Monday, February 23, 2009

Only by the day

Who would have thought a band of 3 brothers and a cousin could be make it in the industry *scoff jobros* Well luckily the Jonas Brothers doesn't include a cousin, well I'm talking about Kings Of Leon.Not exactly pop teen idol look but yup, today's newspaper stated that they won in the Brits award, Best International Group if I'm not mistaken and a couple of others. But I usually hate awards, usually they're bias, but heh it's nice to see some win. Eventhough, I'm blogging quite late about them ( a lot actually) but I couldn't get their song out of my head, especially "Sex On Fire" which is seriously addictive.

Yeahhh youuuuu... your sex is on fire. Loving them :D

Powered by the natural raspy vocal(not as raspy as james morrison and others) and with southern rock , how can they go wrong? Their latest offering Only By The Night certainly is an album to hear. They manage to slow down tempo but still manage to stay off from the sappy slow rock love song and dozing off in the middle of the album. New Fav, 17 :D and they're not horrible live! yeay!

ohh she's only seventeen....

I am your brother.. your bestfriend forevahhhh(had to do it)

Dude far right, tre cool hair.

Currently listening to Phoenix - If I ever feel better. Feel a bit electro pop, funky? Then listen to this feel good tune. Certainly could make you sway side to side. And make you walk as if you're a cool cat. Bahaha

Vidimo se.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Updates on MUSE & Repost :D

Very old video, but it puts a smile on my face.

Muse the band could make day worth while. Why am I so crazy about Muse? Is it because of Matt's shrieking screams or Dom's colourful pants? Or even the humble Chris? I seriously don't know. If I found out why, I'll tell you.

So here is some update, I know you don't care but I do so baha.

Muse posted some photos, they look like they're really working hard on their new album yeah :D

If you are good in Add Maths, I need help. Sigh. Oh yeah, I'm freakin tanned.

Form 4 is seriously more stressful then Form 3, Quoting Paramore" I could feel the pressure"

Have you ever felt as though your gonna explode in a matter of seconds. Everything crashing down and torn into pieces. Scattered away and all you've done lost forever. Is it worth while?

Viszontlátásra(Hungarian bye)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Is it?

I never realised how addicted I am to the internet, which is quite scary. Eventhough I havent online in mere days, it feels like weeks! Need to the something about my addiction. Ok this isn't my topic for today. I'm blogging about my police cadets camp. Sorry for bashing, but you know I can't help it. And I think this is going to be a long post. Beware...

Friday the 13th, not a good day right? see it has bad luck written all over it. So we gathered at the school at 2.30 and the teacher blab and waited til 4.30? And GUESS WHAT! we didn't go by bus! We went by the police trucks! By this time, I cursed my ass off. After a long hour or more we reached there at Sungai Congkak. The teacher said that it was wood and we had to walk quite a distance to reach the campsite. LIAR. The campsite was next to the road.

Let me describe you the campsite, its a huge field, in front theres this place like an open small buliding where we eat on the floor and prayed. Beside the roads were forest, which is absolutely gorgeous when sunrise. We got there and gathered and they brief of safety and yada yada. We got there like in the evening, we were assigned to our tent. And the campsite was beside the building and it was so small that they camp pathway to walk to could only fit a person. Ate. Then the activity was Ice breaking and we had to draw flags, my group was SharpBee :D Got along with them, luckily nobody showed attitude. Then sleep.ZZZZ

5.30 a.m woke and went to the bathroom, decide not to bath. So I just brushed my teeth. Did I mention that the bathroom was horrible? The piping was horrible!!! If you open the shower you can't use the toilet or if you turn the sink then the shower won't work. Something like that. So people were showering using a pale and a cup. Now you get why I decided not too? And it stinks.*shudders* Then we had morning exercise, which wasn't so bad because it wasn't hot, but it was tiring to the scissor kick. Eat. Then there was marching practice. It sucked.
Then theres 'sukaneka' which is a bunch of stupid games. Like, find the candy in the flour, my legs hurt really badly because of the frog jumps. Thira said she peed her pants because she laugh to hard watching me do the frog jumps. I don't blame her I was laughing at myself. Anyhooser, my face was covered with flour and puffed flour and I breathed in some. I coughed spit and cough.

The next game was,water balloons throwing, and after the game ended the started to throw at each other, it sucked because I got hit by one out of nowhere. What luck. Then there's ping pong ball on the spoon, and the hulla hoop, where who could hulla the longest. Theres this one kid hulla like a dangdut dancer. And his expression was damn funny. Then we had to go inside the hulla hoop without breaking the human chain. Then eat.

At nightime, we had nightwalk, so we walked without torchlight to this shop and sat on the grass. This is outside the Sg. Congkak gated area. Then we had to go back in groups and not with others. Then we had to wait outside the gate of Sg. Congkak, and inside the area we had to go in alone. At first, I was scared and teeth start to chatter. I was one of the first to go, when the Sargeant signaled to go ahead I started to power walk. It was dark and so quite, luckily there were lights well some time. I hate it when crossing the river, and when theres like a long pathway there wasn't any light. But somehow it was nice. One of the the trainers tried to scare me. He flash a light then he went GAH! Then I jump a bit but didn't let out a scream.
Trainer: Tak takut Ka? (sabah accent)Ohhh ni mesti ngantuk sangat YA?
Which was true, all I could think about is too sleep.

