Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oh the hatred.

I just realise how much I hate anime, manga or whatever they are called. One is because they all look the bloody SAME. Big eyed cute character with high pitch voice. It's really annoying to see anime. If you like it, good for you and well this is, I stress, my opinion. And I hate it with a passion! Besides that, I don't think they're expression is cute .... ughh I just find them horrible. My brother is a big fan of anime and I have to suffer while he sits there and watch some japanese cartoon bounce basketball or do something. Why am I suddenly attacking my anime? Well Im searching through deviantart and it's like full of anime. I just want nice decent picture to look at instead a whole wave of manga. Sigh. Art is art. Who's to judge it.

"Oh look at me I'm an innocent (actually I'm a slutty whore who barely wears clothing) doe-eyed (which is way to big for my head yet people find it adorable) girl."


Darren Shannnnnn

Many people don't know this but I do read Darren Shan D: I don't care it's for kids, I just like it. Especially Cirque du Freak <3 (the first book). It's really AWESOME! Well try to read it I guess.
Yes, so today Alliya and I went to One Utama to watch Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant :O The queue for the tickets was really really long. But none of the movies were selling fast or sold out.

Well here is my point of view when I saw the trailer. Darren, instead of being a nice good boy, turns out to look like a jerk. Mr. Crepsley, the vamp, who I imagine to be quite handsome turned out to look like some drunken old clown. Instead of being British, they're American. There's more but nevermind that.

So it begins, the starting was quite similar to the book, and it looks like Darren was a nice good boy. Somewhere along the line when he joins the Cirque the plotline changed, quite a bit really. So it was quite confusing, people who do read the book my advice is just try to not link it with the book. It was actually funny :D. "College, Work, Kids". Haha. And Gavner Purl is very cool. Some of the parts were actually gruesome(There's so many parts where I cringed). No wonder it's PG 13 :\

I'm really bad at movie reviewing because I don't watch a lot of movies :\ But just go for the sake of watching Darren Shan! Oh Alliya said that the actor who potrayed Darren talks and acts like Ashton Kutcher, and I agree :O He does reminds of Ashton, his face expression and the VOICE!

So JYEAH, watched Darren Shan on the day it premiered in Malaysia :D What a way to end the year :)

Happy New Year guys, girls, peeps, amigos. I'll probably blog more, because I am in my blog mode! I hope next year will be awesome :S One more year :'(

Nagemist 2009!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is this really happening?

I'm actually typing a post :O Amazing , isn't it? :) Well, I felt I had to because last night before I went to sleep, I was listening to some music. And it just really struck me that I find some songs really BEAUTIFUL, not in a sense of works of Beethoven or Mozart. I mean just plain darn beautiful of course you may beg to differ. But this is my blog, so I'll write whatever I feel like. Don't like it, don't read it :

It was 4 a.m I guess, I just decided to listen to music before I go to sleep. And of course I listened to Muse, big shocker :O So instead of listening from one album to another I just listened to Undisclosed Desires. And there's just something about it, that I'll never get tired of listening to it. I know it's pop-ish and mainstream. But there's something there that is still typical Muse-geekish vibe. I mean who writes lyrics like "I want to exorcist the demons from your past" and gets away with it. Only Muse can. And the chorus is just awesome. If you listen closely to each chorus there's added element to each of them. The strings on it are beautiful, not complicated, just simple pizzacato and yet it made the sound 100 X better. I guess it's really a romantic song, with not so typical I love you forever, you are my sun, you are my air, sort of poetry. Of course it's romantic, it's about Matt and his girlfriend! :D Well if you really think it's still not Muse. Just go watch the Music Video. It's like I Belong to You but much sexier. Though, I really admire Matt's vocal in I Belong to You. Well to sum it up, I just really love the strings in Undisclosed Desires. I find it rather well, BEAUTIFUL.

Well, besides that I listened to Butterflies and Hurricanes, yes it used to be my MSN name and currently my tumblr header. I like the name it's so interesting or maybe I just like Butterflies but it's so childish to just put butterflies :\ Usually some songs have kickass names but the song is just blah. But fear not Butterflies and Hurricanes has a song to match the name. The origins of the title is from the Butterfly Effect metaphor. I shall not go further. What's so special about this song. It's just so motivational. "Best, you've got to be the best!" screams Bellamy. Pay attention to the lyrics. Of course you're not Barack Obama but a little goes a lonnnnggg way. I think the song's trying to tell us to be the best that we can be and use our really precious time. I should really listen to my own advice sometimes, hmph.

Moving on, I did a post about my interpretation of A Rush of A Blood to the Head. Well this is another example of a beautiful song. Lyrics wise, and the simplicity of the song. My heart aches everytime Chris Martin sang "Honey,". The desperation in his voice is truly gut wrenching. It's like I'm watching some soap opera, very dramatic. But it's really a sad song. And early Coldplay had a knack for making the most heartbreaking songs. And again, look at the awesome song title. I'll stop here because I did a full post about this song, so yeah.

Other Coldplay songs I find pretty :) is Life in Technicolor ii. There's sitar! Come on who doesn't like sitar in a western song. Well besides that, I just really like the melody in it. You know the feeling when you listen to a Mika song (applies to only Mika listeners), the warm happy joy feeling you get in your tummy. Well I found that in Life in Technicolor ii. I love when it gets to the chorus, the melody just keeps getting better. "Gravity release me, don't ever hold me down" , so inspirational :') It gives the feeling of hope and optimism. Oh I like the ending of violet hill, where it was only Chris Martin singing and the piano part. The final verse. You know?! Yeah, I really like it.

Well yeah it's only Coldplay and Muse, probably because I've listen to all of their songs. I'm sure there's other songs I find beautiful but you know how good I am of recalling stuff (sarcasm ok).

The moral of the post is, try to sleep early and not until 4 a.m. Or else you'll just start to have random ideas.

There you go, I blogged nonesense. HOORAH!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Rants *don't bother to read*

I'm bored, I'm pissed.

Everybody is going somewhere this holidays. I'm not. I've been here for like ages. And the furthest I've been from the house is Pavillion. And you know what. I'm just so freaking bored. I don't know what to do. My dad ask me to study. Well hello I'm trying to but I'm just to freaking bored cause somebody doesn't know the meaning of boredem. Seriously if I had an activity, I don't mind cause well then at least my brain won't turn into mush and I'll probably be motivated to study since my brain is active again. Now its just going like a bzzzz sound.

Friday, November 27, 2009


I'm just posting here so I could remember
They wouldn't let it be embedded but anyway its a sexy back cover.

Ok it's not a cover, but it's seriously sad :( Especially when you watched the movie. I just had to post it because I watched Moulin Rouge again.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

You And Me, Quality ;)

I love george eventhough he's wearing like a man-tank. But still he's so hot and so *sigh* good looking, and I love it when his hair is that short. Usually it looks like a bush but in the video it's awesome :D

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

HAHA I can't believe we actually did that..

Guessed what me, sharanya and alliya did today? Well we went to Ampang to visit QM. Our parents were like AMPANG?! Why Ampang? QM's at her grandma's and we missed her terribly :) So we decided to visit her.

