Saturday, July 25, 2009

You are my C6H12O6, sweet sugar.

Why the hell am I blogging ? Well I have a good reason. One, because yesterday, sigh, was awesome. Can't really go into details, one I might just embarass myself so another reason for my blogging is I have this unbelievably awesome song that is just too amazing! Ok its not like fabulously epic but its awesome. They're from New Zealand, so this is probably the first ever song that I like from a Kiwi-a-go-go land :D So yes I shall sure my joy of this song. And it's like electronicky and I dont mind! Achievement! Well I've achieved before but anyhooser woooh. Here you go My house by Kids of 88.

Oh and I like Lily Allen's 22. And I have so many more songs that I want to share but! There's too many.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

100th Post wohoo!

wow it's been how long since I've started blogging? Ok not that long. But wow 100. 100 useless stuff posted.

And I love muse. I've just listened to the new track United States of Eurasia, ok so here's my opinion. I like the instrumental part very morrocon-ish and after the Queen-esque part. I'm getting use to it. It gives a slight taste to the new album and I just can't wait for it! September 14th, care to buy as a birthday gift for moi?

I just found out the I share the same birthdate as Josh Farro of Paramore, Adriy Shevchenko of Chelsea FC, and Pompey the Great. It's cool to know who you share birthdate with, just for laugh. There are more of course, one was even a British serial killer. And you know what, I actually like my birthdate and I don't know why. Speaking of Pompey reminded me I have to do History notes. Sigh.

Oh I love the six installment of Harry Potter. The graphics were amazing and it was just awesome! I love it. I love it. If you're potter fan then should definitely go!! It is soooo depressing that Harry Potter is going to end :( And it's my first "real" book that I've finished. And I re-read philasopher stone and I think it's so good. My favourite books in the series are hmm Chamber of Secrets (It really gave a glimpse on how evil is Lord Mouldy wart) , Goblet of Fire ( because of the triwizard cup) and Half Blood Prince ( because its TDF)

People say HP is for nerds and it's starting to get lame. Well, I don't freaking care because HP is special to me. I've been following it since I was 9. Because of HP I love to read. And it definitely gave me some warm up for thick books. And people around me always diss on HP but is it so wrong to like HP? And many said the 5th (movie) was a bore. Yes I do admitt it wasn't as good as other but I still watch it again if I was invited too. You know why? Because Harry Potter is just too dear to hate. And it will always be some kind of reminder of why I have a passion of reading books.

And I'm pissed at VMA saying "twilight fans rejoice, stephenie meyer's favourite band is performing". I mean ughh. For those who like MUSE just because of Twilight is seriously just frustrating. And why did Muse said yes? They always say that they don't want to be a supporting act to break in the US but now they are Stephenie Meyer's favourite band. Agh. But I am gonna watch New Moon and VMA. New Moon looks better that Twilight and VMA is their first major US performance. SO DUH.

I love Hey Jude :) my cat and the song

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Out sea of darkness.

Yesterday, evening me and my family went to the curve and my dad wanted to park outside of th mall so he was already reversing into the space then a jerk came and took the spot. Then my mum went up to him and told him nicely.
"Excuse me, he's reversing to park."
"Dia tak signal pon." He answered

Then my mum went back in the car, but then she came out again and she yelled "SOMBONG" then entered back. I would use a more colourful language but she being my mother has to show the right example. My dad said let it go. Theres no point on getting angry and do nothing. If you want to hit the car just go do it but if you don't want to then shrug it off. Do or do not there is no try. Tee-hee yoda got game.

We ate at Ikea, meatball as usual. When we headed to the car park our car wasn't there and we circled like a lot of times. But then my bro found it, it was at the second floor. My dad try to click it open but nothing. So we thought it has something to do with the key battery. Then my bro went to buy batts which took a loooooooooong time. After battery changed its still not working. Looks like the car itself kong out. So were like aughhhhh-ing. A chinese fella stop and said "do you need a jumpstart?" Then he helped out. "Tadi tak tutup lampu" he said. And he drove off an we just waved in gratitude. Then I said to my parents"We should have the cable so we can help other people too. After what happen to us." LOL

So moral of the story is no matter how many evil people there are in this world. There are still good people.

OOH after we left the parking we got in a gridlock jam. Which made me cuckoo and I made a wedding dress out of tissue paper and a hairband in the car.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


You're too hook to even realise it. When you want to it let go, you can't bear the thought of it.

I'm on high people.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I felt like it.

I feel like doing another post because I'll probably won't be posting for awhile.

I told you what's up with the hair. And can he get any skinnier?

With that aside, I think it's a cool song. If you don't like it well put a banana in your ear.

Yes I watch Charlie the Unicorn because I have nothing else to do.

God save me.


Me and Ayuni who is now 14 and I still haven't got the chance to celebrate her b'day. P/S; I love Matt :D

Arctic Monkeys are going to release their new album Hambug. And I just love their song Crying Lightning. First listen, I didn't like it because it was a bit weird even for me. It's really heavy with the bass and people kept saying its very dark and grown up like. I still think they preserve their Arctic Monkey-ness and seriously this song is bloody addictive. If you like their previous albums than I guess this song will work for you.So you guys would probably be hearing me singing that song in class all by myself. Feel free to join in.

And I'm renewing my love for MJ. I wished I had renewed it because of his comeback and not because his death :( Currently listening to Dirty Di-ana, nahh. Dianaaaaaaa come on! It's just a fun song to irritate people because you'll just keep singing Dirty Diana over and over then you get to the high part where MJ screams COME ON!

And isn't The Script just awesome? Cause when a heartbreaks no it don't breakeven.

Since my cat is fat I made a theme song for him. Using Batman's theme song. Instead of Batman its Fat Cat dududududu. Aren't I justso unbelievably creative. Yes, I know sometimes I wonder too :D

Viva La Resistance! Ciao dawgs.

[Update: Dude Alex what's up with the hair?]

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dear Blog Readers

Hey bloggettes, I'm just annoucing I might be on blogging hiatus. I'm just ever so busy :( And frankly, I'm lazy and tired to think. Will resume once I have enough rest. Oh and MUSE just release their tracklisting for the album The Resistance.

10. EXOGENESIS : SYMPHONY PART II (Cross Pollination)
8. I BELONG TO YOU (+Mon Coeur S'Ouvre A Ta Voix)
4.UNITED STATES OF EURASIA (+Collateral Damage)

YES! :) My new cat has been with me for almost a month and Hey Jude is growing fine. Getting really fat and I just loveeeeee him.

ok people au revoir.