Monday, December 20, 2010

Whiny McWhiner

Yes I do whine a lot. And some might say~ (lol Oasis song, check my post in Shark in A Bowl ;] ) I am ungrateful, spoiled brat.

Let me clear this up:

1. Spoiled brats wants everything and gets everything. I on the other hand wants everything and doesn't get everything.

2. I am grateful, but I have this mood swings that clouds my judgement. Hmm, I might bipolar man.

As I always do, when I'm mad, or depress, I'll write in my blog. To just get it out. Right now, everything feels like its against me. Especially my family. They're getting on my nerves. Maybe I'm just at home too much. And they made so many unfulfilled promises, that just make angry.

Part of me feels rebellious and just want to break promises. But then whats the use of that. Through this I learn, if I break promises than the other person would feel like how I feel. And I don't want to be the cause. So I will try my best to keep my promises no matter how big or small it is. And I am crap at remembering stuff, so if I have broken some promises I'm sorry and you can tell me what I've missed and I'll try to fix it :)

See I feel better.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I'm just so pissed.

I really need to channel it into a positive energy.

It shouldn't be so hard to look at the glass half-full side.

I feel like punching someone's face. (then again I always feel like I want to punch someone's face)


Not only do I have PMS, I have angst. Angst.

This sucks. Period ( ha-ha not funny).

I should google how to control my anger.

Mmm yes. That is an idea! *lightbulb* Yeah I know it's a bit too late for the lightbulb.

Oh dang. I'm so depressed. I feel like cutting myself. Loljk. I'm too scared. HAHAH But seriously I am not that stupid.

Maybe I am? Wth I'm so high. Wow I just changed anger into high-ness?

My so called 'diet program' is not working. I've been binge eating :O hehehe. Plus theres always more chocolates in the fridge when you're trying to be healthy :\ That's just how the universe works.

Until I figure how the universe works. Bye.<--- Boring way to end I know. But I've been so uninspired *sigh* I need a muse!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Task 1 completed.

I have officially registered in a driving school! One small step for man, a giant sigh of relief for me.
My dad said learning how to drive is the main priority. So that's out of the way. I'm going to attend the lecture this Sunday, all by myself~ Don't wanna be, all by myyyseellllf! ANYYYYYMORE! It's only 5 hours :S Hmm yes.

I'm scared. The lady said, girls had a hard time driving, for obvious reasons. I have never driven a manual car before. And in an automatic, I have only driven forward. Never reverse or park. Never mind, theres still a long way to go.

I went to Taylor's Open Day. Yeah there's nothing much though I did there. I bumped into Jason, apparently he registered already! He is going for January intake.

So ladidaa I am growing up. I guess. My head is throbbing. The back of my eyes feel like somebody is assaulting it with a blunt knife :(

Hmm, so I am progressing in my list to do. I have two weeks to complete everything. *sigh* NEED MINIONS! And with the driving stuff, my time will be limited. Looks like I'm back to being busy me. I have never been free. I have always something to do. And I am the champion of procrastination, so that will explain why I am always bored even though I have a thousand and one things to do.

I'm sorry I've been blogging about my boring life. OH DEAR, I have run out of things to talk about. Maybe I'll become more interesting after college.

I hope college wouldn't consume my life. I want a nice balance.

I'm so tired. I'm watching 101 Dalmatians.

Yeah bye. Uhm, I'll talk to you later okay :) HAHA

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I need minions.

I need tiny minions to do all my work. I need to start painting. I like painting, it makes my mind focus. When I start painting, nothing else matter besides finishing the painting. It is absolutely relaxing. I love it.

The problem is starting the painting. I have a tough time to decide what to paint. I generally paint cartoonish figures. I like paintings with pastel colours. Soft lighting. Nothing to bold. Subtle is the way to go.

Oh god. I have so many things to do. I need to enroll myself to a driving school. I need to find a college for JANUARY INTAKE. I need to shop for clothes for college which is in JANUARY. I still haven't decide on what to take dammit. I'm probably doing A-level but it's going to be like SPM all over again. I don't know. I want to see counselors. But where are those counselors.

My piano hasn't been tuned for a year. The keys are falling apart. I have no acoustic guitar. My pick is missing. My nails hurt because of the strumming.


So yes, I need minions!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Beauty that never fades.

Since I'm so over SPM, I can finally read books! I mean books besides textbooks. Well my dad bought a secondhand eBook reader awhile ago. Inside it, theres classics like Moby Dick, Dracula, and etc.