The only ride to KTM was my mum which meant we had to wake up early and get ready by 8 a.m. So my mum dropped us at the station at sek. 19 which is less scarier than Batu Tiga. And whooptidoo the train was delayed until 9.35. And we were stuck there just blabbing our hearts out at 8.40 a.m waiting. The train came at 9.40 and it was packed. The ride felt loooonngggg and it was very very very uncomfortable. So we stopped at KL sentral and switched. That ride was more pleasant. Then when we reached Masjid Jamek we went to the Ampang line. And LRT is so much better and faster than that stupid KTM. Oh when we were going to Masjid Jamek we were so down that we even consider to just go KLCC and chill there but for QM we shall fight on. Then took a cab to QM's.

The first thing we did was just collapsed at her bed. QM said we look like we're dead. We felt like it too. So spent an hour there I guess? Then we went to McD for some lunchies. QM's place and McD is far. And we had to walk on the freaking main road. I bet the passerby think we're bunch psycho girls who never knew that you can ask McD to send to your house. But again we just love to challenge ourselves. So we walked for what it seems a never ending walk until we reached McD.

We took our time eating since we had a lot of time until QM's grandma pick us up. So we ate very slowly and ordered desserts. While we were in McD a stupid incident occured. I blame Sharanya for her luck but yet I was thankful :D A 'whoa' guy entered and so me and sharanya instantly stared like wide eyed I think, must be. Because then another 'whoa' guy which we shall call dude was staring, he was at the counter waiting to order. So heres roughly how me and Sharanya were.

Sharanya:Where did he come from?
*looks at dude caught him staring at the tv above our head*
Me: What's wrong with him? Is he staring?
Sharanya: OMG Lina, what's wrong with him. He's smiling*starts to panic*
Me: *fidgeting and panicking because Sharanya's panicking and look at the dude*
Dude was staring at tv and he's mouth was like trying to hold a laugh.
Me: No, lahhh he's watching the tv.
Sharanya: *can't remember but I kept telling he's staring at tv because everytime i look he stared there but he's face was seriously like holding a laugh and I was still not convince he was smiling*
But the more I look up I caught him staring and when he saw I was looking he stared back at the tv. After then he finally smiled.

So turns out he was grinning at Sharanya but when I look up he quickly change his facial expression. Bottomline, he was having fun playing games with us. Lol I know useless info but hee he was 'whoa' you know. I had full grin after the incident.

After that we went to Pavillion to buy New Moon tix for this Sat. But they won't let us. SO yeah. Then QM's grandma offered to drop us at KLCC so it would be easier for us to go back. We walk around and drank then went to the station. The ride back was better. Then our final stop was in Sbg so we went inside Sbg Parade and went straight to MPH. Alliya bought a book. I bought three Darren Shan :D had too. I wanted to buy Eldest but QM has it so I bought Darren Shan but I had only 34 ringgit and one Darren Shan was 26.90 so Sharanya lend 50 ringgit to me since she's not buying. She said that one of the Darren Shan book was her present for me so I only had to pay her back for one book.

It was fun :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We Are Roryious.

My none existing blog people, me and my friends made a video cover of the song Falling Slowly. Though I suck but it's just for fun. So watch it :) And comment, rate it, wtv it. I appreciate your support :D I really do. You guys rock the socks off of me.

Why roryious? Because I don't know. We like Rory.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Band Of Skulls GRRR

"I need love
Cause only love is true
I need every wakin' hour with you
And my friends cause they're so beautiful
Yeah my friends they are so beautiful
They're my friends"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Is it me or Rick Astley dangerous?

Just kidding.

I read the newspaper today and there's an iPhone virus which downloads Rick Astley photos onto your phone. Which I think is hilarious and taking Rick Rolling to a new level. Of course the creator is trying to warn people who are not really concern on the dangers of the web. But it got me thinking why Rick Astley? HMM.

Well I still don't know.

Well with that, I'll end my post with Rick Astley.

Come on click it, you know you want too.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gone Lazy

I Love you bloggeh. Because I can write whatever the hell I am thinking.

Life is unfair to me especially. Why the hell is MUSE coming to Singapore and not Malaysia? WHY WHY WHY. My heart aches and cracks everytime I keep saying that. I wonder if my dad will let. I really love MUSE. I truly do :'( gosh I'm tearing up. Sigh sigh.

Oh I like Band of Skulls - Friends one of the soundtracks for New Moon. HAHA what a killer name. Sounds so Metal rock. What's your favourite band? Band of Skulls! GRRR *eyes bulge out* I Belong to You (New Moon Remix) is so-so. The piano and bass part is totally drown out by the guitar. The original is far better, not saying it's a horrible version. It's just far more heart felt and romantic with the piano and bass line. And Matt's voice is so oo-er. Gosh imagine him live, how sexy is that. Tre sexy (though Matt's embarass with that song).

I think it is sweet to write a song about a person :O HAHA my friends would be shaking their head and say typical of me. But I truly do :D You don't need to have flowery words to describe it like a poem, even the simplest sentence could be beautiful.

Of course theres so many types of Love Songs. The infamous Rock ballads (I don't mind I guess since my mum is a fan), pop and yada yada. I don't know what's my favourite style, but I guess it depends with the genres you like.

Like for example a simple song that's really sweet I Quit, I Quit, I Quit by The Click Five. WHAT? You might say. Well I like it. And I'm probably bias :D but it's my blog! Kyle's voice*melts* I don't know why I'm obsessing with vocals now. It's such a cool song. You could just bop your head by even just thinking about it. I wonder when their album is coming out? :\ But that's a song when you've done wrong to your gf and you're desperately begging her to give you another chance. I know a lot of guys can relate to that song :O

Sigh sigh, there's also Emo ones, when I say emo it does not refer to the wrist slitting, poetry writing, dark haired clan. They're just so sad and seriously can depress your mood instantly. I think if you just got dump, you should stay away from this, the only thing it'll do is just makes it worst. You'll just sob away for weeks. And reciting the lyrics whilst tears streaming down your face. Not a prettayh sight.

Instead go for the uplifting and motivational ones. With those big harmonies. It does work. Proven by Sharanya Visualingam, my dear friend who gave me the link to Josh Groban's You Are Love :') Thank you dear amigo. It cheered my mood instantly. I should just put that song in replay.

I've been feeling so down lately, sigh. But it's ok, I'm listening to the sweetest songs and awesome voice to accompany that I'll get a toothache.

Matthew my belle,
Sont des mots qui vont tres bien ensemble~

Monday, November 9, 2009

Let the holiday begin!

I can't wait for school to end! Oh yes oh yes oh yes. One month of nothing but just to sit around and grow fat :O Heaven!

I'm so sleepy and my eyelids feel so heavy.

I'm gonna stop here.

Oh dear blog, when will I write a proper post?

Maybe in a million years.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Do you like that girls?

What's up with the title? Well Tyson said that so gedikly yet so HOT.

*SIGH* How long have I been out? Well long, too long, I can't even remember how to blog. My finals aren't over YET. But tomorrows Modern Maths pssh HAHA. Probably gonna fail it too. Okay let me get this exams stuff over with. I had chemistry with Chemistry. The only subject I left like blanks was Add Maths, I think half way through I gave up. School Smool.

So what has been on my mind lately, well definately MUSE. They have a new video Undisclosed Desires, it just makes you think WTH. But then again they are MUSE! Eccentric and sometimes just plain bizarre.

I still have a stack of books to read. I'm planning to read The Da Vinci Code and Eragon, since QM says its nice. Eragon is such a nice book, I mean the spine of the book. It opens easily without leaving a mark :O It's like, almost heaven. And it's light too!

