Wednesday, March 18, 2009



Is it me or are they hot?

It's about 4.30 p.m and I just finished watching Coldplay live at BBC. All I could say is Chris Martin is HOT. HAHA. This post isn't really to see whose better than who. I just want to write about them and all. Because, you guessed it, I'm bored. Ok let's start with Coldplay shall we?

Should I introduce them? I mean, you guys probably know them but for the sake of someone whose been living under a rock I shall type out their names. Let see, there's Jonny Buckland the guitarist, who always wears the cap, wonder if he's bald? Then Guy Berryman,bass, out of all of them, the handsome one HAHA. Chris Martin, to me the hottest of all :P sings, plays piano, guitar. And last but not least, Will Champion (what a name) the drummer, who bangs the famous church bell in Viva La Vida.

Back to the BBC live, Jay Z was there, boping his head to beat. Coldplay are HUGE, and they still manage to maintain their humble attitude. Live performance wise they're amazing. Even Matt Bellamy said something along this line,"I thought I was a good singer then I saw Chris Martin singing. Now that guy, he could really sing." Poor Matt, his confidence shattered HAHA. When Coldplay are on stage, their presence are too strong, you're drawn to it. I think that's the key to success, to have your presence felt. And marvellous songs help as well :D I've known Coldplay longer than Muse, they're always on the radio, so Coldplay has history with me. And I took Coldplay for granted and didn't really pay attention to them. And when they played their old hits in concert, my mouth automatically starts to sing a long. And Chris Martin is usually the main focus, and he likes to communicate with audience as though you're friends with him. Friendly you might say. After a song, he'll talk and then gets a few laugh from the audience then continue to play. I don't think Coldplay changed personality wise but their music evolve along with every album. If you had to create the same type of music over and over again, you probably die of creativity deprivation. Summary of Coldplay, they have been my music while growing up. And I swear to pay attention to them more:D Yes, Chris Martin is HOT. I wish I could write more, but time is short. So moving on.

MUSE consist of Matthew Bellamy who plays piano,guitar and sings (just like Chris Martin :O Myb I'm attracted to those type of guys). Dominic Howard aka Spiderdom, colourful pants guy he bangs drums and human bones. Chris Wolstenholme, he's the gentle giant, he doesn't speak much because Matt usually blabs off so he never gets the chance :( But when he speaks its pleasant to hear what he has to say :D

Here's the incommon things Muse and Coldplay have they're both British (Gotta love the accent). Muse and Coldplay are friends. They're unbelievably tremendously awesome live. I love them both. They're funny people. Loyal fans. And sometimes I couldn't comprehend what they're talking about.

Now for the difference, Coldplay is famous everywhere, Muse on the other hand have problems reaching US.Most obvious thing, they have different genre, Coldplay are more to soft rock vibe but Muse are like rock, with some space and conspiracy theories mix into their songs. Chris Martin seems to be a confident person and connects with audience more easily but Matt is quite shy ( Not Joking) so he doesn't talk to the crowd often, usually Dom does it. And Coldplay said they're always a step behind on live performance with Muse. See they love each other. Awww :)

Better stop now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Kite Runner (Movie)

It's wonderful, although no movie could do justice to the book. Like any other movie based on a book, it did change some of the scenes in the movie. But nonetheless, I think it's worth watching. It came out in December 2007.But I don't care.

I think the book is a thousand times better because it explains the emotion that went through Amir and has more depth in it. My opinion, it lacked the gut wrenching emotion that I felt while I read the book, the regret and pain that he suffered was missing. But it has some scenes that made me cringe and cry. I cried while reading Hassan's letter in the book and I still cried seeing it in the movie.

Hassan and Amir sitting by the pomegranate tree.

I don't want to give you the details of the movie because I want you to see it for yourself, and for those who haven't read it yet, Duh! Go BUY the DVD and read it IMMEDIATELY. Final saying, The Kite Runner is a beautiful movie about friendship and had me evaluate myself. Am I good person? Would I sacrifice such length for my friends? It's touching. So watch it.

Amir and Sohrab.


Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm sick of

I'm gonna whine in this post. So you could just forgo this post.