It just so happen it has The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, the only novel he published. Before SPM, my friends and I watched the movie Dorian Gray where Ben Barnes acted as Mr. Gray. The movie was uhhh yeah more action than conversation. Though, Ben Barnes was gorgeous in it :) I had a crush on him for awhile after watching Dorian Gray. But the crush was short-lived.

Currently, I'm halfway through the book, and I quite like the book. It presents an interesting view about beauty and morals. How obsessed one can be with looks. Like Lord Henry Wotton said about beauty, it is an intelligence even more greater than any other intelligence because it does not need explanation.

So theres many different angles on morals, about satisfying ones desire. You have Lord Henry who supports hedonism and the painter of the infamous picture Basil, who tried to shelter Dorian from the influence of Lord Henry and failed. And of course there is Dorian Gray,
from an innocent young lad to a hideous soul.

What a coin-hi-dink I'm doing a portrait again! HAHA luckily it's not a self-portrait. Self-portrait is not my thing, I like to paint other people. I'll try to post pictures once I'm finish. I promised that last time hehe sorry. I guess I forgot, the portrait is half finish till this day. Don't ask why.

Oh yeah, my friends and I have officially launched Shark in a Bowl. So check that out too!

Click here :) ->Shark in a Bowl

Friday, December 10, 2010

If there could be anything sweeter than honey, it would be this.

I feel giddy and happy. It's because of this one song. You know the feeling when you see a your crush or you just so happen to remember all the summer holidays memories. Well this song just hit the right chords for me. Ahhh I just love how it makes me feel.

It kind of reminds me of a story of summer romance. Girl meets boy. They become inseparable, falls madly deeply in love. Time seems to stop, and all what matters is the time spent together. Where you're living in the moment. So carefree, and beautiful in a way :D Everything seems perfect :) Sigh boy I would love to have a summer love. Too bad I live here and I'm not going to anywhere exotic or exciting to meet the perfect guy for summer. HAHA well I can dream.

The song is freaking sweet, sigh sigh sigh!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More than goodbyes

No I'm not leaving you bloggeh,

So told you I would be back soon! Is it too soon? Maybe but I'm bored and I'm trying to get my blog back on track.

Do you like pop? Do you like funk? Do you like catchy chorus? Well if you do then Hands All Over is the perfect album for you! Yes Hands All Over, this sexy beast is the work of Maroon 5. You probably knew that, I told you I'm stuck in the past. But let me review it.

I always been secretly a fan of Maroon 5, why secretly because I don't know, they're so overplayed on the radio. But anyways, they're back with new shizamms. And it's good! But if you like indie or hard rock metal then it's not for you.

Hands All Over is like your own private party. The starting is very poppy and gradually becomes funky. Then after you had some funk, Maroon 5 slows it down with couple of ballads. There's one song featuring the singer from Lady Antebellum (not a fan of them though), so that shows how diverse it is.

Though Adam Levine lyrics are still the same, about women and yeah but it fits with the song. What I'm trying to tell you is, go and listen to Hands All Over, if you want something fun.

My favourite tracks are Stutter, Give A Little More, Runaway and yeah you know what just listen to all.

Oh I'm starting a new blog with my friends, will keep you updated my non existing readers!

Miss me?

Dear bloggers, I am in love with Nick Valensi. Just FYI. Not really related to this post.

I am now finally released from the grasp of SPM! Jump for joy because I'm not going to study Biology anymore :)

I'm still getting used to typing a post. Gosh how long has it been since I had a proper post? Too long! And my brain is all tired and throbbing. My back aches, sitting for 20 plus papers is not fun. I am stuck in the stone age. It's going to take awhile for me to get back on track.

Hmm, since I'm here I might as well tell you about what's going on with me right now. Not like you care, but I feel like typing. I miss my blog okay. So college next year, hmm yes. College. Well, I have no idea where I am going, what I am going to do. So yeah, that's going to be a challenge. And yes the college that has the subjects I want is freaking expensive. $$$ It's all about the money, money, money.

Oh! I can now take my driver's license! But I'm kind of scared to drive alone, and at night. My experience behind the wheel isn't the best. Let's hope I improve *game face on*

It's my last day of school. By last meaning, the last day I'm ever going to attend school wearing a school uniform :\ I'm suppose to be ecstatic to be over with SPM or be real sad with leaving school. But I don't feel anything? Maybe my brain hasn't comprehend it yet. I'm suppose to have this big sigh of relief hmph. But no, I'm having 1001 things crossing my minds about college, about what to do and etc. How boring *yawn* I'm suppose to rest my brain today. Get some real sleep, but I'm up here with you blogger. See, I have to keep myself busy.

Maybe I'll change my blog layout. Do something simple. Yes simple please!