QM got free tix to see Time Traveller's Wife so we're planning to watch it A.S.A.P. And she has the book too, but Alliya wants it.

I joined swimming class!! I CAN FLOAT!! But it was scary, and after what Sharanya told me what happen to her when we missed the second class I have nightmares til the next class. Which is in two weeks :

My cat likes to eat papers, and he's currently hugging sheets of paper while sleeping. He also likes to crawl inside a box and start attacking the corners.

I can't wait for the hols!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Paintball, anyone?

Yesterday, I yes I went to PAINTBALL with Jason and the rest. I was pretty doubtful and me, Sharanya and Alliya almost backed out seeing as to many people did backed out. But since we're not that sane we decided to go.

It didn't give a good first impression, because it was a freaking rubber tree estate. And it was damn scary. Then suddenly Nedree said we're playing with these older guys who looks like the Chinese Mafia (no offense, they looked scary with their tattoos). So we got our gear and I didn't know the marker(I prefer to call it a gun) was heavy and I was thinking we're going to run with this metal thing? Then they brieved us about safety and I was becoming more and more petrified. Oh I was so freaking hot since I was wearing a t shirt and hoodie and vest.

The first game, well was the hill going up full of rubber trees. And again, the marker was so heavy man. We split into groups of two I think. The first went inside, and guess what Jason left us alone man. But we had Nedree. I bet they were bum to be stuck with 3 useless girls. But we were useless for the first game. Practically shot nothing. But our group WON lol. I guess thanks to Nedree and his friends.

So we were pretty exhausted after the first game and learned that we'll playing another in a few minutes. Sigh Sigh Sigh man. We walked to the next one which was at the lake. Playing the Tanamera tournament style? I don't know I was to tired to notice. But that was my favourite match because I actually did something to shoot at. That was the first time I got shot on the leg and neck but that was like indirect hit. But my friends got shot so I headed back too.

Third was Killhouse. People started to shoot each other from across. I got shot in the face. So I was out. But it was scary trying to cross. I just held out my hand and screamed "I'm out". And balls were flying everywhere.

Fourth was they hid Nedree, Mikhail and these two other guys and we had to find them. I got shot a lot (explains the bruises). I actually screamed when balls were flying towards me. And me being naive hid behind a very skinny tree until this guy said stop to the one who shot me and I retreated.

Fifth was speedball. I hate it. It was a small area and people are shooting like mad. I just wanted to finish my pellets so I just shoot. And then went out. Then this topless guy went inside and got hit. His bruise immediately showed after he got hit.

That's moi the right one :D

WOW I survived paintball. Not one but five games. And it's a fun sport so you should really try it ofcourse But make sure you're nice and cushioned.

Still nursing my aches and bruise, bye.
P/S: only 5 girls went.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

500 days of Summer.

I like really much. Maybe it could be a fav ? :O I don't know. All I know is that I enjoyed it truly. Like the narrator said upfront it is not a love story. I agree with one the star reviewer saying, instead of watching The Ugly Truth or The Proposal, you should watch this. It is a realistic movie which I think all of us can relate. Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl but girl doesn't. Yes it is depressing, but hello, we don't live in a fairytale land this does happen and it's REAL. And its funny too, but DAMN the censorship. It's annoying. I might buy the DVD just to watch and fully enjoy it. And yes I do like unhappy endings from time to time.

This is my opinion on the movie. Feel free to think otherwise. Oh yeah, go watch it!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Well I'm, Dommy Nom Nom

Sweet as teh bon bons

The ladies love me

and the men wanna *cough* me

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This is why I hate being a devotee fan. Muse is in New Moon. I belong to you (my fav track) is going to be rerecord and use in New Moon. I feel sad. The Veronicas covered Uprising, and some of the comments think muse is shite. I do respect their opinion but I like Muse. It's hard to hear all this stuff. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. But I have solution for all of this stuff. I shall just stop caring those idiots opinion and listen to Muse without any influence of outside world.

Gah, Twilight, stupid, argh, grr, I don't mind the book, but seriously it's a sucky movie. I hope Edward dies. I know he didn't. They all live happily ever after. Ladidaa. Stupid Edward & Bella. Stephenie Meyer who copied Sookie Stackhouse, and god I'm so over VAMPS.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I almost forgot!

Probably because I just want to keep my spirits high I will say

I know, it's still a long way to go. But! I can feel it, it's close (duh) so yeah.

I can't wait for Hari Raya because:

  1. No school!

  2. No school!

  3. I can EAT!

  4. Did I mention NO SCHOOL?

    I am such a lazy blogger, I just do not have any muse (no pun intended) to write a full hardcore post. I miss blogging about the weird wonders of the world. But my thoughts is just too normal I guess. Nothing seem exciting anymore. At least I'm getting a week holiday. Maybe my brain has been working over-time. It needs rest!
    What else, hmm. I'm in a muse mania mode, so probably everything I say would relate to Muse. It isn't my fault that I just happen to Luurrrve them.
    It's a jungle out there, so be safe my non-existing readers.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I couldn't resist :|

I just want to share my opinion of Muse's latest album due to release September 14th and I just had to listen to it ( I tried so hard to resist but no one was like supporting me). You can listen via legal streaming ofc! :P But wooh man starting was Uprising, very pop-ish (argh soon to be used in New Moon I can feel it :() But then Resistance kicked in and it actually was nice! The 30 second preview didn't do justice. And if I have to list my favourite it would probably be mostly all. But none that I feel so-so about. I genuinely like all, some more than others but still! And Exogenesis, the three part symphony :'( beautiful. It wasn't space rock solo dark disco to me well maybe the space rock that I expected. It's just a lovely composition. And I think Matt is ultra sexy in I Belong to You, it's sweet, in a way. Muse way? MK Ultra is tre cool, and so is Unnatural Selection. It's such a good album! Can't wait to get my hands on it :S

Friday, September 11, 2009

Do you know..

how much I adore their music?

(by far the hottest picture of Matt)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blame it upon

A Rush of Blood to the Head.

I know this album was release years ago but I fell in love with the title track. And I'm so glad Sharanya lend me Viva La Vida and Prospekts. It made me listen to all of their previous works. And one particular song was just so hauntingly beautiful.

I never really "studied" lyrics but for some reason I decided to try and interpret the lyrics. Well a lot of people say he's burning the house down because of all the horrible things that had took part in that place. Some say he thinks the place is the problem in the relationship so he's burning it down to make things right. Other say it's a suicide pact because of "stand here beside me baby in the crumbling walls..."

I think the guy is sick (not coughing, fever sick). More like mentally unhealthy? Always acting on impulse. The guy must be acting on impulse and he's having problems in his relationship because of that. So then he had another impulse to burn the place down on hope that it will save his relationship. OR maybe the girl was traumatized in that place" Do back the things it did to you in return", so the guy is willing to do anything for her. By burning the place he thinks that that's what she wants".. fill your heart's desires" . He is even willing to start a war if she tells him what to fight for. And all of this actions is because the rush of blood to the head.

Get to the chorus, the girl starting to move on. And the guy is devastated. He's desperately telling her that he had changed and all his mistakes are forever gone. But people around the girl say to keep moving on and leave him, "start as you mean to go on."