I'm sick of a lot of stuff. I mean have you ever done things to just to impress or make people happy. I definately have. And I'm pretty sure a lot have been experiencing this too. Caring about people's opinion,that's usually the core of it. You might say,"No, I seriously don't care about what other people think", "It's my business" , I highly doubt that you can actually shut your ears to all of the comments people say, but if you could, that's amazing, and someday I wish I could do that. It's not like I take every comment to heart, some I could just wave it off, but some left quite a mark, and I learn to hide it but sometimes its unbearable. Bottom line is, I want a wall to protect me, and my wall is building and soon it will be finish. So writing this post is like a therapy, I feel lighter already. Gonna eat Nutella now :D Chocolate always is the best medicine to sadness.

Come on spell it with me, C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E! And Now spell B-Y-E!

Chocolate bath anyone?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


1) Put the link of the person who tagged you on your blog. A.K
2) Write the rules
3) Mention 6 things or habits of no real importance about you
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6) things or habits of no real importance about you

6 people:
Faisal Jer , Allia Urie, Qm The Female, Shanya The Diva, Mai icy micey, Alliya the Hyena on crack.

6 things or habits of real no importance.
-I eat ice cream with cracker.
-I hate to choose.
-I sing everywhere except in the bathroom.
-I am damn lazy.
-I just hate bugs, one of the things that would make me scream.
-I don't giggle or try to hold it in, when I laugh, I would really laugh.

Too adorable.

Friday, March 6, 2009

My night with Mr. A-Z

So last last night, went to Jason Mraz concert. To sum it up it's Awesome :)

My concert partner was my mom :D Yeap, she's addicted to concerts just like moi. Dad picked up late, he thought it was 8.30p.m but it was actually 8. I was panicking in the car "Ahh! what if they start before we get there! What if they locked the door! What happens if we can't get in!" Drama Queen moment, yes I know but then I reassured myself that concerts will never be on time. Plus the jams in KL are so horrible. Well we all know that.

Finally, we reached there, theres still a lot of people hanging outside just chilling, but I couldn't so I just went to the gate doors. As I entered the stadium, first immediate impression, Daym, it was packed! So I was standing in the Rock Zone and my stayed a couple feet back from me. Anyways I was standing behind this teenage(late teens?) guy with Brunette Curls, he was absolutely HOT:) haha girls will be girls and go gaga for guys. But he was with other girls, particularly the curly blonde haired one. What a bitch, not because she might be with the guy but she kept giving me the eye with her other girlfriends, I wasn't even looking at the hot guy.

Ok, back to the concert. The lights dimmed, and the crowd started to cheer, and then the light on stage grew brighter and music started to play. And then came Mr. Mraz, he spoke and played his guitar to the tune "Make It Mine" that sets the raggae-chilled out mood throughout the whole night. Jason Mraz's voice is unbelievably good! Wait, no, Amazing! He has absolutely control of his vocal range!

Throughout the whole concert, people were dancing and having a hell load of fun. My bro said it was boring but he was in the seating place, moving on, he played the old hits like You and I Both, Remedy/a bit of wonderwall and there were couple more. But my favourite moment was GEEK IN THE PINK, and I love the part where he said radio like rrrr-a-dio like some turn table. If you don't get what I mean then, yeah nevermindddd.

He was cheeky throughout the whole performance. He asked the audience if they were here with their bestfriend. And the stupid blonde girl, scroll up if you missed that part. She was like wooh(fake style to imitate people who actually are into the concert). And then Jason said who came to this concert with their bestfriend because they're actually in love with them. The blonde went wooh again a tiny bit more excited, Blegh. HAHA. Then he sang not Lucky but If It Kills Me. Then he did a Invisible Bubble Gum song which is too cute. And Live High with his dance move. Which I followed and didn't care who was watching.