So I'll stop here, before I go on and on. See you soon, buddy! And I MEAN IT :)

** I hate how I sound in this post. But I shall improve with time. I'm rusty okay :|

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear blog,

2 more papers to go :) Ah if my smile could reach from ear to ear. I shall blog next week, hmm what shall I blog about. 2 mo! 2 mo!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Wow it's been like a million year since I've been writing. But my dear non-existing bloggie people, I shall be back in a month! MUAHAHAHA THE JOY! Why am I blogging now? Well, I just need to get this out of my system :(

I miss the late 90's and early 2000 :\ That was probably the best days. I know I'm only seventeen ( just turned 17 few weeks ago :D) but I really miss all the shows, the memories that goes along with it. I like the fact the TV wasn't HD and the cartoon looked LIKE CARTOONS. I like how violent the cartoon was, and though it was creepy it was funny.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

When you're feeling low, lower than the ground :(

Happy Ramadan People!!!! Eid is going to be around the corner or what the locals call it Raya! I know late wishing, but I haven't had any ideas on what to blog it's so frustrating :\

Wow it feels great to write again. My fingers are actually moving!:O

I've been feeling a bit down lately, but then again, I always blog when I'm feeling low. Because blogging makes me feel better.

What's bothering me? Well, duh SPM, but that's obvious. What's bothering me now is the thought about bands falling apart. Yeah pretty random right? But I don't know, I'm just sad that when good bands come to an end. Well I'm not going to name any bands, because it's a pretty general post.

So what brings me to this topic? I guess it's the friendship aspect of it. Mhmm, usually bands are formed from friendships. And I wonder about what happens to their friendship after they have a row, decides to break up. Or just calls it quits. Surely that's a part of you that felt betrayed by your friends. So does friendship truly survive through thick and thin? Then again the music business can be a cruel place to be. Having so many influences forced upon you. No wonder bands just give up.

In my opinion, I know I'm young and haven't had that many life experiences, but so far I've learnt that friendships can last. I think you have to be honest with each other, as honest as possible. To gain trust. Yes, trust is in important in any relationship. Love many, trust few.

Laugh together and you feel as though you don't need nothing else in this world.

Hmm, what if MUSE broke up? I think I would be devastated. I'm scared Chris might go off and do a solo album. Yes, the tall, quiet one! I know they're supportive of each other but I want MUSE! NOT SOLO ALBUMS. Oh there's no rumour that MUSE is breaking up, just saying all the what if's. Matt's dating Kate Hudson? seriously. SIGH. First, TWILIGHT SAGA. Second, selling their soul to USA. Third, Kate Hudson. Fourth, finding a place in L.A? :'( These things makes me love Matt less and less. But I'm merely a fan. This is my opinion. He is free to do whatever he wants. He's still a musical genius. Origin of Symmetry & Absolution are just PHWOAR.

I am fond of very few bands, it's very hard for me to like the band. I can like a song easily, but to become a fan is another story. And the bands I adore are as if they're going to break up forever in a matter of moments. I guess bands in general are unstable. I'll just have to reminisce their past albums and think of how good were they. That's horrible :( No more new materials!

And I don't know what to do when the last HP movie comes out :(
No more VOLDY :S sigh sigh sigh.

Why must all good things come to an end?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

To infinity and beyond!

You probably guessed that I'm going to blog about Toy Story 3. I never knew what that tag line meant until just recently. Yes I'm a slow learner, always have and always will.

Well duh, Toy Story 3 was awesomely funny. Especially when Buzz is in spanish mode! I was the first to laugh when he start to pose like a spanish dancer. I used to hate Buzz because he was the new toy, and he kind of stole Andy away from Woody. But now after the third, my hatred for Buzz has disappeared.

One thing about Pixar movies, it's just too darn meaningful in a way that keeps us coming back for more. To see a movie where theres, love, loyalty and friendship :') Gosh, no matter how many of these types of movie is being produced, I still love it. I haven't seen Up though. Hadn't got the chance. I kept hearing the ending of Toy Story 3 was sad yet happy. And it was! Well to me it was just sad :( The look in Andy's (yes, I know it's a cartoon) eyes when he was reluctant to let go Woody really hits the spot. I wanted to yell at Andy keep him! But I know that wasn't going to happen.

Sigh sigh sigh. This one lady wrote a review about Toy Story mention she didn't understand why Andy was so attach to his toys. I think eventhough your 17 or 32 or 70, sometimes theres just one thing that you get so attach too. Whether it be a stuff animal, lucky charm or even your old pillow. For example, my brother has this pillow since he was young and til this day he still has it. My old maid tried to throw it away because its in a horrible condition but my brother didn't let. One day my maid accidently threw it in the washing machine, and my brother couldn't sleep without the pillow. So yes people could get really attach to an item. God knows how many people still has their stuff teddys.