He burnt the place down. Some people laugh (maybe they lost their minds) and some cried because on the burning. But the girl just sit there and wondered why he did it. In his defence he reciting again he'll do whatever he will do for her and he blame his action on the rush of blood to the head.

The ending of the song is really sad, eventhough is predictable but still it's just so touching.

So meet me by the bridge, meet me by the lane

When am I going to see that pretty face again

Meet me on the road, meet me where I said

Blame it all upon

A rush of blood to the head

The girl finally sum up all her courage to leave him. And the guy waits for her in places he said he will be, just dreaming of the day when he sees her face again.

I just had to let it out, I don't know why. I'm just so into the song and I guess I made a little plotline for it. I'm catching on Sze Yan's chessyness but I don't care. Because of this song I'm willing to be cheese.

Oh god this is what happen when you're on a blogging hiatus.

Friday, August 21, 2009

I am a hopeless blogger.

Oh golly joy of joyness, I"ll blog. I promise. But I have to study for my theory exam and I just can't blog.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

You are my C6H12O6, sweet sugar.

Why the hell am I blogging ? Well I have a good reason. One, because yesterday, sigh, was awesome. Can't really go into details, one I might just embarass myself so another reason for my blogging is I have this unbelievably awesome song that is just too amazing! Ok its not like fabulously epic but its awesome. They're from New Zealand, so this is probably the first ever song that I like from a Kiwi-a-go-go land :D So yes I shall sure my joy of this song. And it's like electronicky and I dont mind! Achievement! Well I've achieved before but anyhooser woooh. Here you go My house by Kids of 88.

Oh and I like Lily Allen's 22. And I have so many more songs that I want to share but! There's too many.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

100th Post wohoo!

wow it's been how long since I've started blogging? Ok not that long. But wow 100. 100 useless stuff posted.

And I love muse. I've just listened to the new track United States of Eurasia, ok so here's my opinion. I like the instrumental part very morrocon-ish and after the Queen-esque part. I'm getting use to it. It gives a slight taste to the new album and I just can't wait for it! September 14th, care to buy as a birthday gift for moi?

I just found out the I share the same birthdate as Josh Farro of Paramore, Adriy Shevchenko of Chelsea FC, and Pompey the Great. It's cool to know who you share birthdate with, just for laugh. There are more of course, one was even a British serial killer. And you know what, I actually like my birthdate and I don't know why. Speaking of Pompey reminded me I have to do History notes. Sigh.

Oh I love the six installment of Harry Potter. The graphics were amazing and it was just awesome! I love it. I love it. If you're potter fan then should definitely go!! It is soooo depressing that Harry Potter is going to end :( And it's my first "real" book that I've finished. And I re-read philasopher stone and I think it's so good. My favourite books in the series are hmm Chamber of Secrets (It really gave a glimpse on how evil is Lord Mouldy wart) , Goblet of Fire ( because of the triwizard cup) and Half Blood Prince ( because its TDF)

People say HP is for nerds and it's starting to get lame. Well, I don't freaking care because HP is special to me. I've been following it since I was 9. Because of HP I love to read. And it definitely gave me some warm up for thick books. And people around me always diss on HP but is it so wrong to like HP? And many said the 5th (movie) was a bore. Yes I do admitt it wasn't as good as other but I still watch it again if I was invited too. You know why? Because Harry Potter is just too dear to hate. And it will always be some kind of reminder of why I have a passion of reading books.

And I'm pissed at VMA saying "twilight fans rejoice, stephenie meyer's favourite band is performing". I mean ughh. For those who like MUSE just because of Twilight is seriously just frustrating. And why did Muse said yes? They always say that they don't want to be a supporting act to break in the US but now they are Stephenie Meyer's favourite band. Agh. But I am gonna watch New Moon and VMA. New Moon looks better that Twilight and VMA is their first major US performance. SO DUH.

I love Hey Jude :) my cat and the song

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Out sea of darkness.

Yesterday, evening me and my family went to the curve and my dad wanted to park outside of th mall so he was already reversing into the space then a jerk came and took the spot. Then my mum went up to him and told him nicely.
"Excuse me, he's reversing to park."
"Dia tak signal pon." He answered

Then my mum went back in the car, but then she came out again and she yelled "SOMBONG" then entered back. I would use a more colourful language but she being my mother has to show the right example. My dad said let it go. Theres no point on getting angry and do nothing. If you want to hit the car just go do it but if you don't want to then shrug it off. Do or do not there is no try. Tee-hee yoda got game.

We ate at Ikea, meatball as usual. When we headed to the car park our car wasn't there and we circled like a lot of times. But then my bro found it, it was at the second floor. My dad try to click it open but nothing. So we thought it has something to do with the key battery. Then my bro went to buy batts which took a loooooooooong time. After battery changed its still not working. Looks like the car itself kong out. So were like aughhhhh-ing. A chinese fella stop and said "do you need a jumpstart?" Then he helped out. "Tadi tak tutup lampu" he said. And he drove off an we just waved in gratitude. Then I said to my parents"We should have the cable so we can help other people too. After what happen to us." LOL

So moral of the story is no matter how many evil people there are in this world. There are still good people.

OOH after we left the parking we got in a gridlock jam. Which made me cuckoo and I made a wedding dress out of tissue paper and a hairband in the car.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


You're too hook to even realise it. When you want to it let go, you can't bear the thought of it.

I'm on high people.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I felt like it.

I feel like doing another post because I'll probably won't be posting for awhile.

I told you what's up with the hair. And can he get any skinnier?

With that aside, I think it's a cool song. If you don't like it well put a banana in your ear.

Yes I watch Charlie the Unicorn because I have nothing else to do.

God save me.


Me and Ayuni who is now 14 and I still haven't got the chance to celebrate her b'day. P/S; I love Matt :D

Arctic Monkeys are going to release their new album Hambug. And I just love their song Crying Lightning. First listen, I didn't like it because it was a bit weird even for me. It's really heavy with the bass and people kept saying its very dark and grown up like. I still think they preserve their Arctic Monkey-ness and seriously this song is bloody addictive. If you like their previous albums than I guess this song will work for you.So you guys would probably be hearing me singing that song in class all by myself. Feel free to join in.

And I'm renewing my love for MJ. I wished I had renewed it because of his comeback and not because his death :( Currently listening to Dirty Di-ana, nahh. Dianaaaaaaa come on! It's just a fun song to irritate people because you'll just keep singing Dirty Diana over and over then you get to the high part where MJ screams COME ON!

And isn't The Script just awesome? Cause when a heartbreaks no it don't breakeven.

Since my cat is fat I made a theme song for him. Using Batman's theme song. Instead of Batman its Fat Cat dududududu. Aren't I justso unbelievably creative. Yes, I know sometimes I wonder too :D

Viva La Resistance! Ciao dawgs.

[Update: Dude Alex what's up with the hair?]

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dear Blog Readers

Hey bloggettes, I'm just annoucing I might be on blogging hiatus. I'm just ever so busy :( And frankly, I'm lazy and tired to think. Will resume once I have enough rest. Oh and MUSE just release their tracklisting for the album The Resistance.

