Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stars and Butterflies

I realised that I have certain words that I find beautiful. I know weird haha! I like the word 'fire', like e.g: When you have nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire. I think fire represents passion and I love how one can be so passionate for something. So I love it when there's fire in a quote. HAHA it gets weirder. I also love the word 'butterflies'. As you can see my title is Stars and Butterflies, my tumblr header is Butterflies and Hurricanes. What is it with that word? Well I find butterflies to be beautiful and well it gives me an instant picture of beauty everytime I see the word butterflies. And it also represents the emotion when you get nervous. You know, butterflies in your stomach and that emotion relates to me the most. I hate feeling nervous and yet I feel nervous for most of the time.

But that's not what I want to talk about. I just need a place to release my frustration. From my previous post, you can see that I've been obsessing over everything Pride & Prejudice. Now I'm going to talk about the soundtrack. It is freaking amazingly beautiful that it could make tear up. BRAVO Dario Marianelli! Excellent job.

The soundtrack consist of 17 tracks which are all so subtle and breath taking. It's like a breath of fresh air. The opening track 'Dawn' is aptly name, it does result in emotion of you waking up from your slumber and getting on with your day. GORGEOUS!

So you guessed it, I'm hooked to the soundtrack and have been listening to it on repeat. I really want the music sheet! So I googled it and apparently Kinokuniya had it. So there was I eagerly going to Kinokuniya to just find out that it's out of stock since last year. BOO!! I was so heartbroken. I DON'T CARE I SHALL GET THAT BLOODY BOOK. You know why I'm in a hurry to get the book, well you see I'm very impulsive. Very impulsive as in it comes and goes.

Here's one of my problem. I fall head over heels for something, after awhile the fire would certainly dim and I would lose the interest. I'm scared by the time I get the book, I wouldn't have the interest to practice it anymore. I'm really a messed up girl. I really don't know how to overcome it. My interest shifts too fast and I can't tell my heart 'Hey slow down, and stay at it longer' , it doesn't work that way. So I really really hope, by the time I get the scores, I'll have the interest still.

Pemberly state of mind tumblr, you are awesome!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh but why must I be obsessive.


So I'm taking A-levels right, right, right? One of the subjects I'm taking is English Literature :O Yes. Since I didn't have the opportunity to take it during SPM, I was determine to take it for A-levels even though people say it's so hard and it's not easy to get A. Well nothing is easy. You can see my stubbornness, my dad was a bit wary of me taking the subject but I really want to learn you know?

Enough about dilemma, for the first module we had to read Jane Eyre. My gosh, was it a bore! AT THE BEGINNING! Sorry for fans of the book but the first half of her life is a drab. Even though I hate romantic novels because of the cheesy lines and situations but when set in a Victorian Era it became quite a guilty pleasure :D I loved how Mr. Rochester courted Jane and how he went to great length just to make Jane confess her love. It was really cute. YES CUTE!

I went to youtube and searched videos of Jane Eyre. The newest movie is coming out in March in the US. I was hooked on the videos watching episodes and segments after segments. Even the ones way back from 1973! I was in a period drama phase.

After that, I recalled Pride & Prejudice. I remembered watching the movie and couldn't understand a thing. But I knew I didn't hate the movie. So yes, I watched the whole movie on youtube. HEHE. AND OH MY BLOODY GOSH, my heart was fluttering everytime I saw Mr. Darcy. And man, did he looked hot in his costumes, the coat is awh somezz~! I love his expressions and the way he talked. All I can say is Matthew MacFayden is an amazing actor. I think the movie has become one of my favourites. I couldn't stop staring at Mr. Darcy, now I know why women love Mr. Darcy. I want to watch it again :) But sadly I have no time.

I am definitely going to read the book and fall head over heels for the characters!

Credits to Pemberley-state-of-mind tumblr.

I really need a life man.

Monday, January 24, 2011

No more can be said.

Hello cherries,

My emotions for today is between disappointment and sadness. If you are a E News follower and gossip reader, you know that Kate Hudson is preggers with a mini Matt. Though it is still a rumour. But I am treating it as if it was real so that I wouldn't be in denial if it was true.

Not only that my dearie, Muse are performing at the GRAMMYS. *applause* What an honour!! NOT. Grammys has loss their credibility and seriously have you seen the winners? Not that I'm saying all of them are horrible but most of them are. So yes MUSE what are you doing there? I know you want to rule the world but making pop records and selling your soul to America will just make you out as a total...fool.

I know a lot of Musers will bash me for rambling about this. But I always say this is my opinion. And I have been a faithful fan of Muse, and as a fan seeing them go through this, it's painful! I want people to recognise Muse as those rockers who made beautiful songs. Epicness shooting through the speakers. Not some Uprising Twilight Band.

They can dress as eccentric as they want but if their music is mundane than no amount of glitters can glorify it.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A new dawn.

Have you had an itch on your toes. And even though you have scratched it, it still itch. I hate it.

What a way to start my new year's post. But I'm not really big on the new year's thing. I should, because I need motivation. But right now my motivation is to never repeat what I've done for SPM. Confused? Me too.

OH! I'm in college now :D HEHEHE Gosh, the orientation is tomorrow. And I'm most definitely going to be an outsider there. Sigh. I am super scared. There's so many things running in my head. But I'm not going to stress about it. Just go, show up and keep cool. Sound good right?

I haven't done a themed post in a long while. And I promised you that I would be back in action but I'm still inconsistent with the post. Let's see if college inspires me.

I am a horrible writer. I'm sorry. My painting isn't even half done. My days are going to get busier. A busy mind is better than an idle one.

Tomorrow is the first day. The first day is always the hardest :\ Please let that be true? My heart is racing. I haven't tried to make new friends in a long time. I mean a long long time. I'm afraid I seem to forget how to.

Just show up. Just show up. Breathe.

Ok no more thoughts! I'm going to college tomorrow.