As for me, I don't have anything I get attach too. I never been a stuff animal fan. But I know since I was small before I go to sleep I would imagine almost about anything. When I was small I imagined that I had a lot type of pets :D Because I wanted to own lots of animals and I did have a lot of cats at one time :'( Yes my mind is just too darn active with imagination. Before I go to sleep I'll still imagine whether it's life after SPM or anything just over the moon. Sometimes I do a mini stories in my head :O I should really check if I'm sane. Wait, I already know the answer anyway.

If I ever get the chance, I'll do a Lion King and Toy Story marathon. And maybe someday, if I ever have kids I want to show them all these great movies :) Because movies nowadays are full of robots and technology. Sometimes you need to just simplify and have some talking animals or toys.

Now I have to finish my Add Maths folio which hasn't move at all. And I'm suppose to pass up by opening of school, uhh which is tomorrow.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Vant To Sukh Yo BLUDH!!!

It's not like I'm interested in Vampires like to the point that I believe in them and want to become one. And I don't even have an obsession with vamps :F It just so happen all the things I read and watch contains vamps :F Coincidence, no?

I just bought Darren Shan book 7 to 12 :B I KNW!! Argh can't wait! So Darren Shan is a vampire, well a half vampire. And in my other post I've already explain about Darren Shan.
So thanks to my good friend Sze Yan, I've been watching Vampire Diaries... Don't judge me! The first episode was exactly like Twilight, but things got interesting when Damon Salvotore came into the picture :) So who is Damon Salvatore, he is the bad ass vampire who's causing trouble to the hero of the series Stefan Salvatore*gasp*
The series ain't half bad, it gets better with each episode, more characters. The plot builds up and more problems of course. If you're planning to watch VD, I suggest to you don't stop at the first episode, and it is so much better than Twitard.

So what is it all about, well Stefan returns back to Mystic Fall and Damon tags along. Damon has this diabolical plan which would most likely would cause harm to innocent people. So Damon is this evil vampire dude, but as the series move on, slowly it unravels his motives. You can see where he's coming from. And yeah he's unbelievably hot.


Yes, I've watched all the episodes of season 1 and now, waiting for season 2.

Vampires are interesting, I mean, for one thing it's been there for like centuries, and humans are still intrigue by them. And with each book, there's a different perspective of vampire. In Darren Shan to become a vamp you have to cut your fingers and place it with the vampire's finger and let the blood come into ur system.
In Twilight, you have the vampire poison in your sistem. And in Vampire Diaries, you have to drink vampire's blood and die then feed. There's so many differences in characteristics of vampires with each book, but one thing's for sure, they are a load of charming bastards.

Vampires sells. So put you fang up, and let us go feed.


Monday, May 31, 2010

Leave Muse ALONE :(

Lol jk, but I wish Twitard would leave them alone :\ Can't believe I liked Twilight, emphasize on the LIKED.

Moving on, well currently Matt is single *ShamWOHOO* :) Well that's how I'm suppose to feel. BUT I feel sorry for Matt, 8 years together and suddenly they just split? That's not something you can just snap out of it. Hmm, I was really hoping that they'll have mini Matts even with Gaia's gene in the mix but still it will be nice to see Matt move on in his life.

I don't know how many times I've been trying to stick up for Muse with their soft-rock genre but I'm going to continue sticking up. WHY? Well simple, I'm tired of people saying Neutron Star is Bullshit, What happen to original Muse, Yada yada bla blaa blaaa and my toe is on fire. Why am I tired? Frankly, it's because of school and secondly I agree to what Matt's saying. Yes I know what's freedom of expression means but if you don't like it, fine. But I'm just saying my opinion.

Like Matt has said, it's like a gene pool, you get variations, keep things interesting. Maybe they're bored with their old ways (I do miss their old songs) and they want to evolve. And the song for Eclipse, yeah I'm kind of pissed that a bunch of 14 or 13 year old midgets think they're Muse's biggest fan just because they know all the songs in Twilight :O But the song isn't that bad, it's just the association with Twilight that makes it cringe worthy. I adore the piano in the chorus <3>

Maybe I'm consolling myself that Muse might not be the guitar throwing, crazy lunatic on stage ever again, but hmm they'll always be my favourite band.

Friday, May 28, 2010

I'll pick adventure over love anyday.