10. EXOGENESIS : SYMPHONY PART II (Cross Pollination)
8. I BELONG TO YOU (+Mon Coeur S'Ouvre A Ta Voix)
4.UNITED STATES OF EURASIA (+Collateral Damage)

YES! :) My new cat has been with me for almost a month and Hey Jude is growing fine. Getting really fat and I just loveeeeee him.

ok people au revoir.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Tee-hee I just started watching Guns N Roses on tv. Before this I've only heard of their songs on radio and through their records so I only know how Slash looks like. I didn't know that the lead singer wear tight shorties to every concerts :D omg it's funny. Reminded me of Lady Gaga, because of the pantless thing. Well technically he is wearing pants but still ...needs to be longer. Qm will so love it! :D

Well the obvious news today is the King of Pop passed on. And my jaw dropped as I heard the news while going to school. I can't believe there's no more Michael :( Ok now I'm really sad. I've been a fan of him since I was like 5? I used to thought he was a girl. But my mum said no he is a guy with long hair. While people were listening to twinkle twinkle little star, I was singing Billie Jean. He was my first ever favourite singer even my mum thought it was weird and she bought his albums for me. I used to enjoy watching his music video, his concert. Sigh. He is just one of kind. Although its been a long time since I've heard his music but his music has really influenced me. It's just surreal that hes gone and I wished I've seen him live because now I'll never knw.

Oh I've found taylor rapping :) something to cheer me up.

The ending is hilarious!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Thank God It's Friday.

I swear to you this NIE Mag Competition is literally making me bonkers. Why do me and my friends always create unnecessary stress? Well because we're just too smart. Hmm, got back some of my results and it is suck-ish. And I have terrible Ego problem. I need to shut up more often:\ It's hard. It's like asking drug addict to stop taking heroin. Well not as dramatic as that but yes it is close to it.

My dad is starting to like Hey Jude, my new cat(yes it is a beatles' song). I am so behind on updating my music playlist because as you can see I am busy :P haha. But seriously I have been lately. And I am addicted to the internet:O My dad warned me about this. Oh God, can I get more worse?

I wish Muse could come here now and play the most kick-ass concert ever! Yes, I do daydream a lot and I think I'm gonna record it on my laptopoppy. It's like creating short stories and it is relaxing and you won't get bored of it because it's short. Long thick book like stories are a pain to write, trust me. So why not just do short ones? Brilliant! Hardihaha. Oh Sharanya pointed out that if I'm stressed, I'll laugh a lot.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Schools Going to Start.

Oh dear, it's almost the re-opening of school after a of too short of a break. 2 bloody weeks isn't enough. I need more time to relax thank you. Argh can someone please stop the re-opening of school! It is seriously a bummer that it is denting my mood so badly. Like now, I have no mood to blog but I blog because I want to share with my blog how miserable I am. Matt's bday was a week ago, oh matty, how I adore ye? Although you're 31 I still think you're a hottie. See it rhymes well most part. But hotness comes second to his talent but his talent is what makes him hot. Bottomline Matt+Talent=Hot.

I want to watch Ar-ray Pot-Er so badly. I don't know why. Had the urge. And I want a rory. But nevermind that. Wouldn't it be cool if we could see into the future? Ok too out of topic. I guess I'm bored-di-dum-da. Ohman it's ten already. Oh how time seem to flies. Pssh I'm gonna read Dancing in my nuddy pants.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Enough already.

Seriously the showdown between Kris Allen and Adam Lambert is seriously unnecessary. Kris won he should be entitled to the song. It is silly and disrespectful for the winner. Lambert is a talented guy, that could not be doubted and I'm 100% sure that he'll create his own original single. Can't people just wait a couple more weeks or months? I mean it's quite lame to create this showdown. Hello, the season is over, stop trying to create hype out of nothing. Although I am a Kris Allen fan but Lambert's version shouldnt be played. Then why don't Hitz play Archuleta's version of Time Of Your Life? Why wasn't there a showdown? Sigh. Bottomline is to the showdown, I know this is just for fun but the winners version of showdown is going to played and the other would be deleted so what if Adam's version won? And Kris is the owner of the song. Fair is fair.

holiday,yeah right.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Guilty Pleasure.

Yes people, today I went and saw Hannah Montana the Movie :O It was awesome. HAHA. Hey, everybody has their own guilty pleasure. And I do like HM :D And I'm not alone, in the cinema there were tonnes of teenager (LATE teens) filling the space. Oh I do enjoy the show, probably because of the company which was Alliya and Sharanya. I was laughing my head off making stupid comments to Sharan, and the girls beside me were laughing too. And I felt like getting up and join them when the Hoedown Throwdown was on. Zig-zag across the floor... fun times :) I guess if you just need a lighthearted movie, something to unwind then Hannah Montana is for you. But if you truly hate her, then don't watch it. Ok I'm off doing the hoedown. It was funnnnnnnnnn.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This is what I do daily.

I go to youtube. I just realised theres a hell loads of people covering Womanizer (e.g AAR, Lily Allen & Franz Ferdinand) I bet there's tonnes more. I think my lips is leaking, I can't drink properly :O I hate cute guys, they have it so easy. If they could sing or play an instrument or both they instantly become youtube hits. Life is unfair.

I'm adding to my list of acts I want to see is the band Franz Ferdinand.

They're just so amazingly cool live. No You Girls is such a cheeky song. It's a nice tune to sing a long during these hot school term break. "No, you girls never know how you make a boy feel,". Don't you just love how they pose at the starting. Usually I would scream cheesy! But I just think Franz Ferdinand are just so fun live. And how the guitarist holds the guitar as if he's trying to promote it Sze Yan style.HAHA. And you gotta love the leather jackets, and polka dot shirts. It has coolness oozing from every corner :)

And now I'm off to listen to Relapse.

Raging Hormones.

Oh God, help me as I am a teenager at the peak of hormones. I don't know why I'm so bloody attracted to musicians. It's like they're a force of their own. Seriously, if I went to one of their concert I would instantly fall for them, that's what happen when I went to Click Five. And now I am listening to Coldplay live and so sorry Sharan, but Chris Martin is so hot live. His vocals is so dreamy. I hate sounding like a pathetic teenage girl but it's true. I get all jelloid watching bands perform live well. If they suck, ho-ho then they'll be in my hate list.

Bands I want to see (solo include)
Michael Jackson (he is the king of pop)
Taylor Swift <3
Gym Class Heroes (hey they're addictive)
Blink 182 (since they got back together, why not?)
Anyone from Fueled By Ramen.

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Moon (Twilight Prequel)

Although I hate twilight for using SMBH by Muse. But I must say I do love the book. Well Twilight is on top, the others are so-so. The plot in Twilight is super good! And kudos to Stephenie Meyer for that. But I dislike her for using Muse and now people are always associating them with Twilight. But anyhooser, New Moon is coming up. And I can't wait ( I don't know why, can't blame me for being just another normal teen) And this is their official trailer!

Big puppy, the dog is adorable. Wolf wtv. Woof woof , bark,grr.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back From The Dead...Again!

Holy mother of pearls, how long have I've been gone? A long long time. I can't believe I miss blogging. Ok there's few Muse News, Muse fifth album title is The Resistance. A bit short and I don't know exactly what's their motive. Maybe their doing a full-on political album. But I really really hope they don't. Muse might headline Glastonbury, (I envy all those people who get to go to all those cool fest) but Yahoo! said it's a surprise headliner, whatever that means.

Tomorrow will be the release of Boys Like Girls new album, so check it out? Not really a big fan but listening to it won't hurt.

