun :D HEHEHE Especially the stream trotting! Man, even though my legs felt like a ton because of water trapped in my trousers, but it was an experience! The water was cooling, I loved it I loved it! It felt so good to be in the water! I don't know why the seniors like to get the juniors wet. It's a 'tradition' but why water and soap. I bathed okay.

Next was the Orientation Ball! Besides the late food and jam the evening was super enjoyable! Everyone was dressed up. All the girls were so pretty! I couldn't recognise some of them! It's nice seeing people all dolled up. I hate heels though. My feet were crying, oh why must you do this to me?! Slippers all the way man.

Finally, today I had my first driving lesson! WHEEEEE. One step closer to my license :D can't wait!

Sorry for the rushed post. I'm suppose to study. Qualifying test coming soon. Oh no. DOOM.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cause things will change

It's a revolution!

I changed my blog title. Por que? I felt like I need to move on from Blogger to Hell. Kind of childish the name :D HAHAHA As if the new one is. And plus I'm going to be legal this year. So I need to change. Hmm, though I try not to change what that can be left as it is. But we need to change to grow, hopefully it goes to the right direction.

Foolish heart

It's hard being a complicated minded person. With all the mood swings, over-thinking, and hormones. Hormones  ugh, if I could stop you I would!

Anyways, so yes. What's bothering me? Nothing really. It's just that, it's really hard for me not to like a guy. It could be anyone really, usually guy friends are not in the list, most of the time. I usually like guys that I'm not acquainted with. It's really weird to like a guy that you're friends with o_O you know? 

I sound so depress, but I'm just really tired. You know what, I'm going to print a picture of all the guys I love and slip them in my file. That would really motivate me ;) Oh I love Andrew Garfield. Though before this I didn't because every single girl loved him too after The Social Network, so I kind of even dislike him :O for being adored by these people. 

But then, one fine glorious day I watched an interview with him and he sounded so mature and profound that I thought he's a pretentious guy. But then I found out that he was 27 years old :O That shone a new light on him. Before this I thought he's like a kid trying to add as though he's so wise and all but it turns out he's the real deal. I know age does not equal to being wiser but I just prefer people to act their age. So with that he is gorgeous to me now :)