Well, lately I've been reading a lot of children fantasy books. Yeah I know right? Ain't that just dandy? It is! It all started with my fascination with Harry Pot-er and Hogwarts (da best school yo). And I rarely even read chic-lit, I don't even know why. Probably because, in my opinion, they're all the same. There's a confused chick, guys and love. So that's why I read very little chic-lit, heck I've only read two or three. And I must confess A Walk to Remember is <3>

(Wooh I have this cover which is the First US Edition D: )

Ok back to the main topic, Children Fantasy Books :B They're awesome. I've read this Trilogy called Dark Reflection (The Water Mirror, The Stone Light, The Glass Word). The ending was extremely sad, I wished the author re-write the ending but like the book said, this is not a fairytale and even in fairytales it isn't real. Yeah sighh... but it's really unique, original and one of the most imaginative book I've read. And the best part it is set in Venice, and all over the world, but it started in Venice! I really want to go there.

Then there's Darren Shan the half-vampire. He was a normal boy, but one grave mistake made him a half-vamp. And so he goes through many adventures being all vampire, and kind of animal-like. You can finish a book in a day. It's a nice light reading material and very addictive. Well I'm addicted. I just love the first book! A very nice way to start a story, very unexpected and the plotline was great! Gosh I'm sounding geek-ish but I don't give a hoo-haa.

Adding to the list is, Percy Jackson! Thanks to my friend she bought the second and third book (first book, sold out) and instantly I got hook! Percy and Tyson is really funny. And I love Nico di Angelo heehheeee. I don't know why, he is an interesting character and he changes throughout the series. And thanks to the series, I'm googling ancient monsters, greek mythology and the olympians. I have literally become a Percy Jackson fan. Even when I have midterms, I kept reading The Last Olympian and I bet my marks would suffer. But the book was just calling me and saying "Read me, read me!!" How can I resist? I'm not that strong!

I hate it when series end. I cried when Pot-er ended. I know LAME but how would you feel when the book you grew up with finished and every year you patiently wait for the next book to come out and now you have nothing to wait for :( I wish they could magically just continue but I know that would just make it a disaster.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Long Forgotten

I've realised that my blog has been lacking of MUSE D: I know, shame on me.

They were or are in Mexico, and look at this picture

This is the oh-so-rare tribe call Musect, they prey on monkeys, and don't think the leader is the one with the big stick, because the one blowing smoke is the evil mind behind it all. He works behind the curtains, the two are merely puppets. So now you know how the system in this tribe works.

Sigh don't you just love them? I know I've practically asked this a billion times, and my answer would always be YES! I'm still waiting for my chance to see them live :(

So again if anyone would be a dear and like give me a chance to meet them that would be appreciated :D Pretty please. I beg you!

Yes I did

Finally, I've managed to change my blog layout. I'm so proud :') hahaha

It's 12 30 a.m and I'm skipping school tomorrow, I'm dead tired. Anyways so what should I blog about today? I just felt like blogging. Now I'm yawning, and I'm getting tired.

So in today's newspaper there's an article about 'smart drugs' where people are taking drugs in order for them to have the motivation to study. And people were questioning whether it's cheating to use it, but of course the users are saying that it isn't any different than taking a morning cup of coffee. People have bad eyesight, we give them glasses, so why can't people with bad memory take pills?

In my opinion, if you feel it isn't cheating than it's not, I guess. You're not exactly copying people's paper. You're just using it so that you could study longer hours. But I wouldn't take it, mainly because I have a fear of drugs, yeah even panadols. I have a fear that it would leave some unwanted substance in my body. Yeah enough about that, and I feel as though I'm cheating myself, why? Because I believe everybody has their limit, and I don't think you should push yourself to the EXTREME. Other people can achieve without drugs, so why must you resort to it. Study as hard you can, and be proud of your achievements. You don't need drugs to be the best of you, and these drugs would just come back and haunt you. So better not do drugs, be clean.

I find the picture very friendly.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

IIUM 9th Interschool Debate.

I haven't got much time to update. But I felt as though I should just give a brief update D: Ok so how do I start? UHMMMMM let's just go day by day.

First Day
We went to our room and got the shock of our life. It was like a square with more cubicles in it. And the bunk beds are murderers. Not only the ladder was shakey and could just slip easily, the fan could give a wake up concussion. So we decided to sleep on the floor, which was what most of us did there. So we had like four hours to get ready for the 'Championship Dinner' hmm, we played taboo. So the convo went like this.

QM: Paris Hilton.
Us: Blonde, Stupid, Dumb!
QM: It rhymes with SIMBA!
Letticia: BIMBO!!

Laughed so hard :)

So yeah went to the dinner, saw performances from little children, talked to guys in perbahasan.