Umm, ok what should we blab about? Oh I'm learning Untouched on the acoustic guitar, really fun song to learn if you're not a pro on guitar like moi. It is a pain to learn guitar step by step. At first when I tried to play it, it sounded like junk being shaken in a tin, then it slowly came together. Now u can hear and sing-a-long to it :D yeay.

I'm falling in love with Matt Bellamy again, after awhile of not paying attention to him, I looked up for Muse live videos, and I instantly melt. I don't care what you say, he is HOT to me. Oh I found my perfect guy. *Drum rolls*...... GEORGE CRAIG! He is the burberry model in the beat. He fits the whole package! Alliya said he looks like a better version of Kyle Patrick. But anyway, he has brown hair, blue eyes, skinny,plays guitar in his band and he sings! What more can you want? This hot 19 year old has my name written all over him :) hee.

I'm addicted to Sink in to me by Taking Back Sunday, first time listening didn't dig it. But me, being a fan tried to listen to it again. And now I like it, a lot. Very energatic, good for when the teacher starts yapping about history. Not that it will stop me from sleeping. What the hell am I blabbing? Probably because I have Post Exam Syndrome. Recovering from it slowly, I feel the laziness coming back. Yes sleep,eat and repeat.

Think i'm gonna stop before I really get carried away. Sorry for not having a proper topic because my brain isn't working properly after having been damage in the exams. (die,die,die)
toodles peeps.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is tomorrow, and I have about one hour to write this post.

I would like to praise my mom today:) Thank you for giving birth to me so that I could experience life (I know I have been such a pain, complaining about life). She is the best(everybody says that but it is true, right?), although I have fought and whine a lot but she is ever so patient with me. Of course she has snapped but I have to understand that she is only human. Being a mother didn't stop her from trying to achieve success, she still works day and night just so she could make our life easier. She is the type who always see the sun on a cloudy day. I wish I had the optimisme that she behold. And I'll try to be a better daughter to you so that you know that you raise me well.

Bottom line is Happy Mother's Day, Ibu.

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's been a rough week.

I'm writing for the sake of writing. I just needed to type some crap. Right now, I feel exhausted, depress and hopeless. I definately feel the angst. Angst, angst, angst. Ooo Ahh Mid Term is next week. I'm Dead, I should be studying. But I'm too lazy. I wonder what's it like if lazyness just disappear. I'm gonna stop here because I just wanted to inform my bloggeh that I have Mid Term and I'm suffering terribly :( HELP.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rat Invasion.

I feel like blogging but I have limited amount of time,sigh. So I couldn't really exagerrate with my dramatic writing :D

Background of story, my house has been invaded by a certain rat. It's been there for awhile, I had three sightings of it, my bro actually stepped on it, oh poor rat. I don't usually get scared of animal, so I though I wouldn't get scared of a rat as I am scared of insects, turns out I'm wrong. When the first sighting occur, I jump out on the sofa and screamed. The rat stared and then scurried away.

Oh that reminds me of yesterday incident with the spider, there was a spider in the backseat and suddenly appeared from the ceiling of the car. I was with my guitar bag so it took up a lot of space, then when I turn and saw the spider I shouted AHH, then my mum was like WHAT? WHAT? Then I said there's a spider in the backseat! Then she replied Lah, ibu ingat apelah.

But the spider was getting nearer to me so I screamed again like a madman and my parents just laugh : Then my mom told me to swap it so I grab my guitar and push it. Luckily we've reached home, I quickly open the door and ran to the front door :) Oh got off-track baha. K connue.

So my bro bought a trap, the none killing one, because oh it's just too cruel to kill it. We set it up and he used peperoni as bait, and night went by and morning came, and voila the rat has been captured!! It was small brown mouse and not a rat because of the round ears, like mickey. I named it Cat, retarded moment. But I've been calling it that. So anyways, I was pretty keen on keeping a mouse but my dad(sigh) wouldn't allow it. We went out and we left Cat with water. Then night came again, my parents and my bro went to tesco and brought Cat along but released it in an open field. I didn't get to share a goodbye with it. But it was pretty cool to see a trap working.

The mouse looked like this except it was just brown.

And this is a Cat, well kitten but isn't it just so adorable :)
Hasta La Vista, suckers :P

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lat's Wondow Through The World and Chaplin's Modern Times

Why am I blogging about Lat the Kampung Boy? Well just read. So basic knowledge of Lat, he's a cartoon which I shall paste his picture at the bottom, he's a malay boy, a malay kampung boy to be exact, for those who don't know what kampung is, village. Oui?

Shall we move on, it seems Kampung boy has its on spot in the Philharmonic Orchestra which is situated in KLCC. The title stated as my blog title, and Charlie Chaplin was in the programme too. This is my first time going to witness an orchestra so I was pretty excited, remember my past blog post? ofc you don't, well I stated I wanted to join the orchestra. When I entered the auditorioum, is that wht you called it? I had the upper circle seat? Can't remember. I saw the orchestra warming up, instantly my grin was from ear to ear.

I tried to search for any hot musicians there, but sadly they were old, fat or both. But there were some hot teens attending :D Nonetheless it was undoubtly cool just to watch them warm up, then when the lights dimmed, they did the final tuning, and then the conductor came out and applause came in. The most front to the left stood up and shook the conductors hand and then took his/her seat. Tee-hee the conductor looked like a mad scientist, sporting a tux and awesome sportshoes, yes sportshoes which stood out from his formal attire.

Then it started, the acoustic of the place was good, you could hear everything clearly, it was as though you were in a cinema witnessing a movie. Lat was ok, it was like an experiment of joining Lat and the orchestra. After Lat was finish, applause were long, like super long and then the creator of Lat went on the stage and shook hands with the conductor. Then we had a 20 minute break. I didn't buy anything, judging by my experience it isn't bloody cheap.

Then we resume to orchestra show, the formality was just like the beginning then Charlie Chaplin went on. I have never witnessed a Charlie Chaplin show before, so now I could proudly say, Hey I've watched Charlie Chaplin before....with live orchestra ;) hahahaa joking. But I was sleepy, so I couldn't really focus on it too much. But I manage to watch it full. Quite funny, not HAHA like you're going to die laughs, more like haha tht's funny.

I couldn't really watch the orchestra play, so the next time I go, I wanna watch the orchestra and look at all their glorious techniques and what not. Yes yes nerdy, but what can I say, I actually love to see people play boring classical stuff. And student rates is 15 ringgit, so its really cheap, I suggest all students should go and watch.

LAT! The Kampung Boy.

so buhbyee ppl.

Monday, April 27, 2009

New Look.

I re-did me blog. Just because I changed my header doesn't mean I given up on Muse, I still lahhvve them. And the background pic, credits to the creator, which I don't remember, but I think it's really pretty for some reason, it's like so subtlely beautiful?Misspellings? Who cares.

I know, I know I've been blogging about Taylor for quite number of post, but this is about the guitar really. Promise! There's this guitar brand called TAYLOR, and it just so happen Taylor Swift is using it. So I went to Bently near The Curve because my bro wanted to check the effects pedal, and right now I'm interested in buying an acoustic guitar although my dad disapprove it, he says I think you guitar will suffice your need for now. Still I wanted to check out, and so my bro pointed the Taylor guitar, so I tried strumming it.

I love it, my dad said" You just love it because it's named Taylor" ;O NO! Seriously I didn't even know Taylor use that brand but anyways it is a lovely guitar with a sweet sound and I badly want it just as much as I want the Stella Mccartney sneakers :\ being a girl is tough especially when the price is over the roof. You know how much the acoustic guitar cost?