Of course there was the sing along I'm Yours, probably the loudest to be sung by the crowd. Lucky was accompanied by this female singer, local? But seriously not good. Let the crowd become Colbie, 100 times better, fo sho :D Did I mention the guy who bangs the bongo looked like Stevie Wonder lol. And the guys playing the saxophone were wearing the Malaysian Football Jersey. And they were dancing with their own choreography. HAHA Adorable. After changing from the V neck shirt, Jason wore a muscle tee with I heart KL on it. Quite cheesy :) but cheesy works.well sometimes. At the end he gave a big bow, and he thank everyone and took polaroids of him and his band and threw it to the audience. But I wasn't lucky, as always.

I couldn't really explain the whole night really, you have to be there to know. All I could sum is Jason Mraz a very happy, cheeky guy with his band who were as cheeky as him did a fantastic job for the crowd. Jason Mraz is certainly a concert where you just want to chill and have a nice and easy time. Nice, raggae vibe.

Don't have pic, too busy enjoying the concert :P

Monday, March 2, 2009

Aching from saying goodbyes.

Hahah :D this was barely a year ago. Good times, sigh.
Prepare for a full on emo post :)

Today is Thiro last day at SMKBJ, :'( I feel like crying, seriously. Known you only for a year, but its still good enough of a year to make me your friend. Like QM said, we didn't exactly clicked at first. I thought you hated us :D Thira, I'm gonna miss the way you tease barney, your crazyness to other people and who am I suppose to harrass people with? And I never even got the chance to hang out with you outside school, although we planned a dozen times, but none came to life. Especially Twilight, grr. Eventhough you would pick him over me, I would still pick you over any other guys:) You probably think I'm a psycho, but I am :D And Good Luck and I only wish for the best for you. Even if you forget me, which I think you will, still you'll be apart of my 3 Lambda memories.

Love ya thiro, sincerely lino or leon or wtvelse you call me.

So emo! I don't know why but I always had trouble with saying goodbyes. I guess I just want everything to stay the same but I know that's impossible. So you just have to accept the fact that things do change and you can do nothing about it. I remember my first big farewell, where I had to move and leave my neighbourhood friends. I know you guys are still going on without me but I still miss you guys :) And I don't think I can get over missing you guys. Yuni, Allia, MY, you are the bomb. When you coming here again?Bros before hoes, LOL.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Glasvegas-love the name

Im on a high-millionaire

arcade fire-laika

daft punk around the world

I don't know probably because I'm bored di bored

Feeling MUSEY?

The updates for MUSE just keep coming! Probably because of the NME awards which happen a few days ago. Muse picked Best Live Act again. :P Congrats but they didn't exactly did much last year. And Matt Bellamy won Sexiest Male Award. BAHAHA, he's just oozing with sexyness in that sweater. Eventhough I think he's the hottest man alive(he still is), but I know theres much more better looking guys :D See I ain't bias. And I wish Matt would shut up and let Chris talk for once. Love to hear you talk but give the dude a chance.

Again been waiting so patiently for their fifth album. According to them they're doing a space rock solo that last about 15 minutes? And otherworldly Dark Disco? Of course, this information is coming from Matt & Dom. So its **AHHH! Rat! Ok out of topic, but seriously as I was typing this freaking huge fat grey rat, with the black beady eyes came out of nowhere. I feel unsafe now. Back to MUSE kiddo** just bollocks. If the information is from Chris then it's more believable but it could be full of crap too. Lesson: Never trust what MUSE says.

But there still a long way to go until they finally release they re album. Sigh. Patience is the key. But but but but whyyyy! Any ideas on how to not ache for the new MUSE album?

Ohh and I watched tiny bit of Taking 5, a movie. Eventhough its a typical teen flick. But it seems cool :D Click Five stars in it, when Eric Dill was lead singer. But the band is called 5 Leo Rise*haha* And the drummer became the guitarist? The Bassist became the drummer. The Lead Guitar became keyboardist and the keyboardist became the bassist? Sounds confusing. But just wondering why they switched it in the movie. Oh I know. They want the main to be the best looking ones I guess. Hurmm.

Currently reading Beat The Reaper, which is about a doctor and his past life of being a mobster. So far it's funny and full of 'info'. Now I know what Moxfane is. And now I want to know more about the mafia. Maybe it'll be the next post. And here is a video of Matt the nature lover.

*Thank you Cydonian Knight for making this vid :)
Nite nite