When I reached to the building me and Thira crash and sleep. The floor was awful, it was cold and hard and my neck hurts. Then I hurt some girl screaming must be because of the scare. Then we gathered and I was sooo sleepy my eyelids weighed a ton. We counted our team members then suddenly one is missing. The sargeant got mad, and he started to lecture and then he went out to find him. The group leaders, went out and search for him too. Me and Thira were like 'Bodoh ah budak tu, camner leh hilang? Kan jalan straight je?" We were tired grumpy and sleepy. After a long wait the sargeant came back with the boy. I think he turned somewhere, that's why he didn't reach the camp.

Final day! Finally I bathed! HAHA after two days :) Disgusting, I know :D I didn't bath and I liked it. Kidding. So we had this marching test and they picked some to be in the marching squad. I got picked. And the training was DAMN PAINFULL. Especially when punished we had to squat down. My legs were hurting like hell because of the frog jumps, so even going down some steps the soreness is too great. Just imagine squating, my face cringed and I was like "A'a'a'ahh" Then we ate, and packed, and gathered. For the closing the ceremony. My group won the best logo and the balloon catching game :) The truck came at 2.00 and reached at school around 3 something? I got home and batheddddddddddd and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppp.

You know how good am I? I actually came to school. And my class is on the top floor so going up was so painful and going down is even worse. Shanya and Qm laughed and said I looked retarded. So I had to go downstairs using my sideways crab technique. I felt like an OKU.Oh pain, please be gone as fast as possible.

Police cadets

Hulla anyone?

Team SharpBee :P

Ping Pong Ball Game

Pasukan Kadet Polis


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gym Class Heroes?

Why oh why God must I have a new addiction? I've been feeling a bit hip hoppish lately... haha ok that sounded beyond nerdy! You know Cookie Jar? Yeah yeah the old hit. Well, I used to hate it. Changed the radio everytime. But Now I'm Like Hooked! yes sir ree bob, I am.

Can't keep my hand uh my hands uh my hands off the cookie jar, Word!

Haha, you'll probably thinking, OMG this girl so lameeeeeee, well whatevs, I rock HA HA. As you can see my post has been very random and mostly about stuff that you probably already know. But Ladidaa I just realised that Gym Class Heroes are addictive. I remember when I was addicted to Clothes Off and I was singing it 24/7 and Queen and I. Conclusion, I like Gym Class Heroes.

I watched a couple of vids on youtube, live performances. They're awesome, please come to Malaysia! But I doubt they would, I doubt they even know Malaysia exist. Sigh. That's what you get when you're living here. But if they ever come ( but they wouldn't) could somebody please be kind enough to pay for it :P Oh and Somebody To Love by Queen. Yeap, Freddie Mercury is smack dang doodah freaking awesome. Ain't music just awesome,amazing,cool? Well I think it is.
Can anybody find meeeeeee!

I got a thing for milano,biscotti italiano :D

Currently listen to The Quilt :D
*Haha my visitors are like frm all over. I wonder how they got there? But anyways if you're there leave a comment, but if you choose not too, then thts ok, bye bye.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Happy Birthday SZE YAN!

May you have a happy year. Suppose to be sweet 16, so may it be covered with sugar :D
>Btw, I support Danny Goakkee and Anoop Desai in American Idol Hee :D Hope they'll make it far. Or else. Else wht? I don't know. Whatever, byebye.

Friday, February 6, 2009

See you

If you guys are reading this, I would like to say my official goodbyes to Idzham & Khairul&others who are leaving BJ. Well, maybe we would so each other again :) Although I've known you guys for only a year. But you guys are awesome. I surely would miss you guys. And hopefully you won't forget me.


Maybe goodbye is too harsh, so I'm going to say See You When You're Around.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Updates & Blabs.

Dom, in a field with sheeps, banging on a snare. What could possibly be more beautiful? :D

You remember the screensaver I've told you? Of course not but here it is..

Eagerly awaiting.

Congratulations to Lucas Mascarini! Porque? Because he won the Brazillian Deathmatch in a forum. Fyi, he defeated Thiroar's Evandro Soldati :D With quite a number of votes.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Selfish Love

Read an article in The Star today called This Thing Called Love, probably because of Valentine's Day which is around the corner. Anyhoosers, never been a big fan of Love but I read that article and it made me think.

The author of the article stated about what kind of love usually a couple gives one another. When you're in love, you would say 'I would do anything for her/him' right? But what if you found out that you significant other fell in love with your bestfriend? How would you react? Most of them would probably drown in their own sorrow and anger, feeling betrayed by the action of the people they trust the most. Therefore you will probably ignore them and wished they disappear from this world.

But here's the twist, what does love mean? Surely love means you want what's best for them and you would be happy if they're happy. The article stated that most people's relationship is based on selfish love. Meaning they want the love for themselves. Selfish people, only thinking of love for themselves. These type of people are usually needy. If the person truly love the other, they would be happy for them because they found a partner to make them happy. In fact doubly joyed because their best friend found love too.

But, why did you other half cheat on you? Surely they should be blamed for cheating on you. Well, maybe they didn't expect it to happen. Maybe the moon is made out of cheese, you'll never know. You can't always expect rainbows and butterflies, that's for sure. So I guess the only thing you could do is live in the moment, and what happens, happens. Surely God has a greater plan for us, like Sharanya said. And I truly believe that.

Again weird random post. Quoting the Beatles, "let it be" :D

Be happy,merry and gayyyyyyy.

Tell me whyyyyyyyyy?