RM4000 biggies, sighh even my classical guitar doesn't cost that much. So my hopes and dreams of becoming the owner of it will never be. Unless someone generously donate me the moolah then I will be more than happy to accept, JOKING :)

When I'm working and have cash I would buy it. SOMEDAY.SOMEDAY.

It was something like this I guess? But just plain inlay.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Felt like it.

Ok first and for most, quite pissed off. Can't really exactly tell why because.... GAH I'm so mad! haha stupid teenage angst :( And Sharanya your theory is wrong. But maybe I'm just bad luck. All things aside, it's seriously been awhile....oh how I miss the sound of my keyboard.

Let's have a Muse update, well not update really because this piece of news has been around awhile but I haven't really shared it. There's a couple of Muse in the early days video floating around in Youtube, and the best part is Matt had long hair, and its like silky and swooshy!They're doing a replica of Matt's guitar! NOOO! I totally agree with other people in forums, I'm not too happy about it because, eventhough I want one of those baby but IT'S MATT's. It's one the reason why I love Matt, he has a CUSTOM MADE guitar. Which are dead awesome. But maybe he's making a new guitar.O?
And Taylor is just amazing, I mean her album Fearless is just splendid. You won't totally love it the first time you hear it but when you hear a couple more times, IT'S SO GOOD. Thanks to Alliya I love Change.

Ok let's talk about the song Change, the lyrics are so inspiring.

It's just a sad picture,
The final blow hits you,
Somebody else gets what you wanted again,
You know it's all the same,
Another time and place,
Repeating in history and you're getting sick of it.
I hear ya Taylor, but it picks up after the first chorus. These days I seriously need more of happier songs in my life*sigh* I could really relate to the song because, other people usually gets what I wanted and it's hard to see them happy without a slight of envy slipping in. I was and still am sick of it.
But as the song goes Because these things will change..., hopefully my luck will change
immediately because I'm having such lousy ones now.*happy thoughts*
Other inspiring songs? Hmm The Beatles - Let it be. It is soo beautiful especially accompanied by piano can it get more touching. Chorusing Let it be.. Let it be... Let it be..
Currently listening to Toxic by A Static Lullaby. Hee its so fun to see another bands point of view of a song. Although they're shouting and screaming but it's cool :D But Britney you'll always be the best for your songs.
We'll blog when the next blue moon comes, sigh:(
**I miss my friends back at Section 11**
Farewell people.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I love concerts don't you? Well so far I've been to um 5 I think. And all have been brilliant. Some people would complain the music is too loud or it's too crowded. Oh cmon! Even my mum doesn't mind that. That's what concert is all about, well part of it.

I love how my heart beat is in synch with thumping bass sound from the speakers. Some would say, Turn it DOWN! But I'll be screaming Pump it UP! I love the excitement when the lights dim and all you could hear is the whispering of people anticipating the performing act. And the whisper grew into screaming as the spotlight shine on the act. Suddenly your heart pumps a thousand times faster as the act finally speaks on stage. What happen next, depends on how the act is.

I'm addicted to concerts, sigh.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Update from the dead.

I mean it's been like how long since I post anything? Ages I tell you! Oh so good to blog. OMG I'm getting addicted to it. But I couldn't write a proper post with a proper topic today, seeing the time is short so next time maybe.

Who would have guess Form 4 could be this mind boggling busy, after getting shitty result, average maybe, or below, I'm quite impressed, I didn't fail any subject :D Of course my mother didn't appreciate that point of view. Sigh. But hey! Everything is a new experience no matter how bad it is.

Mission- To study at least once a day

Progress- No progress detected :D

As you can see my mission possible is not going so well. My Physics tuition teacher asked "Have you ever wanted to get up but you just can't? Well, there is a scientific reason for it. It's called INERTIA." And I replied "Isn't that lazyness?"

SO there you have it people, I blame INERTIA :) I know, I know you could never blame anyone or anything for your failure but only yourself :( I'm trying to register into a tuition centre but my parents have been pretty busy, so lets see. I have a feeling I'm not gonna go to any. But I do want to.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009



Is it me or are they hot?

It's about 4.30 p.m and I just finished watching Coldplay live at BBC. All I could say is Chris Martin is HOT. HAHA. This post isn't really to see whose better than who. I just want to write about them and all. Because, you guessed it, I'm bored. Ok let's start with Coldplay shall we?

Should I introduce them? I mean, you guys probably know them but for the sake of someone whose been living under a rock I shall type out their names. Let see, there's Jonny Buckland the guitarist, who always wears the cap, wonder if he's bald? Then Guy Berryman,bass, out of all of them, the handsome one HAHA. Chris Martin, to me the hottest of all :P sings, plays piano, guitar. And last but not least, Will Champion (what a name) the drummer, who bangs the famous church bell in Viva La Vida.

Back to the BBC live, Jay Z was there, boping his head to beat. Coldplay are HUGE, and they still manage to maintain their humble attitude. Live performance wise they're amazing. Even Matt Bellamy said something along this line,"I thought I was a good singer then I saw Chris Martin singing. Now that guy, he could really sing." Poor Matt, his confidence shattered HAHA. When Coldplay are on stage, their presence are too strong, you're drawn to it. I think that's the key to success, to have your presence felt. And marvellous songs help as well :D I've known Coldplay longer than Muse, they're always on the radio, so Coldplay has history with me. And I took Coldplay for granted and didn't really pay attention to them. And when they played their old hits in concert, my mouth automatically starts to sing a long. And Chris Martin is usually the main focus, and he likes to communicate with audience as though you're friends with him. Friendly you might say. After a song, he'll talk and then gets a few laugh from the audience then continue to play. I don't think Coldplay changed personality wise but their music evolve along with every album. If you had to create the same type of music over and over again, you probably die of creativity deprivation. Summary of Coldplay, they have been my music while growing up. And I swear to pay attention to them more:D Yes, Chris Martin is HOT. I wish I could write more, but time is short. So moving on.

MUSE consist of Matthew Bellamy who plays piano,guitar and sings (just like Chris Martin :O Myb I'm attracted to those type of guys). Dominic Howard aka Spiderdom, colourful pants guy he bangs drums and human bones. Chris Wolstenholme, he's the gentle giant, he doesn't speak much because Matt usually blabs off so he never gets the chance :( But when he speaks its pleasant to hear what he has to say :D

Here's the incommon things Muse and Coldplay have they're both British (Gotta love the accent). Muse and Coldplay are friends. They're unbelievably tremendously awesome live. I love them both. They're funny people. Loyal fans. And sometimes I couldn't comprehend what they're talking about.

Now for the difference, Coldplay is famous everywhere, Muse on the other hand have problems reaching US.Most obvious thing, they have different genre, Coldplay are more to soft rock vibe but Muse are like rock, with some space and conspiracy theories mix into their songs. Chris Martin seems to be a confident person and connects with audience more easily but Matt is quite shy ( Not Joking) so he doesn't talk to the crowd often, usually Dom does it. And Coldplay said they're always a step behind on live performance with Muse. See they love each other. Awww :)

Better stop now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Kite Runner (Movie)

It's wonderful, although no movie could do justice to the book. Like any other movie based on a book, it did change some of the scenes in the movie. But nonetheless, I think it's worth watching. It came out in December 2007.But I don't care.