Second Day
Slept for like 2 hours, because it was so bloody uncomfortable? Woke up at 5. 30 am. I know. Teacher wasn't feeling well, she sent us to CAC. And then we got lost trying to find where we suppose to be. Saw a few of Africans passed by with their handphones playing raggae music. We danced like some maniacs, and the Africans looked. Fell down laughing again. I find African accent is really cool.

Had debate workshop, and off we go debating. Went against MRSM Pendang. Blunders, we said Malaysian PROSTITUTION instead of Malaysian CONSTITUTION. Luckily the adjudicator didn't care. He even laughed when I emphasized on the prostitution. I didn't even know it was wrong.

Then second round went against St. Xavier. Yeah my heart just stopped. But surprisingly we won. And we've became good friends.

Third Day
Lost to Al-Amin, Gombak. Man that tiny third speaker really can rebutt man. Don't be fooled by the looks. Then we lose against SDAR because well of careless mistake, haiyoo. But phew, we've won against MRSM Langkawi who turned out to be really nice people.

Fourth Day
Won against some MRSM again, can't remember the name. So yeah then we've broke into Double Octos, and went against KYS. We didn't win. But we didn't mind, our main mission was to break, and we did. We were 24 out of 77. I'm so proud of our achievements eventhough to some school is a failure. But I was really happy to see that we've made it so far from a month ago. I love you, Sharanya, QM, Letticia for being great team mates. And to Alliya and Divya for supporting from home. Love you guys.

So we went and watch the octos, and then went out to eat at Old Town. Got back and slept.

Fifth Day
Woke up, got ready and finally, no pressure! What a relief man. So watched the quarters, semis, and last but not least the finals. And the finals was pretty boring really and confusing. They should've not twisted the motion. Should've give like straight forward motions. Went back, slept at 1 am.

Sixth day
Woke up, got ready. Watched perbahasan final, and man were they polite. Got so boring that QM slept. LOL. Then we decided to just hang outside and chill. Then went back inside again, and Methodist Boys School won. They're really good, so they deserved to win.

So we've said goodbye to everybody we've met. And our runner was sick sadly, and we've packed and carried our huge back down four flight of stairs, gosh my arms! And so that was the end of our stay in IIUM.

Though the food, room, bathroom sucked, and the I prefer KDU's motion BUT I missed IIUM. Good memories :) sigh. Sad that I'm in form 5 but still no regrets!

So yeah that's the brief run through of what had happen. But there's too many stories to tell. If you want to more, then just asked :D

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I feel like some Orange Juice.

I've got some OJ. AHHHH.

Let me tell you what happen today in my glorious life, well today I had my Grade 4 violin exam (I know low grade, bt wtv ok). So I was really nervous, palm sweating, cold hands, felt as though I was going to faint. But I've manage to actually remain conscious. So it started out OK but the it just went downhill when she asked me to play scales :O yeah I screwed up A LOT. When I say a lot, I meant it. What's in the past remains in the past. So lets go forth with life. So dramatic.

Wokayh after that horror dissaster, I went to OU (yes I skipped school muahahaha) and watched How to train your dragon. The movie wasn't even about training dragons :\ haha but I still like it in a way eventhough the dragon looks like a cat but still it's good.

Hiccup's cute :D

I have a karangan to do. A freaking 600 words karangan. Who in the world created this! I still have piano/violin lessons today and I'm procastinating from doing it now. By the end of this post. I have too. So looks like I have to go. BYE BYE BYE.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Just a couple of days ago was the end of a 3 day debate competition, woah. Even the 5 prelimanary rounds took a toll on me D: But it's a good way to strengthen my brain! Haha build some mental muscles.

So there were a lot of stuff that happened. We've learnt so much in the short few days. We were prepared for a formal debate and instead the debate style were quite casual. Some adjudicators we're nice and helpful and some were just plain rude. And it makes me wonder why are these type of people exist in this world. To make people suffer? But anyways I've come to the terms that they are going to be people like that, and you have to deal with it. My dad adviced me that you have to build a thick skin and if you really can't handle them then just walk off because it's not worth your time.

So yes I'm going to whatever it takes to build a thick skin. Sharanya and I are determined to better ourselves in debate no matter what. We're going to start watching CNN HAHA. And we're going to kick some debaters ass.

Debates is all about making your solution better than the opponents. You have to convince the people why is your way better than others. And half of it is making fun of the opponents solution.

