Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm sick of

I'm gonna whine in this post. So you could just forgo this post.

I'm sick of a lot of stuff. I mean have you ever done things to just to impress or make people happy. I definately have. And I'm pretty sure a lot have been experiencing this too. Caring about people's opinion,that's usually the core of it. You might say,"No, I seriously don't care about what other people think", "It's my business" , I highly doubt that you can actually shut your ears to all of the comments people say, but if you could, that's amazing, and someday I wish I could do that. It's not like I take every comment to heart, some I could just wave it off, but some left quite a mark, and I learn to hide it but sometimes its unbearable. Bottom line is, I want a wall to protect me, and my wall is building and soon it will be finish. So writing this post is like a therapy, I feel lighter already. Gonna eat Nutella now :D Chocolate always is the best medicine to sadness.

Come on spell it with me, C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E! And Now spell B-Y-E!

Chocolate bath anyone?


Alllliaaa:D said...

Damn u for the chocolate picture! Meany!

A. K. said...

Don't live your life for other. Live it for yourself. Its your life, do what your heart says!