Tuesday, July 21, 2009

100th Post wohoo!

wow it's been how long since I've started blogging? Ok not that long. But wow 100. 100 useless stuff posted.

And I love muse. I've just listened to the new track United States of Eurasia, ok so here's my opinion. I like the instrumental part very morrocon-ish and after the Queen-esque part. I'm getting use to it. It gives a slight taste to the new album and I just can't wait for it! September 14th, care to buy as a birthday gift for moi?

I just found out the I share the same birthdate as Josh Farro of Paramore, Adriy Shevchenko of Chelsea FC, and Pompey the Great. It's cool to know who you share birthdate with, just for laugh. There are more of course, one was even a British serial killer. And you know what, I actually like my birthdate and I don't know why. Speaking of Pompey reminded me I have to do History notes. Sigh.

Oh I love the six installment of Harry Potter. The graphics were amazing and it was just awesome! I love it. I love it. If you're potter fan then should definitely go!! It is soooo depressing that Harry Potter is going to end :( And it's my first "real" book that I've finished. And I re-read philasopher stone and I think it's so good. My favourite books in the series are hmm Chamber of Secrets (It really gave a glimpse on how evil is Lord Mouldy wart) , Goblet of Fire ( because of the triwizard cup) and Half Blood Prince ( because its TDF)

People say HP is for nerds and it's starting to get lame. Well, I don't freaking care because HP is special to me. I've been following it since I was 9. Because of HP I love to read. And it definitely gave me some warm up for thick books. And people around me always diss on HP but is it so wrong to like HP? And many said the 5th (movie) was a bore. Yes I do admitt it wasn't as good as other but I still watch it again if I was invited too. You know why? Because Harry Potter is just too dear to hate. And it will always be some kind of reminder of why I have a passion of reading books.

And I'm pissed at VMA saying "twilight fans rejoice, stephenie meyer's favourite band is performing". I mean ughh. For those who like MUSE just because of Twilight is seriously just frustrating. And why did Muse said yes? They always say that they don't want to be a supporting act to break in the US but now they are Stephenie Meyer's favourite band. Agh. But I am gonna watch New Moon and VMA. New Moon looks better that Twilight and VMA is their first major US performance. SO DUH.

I love Hey Jude :) my cat and the song


A. K. said...

Congrats on your 100th post.. Thats amazing... Am not a very big fan of HP, but i too like him. You should not care what other had to say. Just do what you love. You don't have to live your life for someone else!

rory said...

thnk u very much A.K :D