Sunday, February 1, 2009

Selfish Love

Read an article in The Star today called This Thing Called Love, probably because of Valentine's Day which is around the corner. Anyhoosers, never been a big fan of Love but I read that article and it made me think.

The author of the article stated about what kind of love usually a couple gives one another. When you're in love, you would say 'I would do anything for her/him' right? But what if you found out that you significant other fell in love with your bestfriend? How would you react? Most of them would probably drown in their own sorrow and anger, feeling betrayed by the action of the people they trust the most. Therefore you will probably ignore them and wished they disappear from this world.

But here's the twist, what does love mean? Surely love means you want what's best for them and you would be happy if they're happy. The article stated that most people's relationship is based on selfish love. Meaning they want the love for themselves. Selfish people, only thinking of love for themselves. These type of people are usually needy. If the person truly love the other, they would be happy for them because they found a partner to make them happy. In fact doubly joyed because their best friend found love too.

But, why did you other half cheat on you? Surely they should be blamed for cheating on you. Well, maybe they didn't expect it to happen. Maybe the moon is made out of cheese, you'll never know. You can't always expect rainbows and butterflies, that's for sure. So I guess the only thing you could do is live in the moment, and what happens, happens. Surely God has a greater plan for us, like Sharanya said. And I truly believe that.

Again weird random post. Quoting the Beatles, "let it be" :D

Be happy,merry and gayyyyyyy.

Tell me whyyyyyyyyy?

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Shanya said...

"Surely God has a greater plan for us, like Sharanya said." Wow u make me sound so smart and WISE!!! hahahah COOL!:D