Friday, March 6, 2009

My night with Mr. A-Z

So last last night, went to Jason Mraz concert. To sum it up it's Awesome :)

My concert partner was my mom :D Yeap, she's addicted to concerts just like moi. Dad picked up late, he thought it was 8.30p.m but it was actually 8. I was panicking in the car "Ahh! what if they start before we get there! What if they locked the door! What happens if we can't get in!" Drama Queen moment, yes I know but then I reassured myself that concerts will never be on time. Plus the jams in KL are so horrible. Well we all know that.

Finally, we reached there, theres still a lot of people hanging outside just chilling, but I couldn't so I just went to the gate doors. As I entered the stadium, first immediate impression, Daym, it was packed! So I was standing in the Rock Zone and my stayed a couple feet back from me. Anyways I was standing behind this teenage(late teens?) guy with Brunette Curls, he was absolutely HOT:) haha girls will be girls and go gaga for guys. But he was with other girls, particularly the curly blonde haired one. What a bitch, not because she might be with the guy but she kept giving me the eye with her other girlfriends, I wasn't even looking at the hot guy.

Ok, back to the concert. The lights dimmed, and the crowd started to cheer, and then the light on stage grew brighter and music started to play. And then came Mr. Mraz, he spoke and played his guitar to the tune "Make It Mine" that sets the raggae-chilled out mood throughout the whole night. Jason Mraz's voice is unbelievably good! Wait, no, Amazing! He has absolutely control of his vocal range!

Throughout the whole concert, people were dancing and having a hell load of fun. My bro said it was boring but he was in the seating place, moving on, he played the old hits like You and I Both, Remedy/a bit of wonderwall and there were couple more. But my favourite moment was GEEK IN THE PINK, and I love the part where he said radio like rrrr-a-dio like some turn table. If you don't get what I mean then, yeah nevermindddd.

He was cheeky throughout the whole performance. He asked the audience if they were here with their bestfriend. And the stupid blonde girl, scroll up if you missed that part. She was like wooh(fake style to imitate people who actually are into the concert). And then Jason said who came to this concert with their bestfriend because they're actually in love with them. The blonde went wooh again a tiny bit more excited, Blegh. HAHA. Then he sang not Lucky but If It Kills Me. Then he did a Invisible Bubble Gum song which is too cute. And Live High with his dance move. Which I followed and didn't care who was watching.

Of course there was the sing along I'm Yours, probably the loudest to be sung by the crowd. Lucky was accompanied by this female singer, local? But seriously not good. Let the crowd become Colbie, 100 times better, fo sho :D Did I mention the guy who bangs the bongo looked like Stevie Wonder lol. And the guys playing the saxophone were wearing the Malaysian Football Jersey. And they were dancing with their own choreography. HAHA Adorable. After changing from the V neck shirt, Jason wore a muscle tee with I heart KL on it. Quite cheesy :) but cheesy works.well sometimes. At the end he gave a big bow, and he thank everyone and took polaroids of him and his band and threw it to the audience. But I wasn't lucky, as always.

I couldn't really explain the whole night really, you have to be there to know. All I could sum is Jason Mraz a very happy, cheeky guy with his band who were as cheeky as him did a fantastic job for the crowd. Jason Mraz is certainly a concert where you just want to chill and have a nice and easy time. Nice, raggae vibe.

Don't have pic, too busy enjoying the concert :P


Alllliaaa:D said...

You should have brought me :P Then we could have got lucky like Panic At The Disco concert :)

A. K. said...

Hey I have tagged you. If you are interested follow this link

Shanya said...

Alaaaa i feel a green monster popping out with the blondie! Hahahah wonder why huh :)