And yes my blood is boiling with debate! HAHAH I feel like I want to debate again! It was really fun. Had a fun experience even with the emotional break downs along the way.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

My name is Forrest Gump

Currently watching it on TV and one word, random. It's such a random story. But behind the funny lines lies a true heart felt story. It's really sweet in a way :')

Well, I felt like blogging. And in a few hours I'm going to watch Alice in Wonderland :O I know, it's really late, and I have swimming tomorrow. Sigh, sigh. I'm such a busy girl D: From Monday to Sunday! It's just one year :\ SPM. I want to do well. Really I do. Not only for scholarship purposes but just to see how far I've learnt. Though I would probably forget what I've learnt in a few months D:

Yeah I've been quite 'obsessed' with a choir group called Only Men Aloud! Well my friends know why in particular but I like their version of Angel. I mean it's like so cool when they belt out. You must have some powerful vocal to do that man.

I'll end it here, Muse is going to Poland :\ GAH

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hardwork, sweat and gore

I just ate a bar of Kit to the Kat. Ate a small packet of chipsmore and my fridge is stuffed with chocolateee. Ngeeeeeeee :D

So Muse is headlining a couple of major festivals around the world. And you know what, Malaysia isn't in their plan!!!!!! HMPHHHH *heart breaks* Ok breatheeeeeeeeeeeee.

It's almost the end of February the second month of the year. And I'm so behind on homeworks. Teachers are giving homeworks like MAD and it's not like that they're the only one who gives! I wish the school system was like the American's, homework shall be given on paper and so you would just send in the paper instead of a whole ugly old fashion book. Where you have to copy the question and then answer! And I don't understand doing your own notes because I think student should do whatever way that is effective for them to study. For example, some people when they write a lot, they'll remember but when I write nothing ever goes to my head. I prefer to read and understand. Graphics, video are the best.

So it really is the students preference. I wish they would improve the education system so student will actually gain knowledge that they'll remember for life. I really hope so because seriously right now what I'm learning, I'll probably would forget it once I'm out of school :\ To understand is different than to know, you know? I don't know, I'm babbling. Hmm I'm getting far too serious an stressed this year. It's not good for my randomness.


I used to be into Twilight because it was the 'hype' but now it's just going so overboard. Twilight Moms, ..... they're scarier than goblins.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cause you know that baby I

am Bored

This video was filmed in Prague and it's probably one of the reasons why I am interested in Europe. It's really hauntingly beautiful, the streets, the trees. I know it looks gloomy, but I just love that aura. I really hope I'll reach there.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Since I feel Animal Planet-ish, I'm posting a picture of the Japanese Makak. It looks like a tiny human in a snow suit :D

Oooh I might as well share my favourite animal.

The Siberian White Tiger :D Yes Yes Yes. And this year is the year of the tiger, how nice. I love them, I just love big cats, roar :B Omg I just want to cuddle it! But if I did, I'll probably end up half-eaten.

*Note I misspelt macaque D:

What is that :O

It's a Giraffe!

Why a giraffe you might ask? Well I don't know. But... I'm watching Animal Planet and I have always been 'intrigued' by giraffes. I just don't know :\ They're a bit weird look in my opinion. They're like giant alien beings. Maybe I feel that way because of those two antler-like thingy on top of they're head. Not to mention being unearthly huge. I have seen a couple of giraffe in my lifetime and I didn't like they're long tongue. They're just huge and scary and I don't like elephants too. Maybe I just don't like animals? Nooo. I just get timid by huge animals. Surprisingly, I think the giraffe is weirder than camel. But not as weird as the star nosed mole.

I had to space a lot because I didn't want to look at it. *shivers* No offense mole but I really think you're appearance is disgusting. Hate that picture, so I have to share it. SO back to the giraffe, they fight using their neck O_O yeap. I can't erase the darn picture of that bloody mole. So I have to end my post here. So now you know I find giraffe weird and my new found cringe worthy picture.

**Note: I overcomed my fear of the picture by just staring at it, I still hesitate to look at it. But I have no problem with it (not much) though it will never end up in my favourite animal list.

Friday, January 29, 2010

When it rains and rains

Mika is just awesome, more than this, baby I hate days like this.

It's Fe-fe-friday :D Tomorrow's Thaipusam so no extra co-curiculum! YESHH But damn it, there's Chem tuition.

I just realise, I hate it when people like a certain band because it's the "it" band. I know, I know, I bet you hate those too. But what I'm trying to say is why can't you just like what you like without being judge. There are some that I do wonder why people could like them, eg: Jobros, Justin Bieber. Not judging. I remembered when all my friends were into screamos and some are still are because well it was the trend to be into those. But if they truly like it, well then good on you, but if they're into them because it's cool, I think it's just like forcing yourself to eat something you detest.

Well, I did try out to different genres, trying to see what my friends see in those bands. But it was a failure; in the end I still listened to the same song I liked a long time ago. Call me boring, out of date, but at least I'm enjoying the songs I'm listening to instead of hearing some random underground bands. Being comfortable with what you like is very important, if you let others rule your interest then when in the world are you going know what you truly like?

