Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yes I did

Finally, I've managed to change my blog layout. I'm so proud :') hahaha

It's 12 30 a.m and I'm skipping school tomorrow, I'm dead tired. Anyways so what should I blog about today? I just felt like blogging. Now I'm yawning, and I'm getting tired.

So in today's newspaper there's an article about 'smart drugs' where people are taking drugs in order for them to have the motivation to study. And people were questioning whether it's cheating to use it, but of course the users are saying that it isn't any different than taking a morning cup of coffee. People have bad eyesight, we give them glasses, so why can't people with bad memory take pills?

In my opinion, if you feel it isn't cheating than it's not, I guess. You're not exactly copying people's paper. You're just using it so that you could study longer hours. But I wouldn't take it, mainly because I have a fear of drugs, yeah even panadols. I have a fear that it would leave some unwanted substance in my body. Yeah enough about that, and I feel as though I'm cheating myself, why? Because I believe everybody has their limit, and I don't think you should push yourself to the EXTREME. Other people can achieve without drugs, so why must you resort to it. Study as hard you can, and be proud of your achievements. You don't need drugs to be the best of you, and these drugs would just come back and haunt you. So better not do drugs, be clean.

I find the picture very friendly.

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