Thursday, April 29, 2010

Long Forgotten

I've realised that my blog has been lacking of MUSE D: I know, shame on me.

They were or are in Mexico, and look at this picture

This is the oh-so-rare tribe call Musect, they prey on monkeys, and don't think the leader is the one with the big stick, because the one blowing smoke is the evil mind behind it all. He works behind the curtains, the two are merely puppets. So now you know how the system in this tribe works.

Sigh don't you just love them? I know I've practically asked this a billion times, and my answer would always be YES! I'm still waiting for my chance to see them live :(

So again if anyone would be a dear and like give me a chance to meet them that would be appreciated :D Pretty please. I beg you!

Yes I did

Finally, I've managed to change my blog layout. I'm so proud :') hahaha

It's 12 30 a.m and I'm skipping school tomorrow, I'm dead tired. Anyways so what should I blog about today? I just felt like blogging. Now I'm yawning, and I'm getting tired.

So in today's newspaper there's an article about 'smart drugs' where people are taking drugs in order for them to have the motivation to study. And people were questioning whether it's cheating to use it, but of course the users are saying that it isn't any different than taking a morning cup of coffee. People have bad eyesight, we give them glasses, so why can't people with bad memory take pills?

In my opinion, if you feel it isn't cheating than it's not, I guess. You're not exactly copying people's paper. You're just using it so that you could study longer hours. But I wouldn't take it, mainly because I have a fear of drugs, yeah even panadols. I have a fear that it would leave some unwanted substance in my body. Yeah enough about that, and I feel as though I'm cheating myself, why? Because I believe everybody has their limit, and I don't think you should push yourself to the EXTREME. Other people can achieve without drugs, so why must you resort to it. Study as hard you can, and be proud of your achievements. You don't need drugs to be the best of you, and these drugs would just come back and haunt you. So better not do drugs, be clean.

I find the picture very friendly.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

IIUM 9th Interschool Debate.

I haven't got much time to update. But I felt as though I should just give a brief update D: Ok so how do I start? UHMMMMM let's just go day by day.

First Day
We went to our room and got the shock of our life. It was like a square with more cubicles in it. And the bunk beds are murderers. Not only the ladder was shakey and could just slip easily, the fan could give a wake up concussion. So we decided to sleep on the floor, which was what most of us did there. So we had like four hours to get ready for the 'Championship Dinner' hmm, we played taboo. So the convo went like this.

QM: Paris Hilton.
Us: Blonde, Stupid, Dumb!
QM: It rhymes with SIMBA!
Letticia: BIMBO!!

Laughed so hard :)

So yeah went to the dinner, saw performances from little children, talked to guys in perbahasan.

Second Day
Slept for like 2 hours, because it was so bloody uncomfortable? Woke up at 5. 30 am. I know. Teacher wasn't feeling well, she sent us to CAC. And then we got lost trying to find where we suppose to be. Saw a few of Africans passed by with their handphones playing raggae music. We danced like some maniacs, and the Africans looked. Fell down laughing again. I find African accent is really cool.

Had debate workshop, and off we go debating. Went against MRSM Pendang. Blunders, we said Malaysian PROSTITUTION instead of Malaysian CONSTITUTION. Luckily the adjudicator didn't care. He even laughed when I emphasized on the prostitution. I didn't even know it was wrong.

Then second round went against St. Xavier. Yeah my heart just stopped. But surprisingly we won. And we've became good friends.

Third Day
Lost to Al-Amin, Gombak. Man that tiny third speaker really can rebutt man. Don't be fooled by the looks. Then we lose against SDAR because well of careless mistake, haiyoo. But phew, we've won against MRSM Langkawi who turned out to be really nice people.

Fourth Day
Won against some MRSM again, can't remember the name. So yeah then we've broke into Double Octos, and went against KYS. We didn't win. But we didn't mind, our main mission was to break, and we did. We were 24 out of 77. I'm so proud of our achievements eventhough to some school is a failure. But I was really happy to see that we've made it so far from a month ago. I love you, Sharanya, QM, Letticia for being great team mates. And to Alliya and Divya for supporting from home. Love you guys.

So we went and watch the octos, and then went out to eat at Old Town. Got back and slept.

Fifth Day
Woke up, got ready and finally, no pressure! What a relief man. So watched the quarters, semis, and last but not least the finals. And the finals was pretty boring really and confusing. They should've not twisted the motion. Should've give like straight forward motions. Went back, slept at 1 am.

Sixth day
Woke up, got ready. Watched perbahasan final, and man were they polite. Got so boring that QM slept. LOL. Then we decided to just hang outside and chill. Then went back inside again, and Methodist Boys School won. They're really good, so they deserved to win.

So we've said goodbye to everybody we've met. And our runner was sick sadly, and we've packed and carried our huge back down four flight of stairs, gosh my arms! And so that was the end of our stay in IIUM.

Though the food, room, bathroom sucked, and the I prefer KDU's motion BUT I missed IIUM. Good memories :) sigh. Sad that I'm in form 5 but still no regrets!

So yeah that's the brief run through of what had happen. But there's too many stories to tell. If you want to more, then just asked :D