I tried to fit in with the crowd, but seriously it just wasn't me. So I like mainstream pop, alternative rock, and I like to sing RnB tunes for fun but it's not in my playlist. It took me quite sometime to figure out what I really like and what I don't, and if you don't agree with my music then you shouldn't be reading my blog. Kidding, all opinions are accepted. And what song is playing in my earphones right now? Kris Allen - Before We Come Undone, I really like the starting of the chorus :D

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh Hello

Just updating me bloggeh. Since I have the mood to type. Oh I miss the keyboard <3

Ok onto more serious matter O_O yeah right. So January's ending. HAZAH. I'm not that stressed out anymore because I've settled in but nonetheless still stressed. I'm just so tired :'[ I have to do a performance during recess, I didn't want to. But the teacher is pestering me! So I finally just said yes :( Hmm what else is there in my boring life? Everytime a car pass by with the plate WMG I'll automatically think of W=mg :D nerdy right? And I find myself inserting stuff that I just learn into my family conversation during eating time. My mum would just nod.

I can't wait for this to be over :)

Errr no I ran out of things to say.... *thinks thinks* I still haven't decided on what course I should take. HMPH, so many to choose yet so many rejected. I really don't know what's my calling. I mean everybody has their calling. And I should have one! Dang it I want a bloody calling. All I know is I'm going to something in the art's field, social science? Well you know me, I like to communicate with people. How dare my piano teacher thinks I'm not sociable, I AM! Haha :D I wanted to become a music journalist, I mean I like music and I like writing. What a match right? But here's the downside in that field, THE PAY. I mean I don't need a lot of money but I'm just scared if I don't get a job because most journalist are free-lance. What if I didn't get anything published, no money, no home, the horror. So that's the problem. I want a stable career yet I know all the stable careers does not interest me, eg: accounting ( I hate numbers >:[ )

So I'm still browsing courses, and if you have any idea what I should be, please do tell me. I'll listen. I promise :(

Friday, January 15, 2010

I don't care I just have to.

I know I shouldn't have waste my time on the internet but I just need to unwind. Thinking of the homeworks makes my head go loopy. I'm so scared if I go crazy. I use to laugh at how people can go mental when SPM year because I thought that's not possible. How bad is one exam? But now I know why. And seriously you could easily go cuckoo if you're not careful. Tuitions, tuitions, tuitions. I hate my life now. I know you're suppose to seek knowledge for your own good. But if I had it my way I'll learn certain stuff one by one but not all at once! But the reasons why I'm not doing that:

1) In order to receive a scholarship you have to smart. And nowadays there's so many smart people and so that's why I chose science stream so that I could have more choices. But I think I'm not going to do anything science related but then again you never know.

2) I have no money to do what I want.

Hmph, I don't care I just have to. I need to get out. Live life. And experience what the world has to offer. But I do have fear though about being there and having nobody to turn to. But I need to take a gamble and I promise myself that I will do whatever possible to get myself overseas.

sigh, bye.

Friday, January 8, 2010

First Week of Torture Year.

It's Friday, I'm mentally and physically exhausted. I am depressed and stressed. I have no relax time to spare. Even if I did, it's not a lot. The TV has become a stranger. Internet became a luxury. And I have super eyebags because I haven't got much rest. I'm going to document the suffering so that I could read this again in 11 months time. My life sucks. But I have to, or else my future is ruined. Hardwork DOES pay off. I don't want to end up as a carreer-less loser. I don't have money to go to any universities my heart freaking desires. So the only way is (yes, I bet 98% are depending on the same thing) a scholarship :( WHICH IS SUPERDUPER HARD TO GET!ARGH!RAGE!ANGST! lol

I just don't want to regret not doing enough for SPM.

Sunday, January 3, 2010



Well, it rained. After 2 weeks of no rain in Terengganu. But it rained and the wind was breezy. Waves we're rough (ofc I didnt swim, you want me to die?). Ate ate ate. I ate 3types of keropok lekor from different stalls. Ate Satar. Nasi Dagang. Squid stuffed with pulut. Lempeng. Visit my relatives. Oh yeah. Had a longgggggggggggggggg car ride. I'm super tired.

I brought back an ugly shell back because it was the cleanest one on the beach. Might just throw it away. I'm so full. My mother bought a lot of satar and local bread. I learnt that sorok is laci. Cili is called lada. There's another word for taugeh but I can't spell. They don't say termenung, they say termengung. Step by step learning the trenganu slang.

Bluh bye :)