I think the book is a thousand times better because it explains the emotion that went through Amir and has more depth in it. My opinion, it lacked the gut wrenching emotion that I felt while I read the book, the regret and pain that he suffered was missing. But it has some scenes that made me cringe and cry. I cried while reading Hassan's letter in the book and I still cried seeing it in the movie.

Hassan and Amir sitting by the pomegranate tree.

I don't want to give you the details of the movie because I want you to see it for yourself, and for those who haven't read it yet, Duh! Go BUY the DVD and read it IMMEDIATELY. Final saying, The Kite Runner is a beautiful movie about friendship and had me evaluate myself. Am I good person? Would I sacrifice such length for my friends? It's touching. So watch it.

Amir and Sohrab.


Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm sick of

I'm gonna whine in this post. So you could just forgo this post.

I'm sick of a lot of stuff. I mean have you ever done things to just to impress or make people happy. I definately have. And I'm pretty sure a lot have been experiencing this too. Caring about people's opinion,that's usually the core of it. You might say,"No, I seriously don't care about what other people think", "It's my business" , I highly doubt that you can actually shut your ears to all of the comments people say, but if you could, that's amazing, and someday I wish I could do that. It's not like I take every comment to heart, some I could just wave it off, but some left quite a mark, and I learn to hide it but sometimes its unbearable. Bottom line is, I want a wall to protect me, and my wall is building and soon it will be finish. So writing this post is like a therapy, I feel lighter already. Gonna eat Nutella now :D Chocolate always is the best medicine to sadness.

Come on spell it with me, C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E! And Now spell B-Y-E!

Chocolate bath anyone?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


1) Put the link of the person who tagged you on your blog. A.K
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3) Mention 6 things or habits of no real importance about you
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5) Alert the persons that you tagged them
6) things or habits of no real importance about you

6 people:
Faisal Jer , Allia Urie, Qm The Female, Shanya The Diva, Mai icy micey, Alliya the Hyena on crack.

6 things or habits of real no importance.
-I eat ice cream with cracker.
-I hate to choose.
-I sing everywhere except in the bathroom.
-I am damn lazy.
-I just hate bugs, one of the things that would make me scream.
-I don't giggle or try to hold it in, when I laugh, I would really laugh.

Too adorable.

Friday, March 6, 2009

My night with Mr. A-Z

So last last night, went to Jason Mraz concert. To sum it up it's Awesome :)

My concert partner was my mom :D Yeap, she's addicted to concerts just like moi. Dad picked up late, he thought it was 8.30p.m but it was actually 8. I was panicking in the car "Ahh! what if they start before we get there! What if they locked the door! What happens if we can't get in!" Drama Queen moment, yes I know but then I reassured myself that concerts will never be on time. Plus the jams in KL are so horrible. Well we all know that.

Finally, we reached there, theres still a lot of people hanging outside just chilling, but I couldn't so I just went to the gate doors. As I entered the stadium, first immediate impression, Daym, it was packed! So I was standing in the Rock Zone and my stayed a couple feet back from me. Anyways I was standing behind this teenage(late teens?) guy with Brunette Curls, he was absolutely HOT:) haha girls will be girls and go gaga for guys. But he was with other girls, particularly the curly blonde haired one. What a bitch, not because she might be with the guy but she kept giving me the eye with her other girlfriends, I wasn't even looking at the hot guy.

Ok, back to the concert. The lights dimmed, and the crowd started to cheer, and then the light on stage grew brighter and music started to play. And then came Mr. Mraz, he spoke and played his guitar to the tune "Make It Mine" that sets the raggae-chilled out mood throughout the whole night. Jason Mraz's voice is unbelievably good! Wait, no, Amazing! He has absolutely control of his vocal range!

Throughout the whole concert, people were dancing and having a hell load of fun. My bro said it was boring but he was in the seating place, moving on, he played the old hits like You and I Both, Remedy/a bit of wonderwall and there were couple more. But my favourite moment was GEEK IN THE PINK, and I love the part where he said radio like rrrr-a-dio like some turn table. If you don't get what I mean then, yeah nevermindddd.

He was cheeky throughout the whole performance. He asked the audience if they were here with their bestfriend. And the stupid blonde girl, scroll up if you missed that part. She was like wooh(fake style to imitate people who actually are into the concert). And then Jason said who came to this concert with their bestfriend because they're actually in love with them. The blonde went wooh again a tiny bit more excited, Blegh. HAHA. Then he sang not Lucky but If It Kills Me. Then he did a Invisible Bubble Gum song which is too cute. And Live High with his dance move. Which I followed and didn't care who was watching.

Of course there was the sing along I'm Yours, probably the loudest to be sung by the crowd. Lucky was accompanied by this female singer, local? But seriously not good. Let the crowd become Colbie, 100 times better, fo sho :D Did I mention the guy who bangs the bongo looked like Stevie Wonder lol. And the guys playing the saxophone were wearing the Malaysian Football Jersey. And they were dancing with their own choreography. HAHA Adorable. After changing from the V neck shirt, Jason wore a muscle tee with I heart KL on it. Quite cheesy :) but cheesy works.well sometimes. At the end he gave a big bow, and he thank everyone and took polaroids of him and his band and threw it to the audience. But I wasn't lucky, as always.

I couldn't really explain the whole night really, you have to be there to know. All I could sum is Jason Mraz a very happy, cheeky guy with his band who were as cheeky as him did a fantastic job for the crowd. Jason Mraz is certainly a concert where you just want to chill and have a nice and easy time. Nice, raggae vibe.

Don't have pic, too busy enjoying the concert :P

Monday, March 2, 2009

Aching from saying goodbyes.

Hahah :D this was barely a year ago. Good times, sigh.
Prepare for a full on emo post :)

Today is Thiro last day at SMKBJ, :'( I feel like crying, seriously. Known you only for a year, but its still good enough of a year to make me your friend. Like QM said, we didn't exactly clicked at first. I thought you hated us :D Thira, I'm gonna miss the way you tease barney, your crazyness to other people and who am I suppose to harrass people with? And I never even got the chance to hang out with you outside school, although we planned a dozen times, but none came to life. Especially Twilight, grr. Eventhough you would pick him over me, I would still pick you over any other guys:) You probably think I'm a psycho, but I am :D And Good Luck and I only wish for the best for you. Even if you forget me, which I think you will, still you'll be apart of my 3 Lambda memories.

Love ya thiro, sincerely lino or leon or wtvelse you call me.

So emo! I don't know why but I always had trouble with saying goodbyes. I guess I just want everything to stay the same but I know that's impossible. So you just have to accept the fact that things do change and you can do nothing about it. I remember my first big farewell, where I had to move and leave my neighbourhood friends. I know you guys are still going on without me but I still miss you guys :) And I don't think I can get over missing you guys. Yuni, Allia, MY, you are the bomb. When you coming here again?Bros before hoes, LOL.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Glasvegas-love the name

Im on a high-millionaire

arcade fire-laika

daft punk around the world

I don't know probably because I'm bored di bored

Feeling MUSEY?

The updates for MUSE just keep coming! Probably because of the NME awards which happen a few days ago. Muse picked Best Live Act again. :P Congrats but they didn't exactly did much last year. And Matt Bellamy won Sexiest Male Award. BAHAHA, he's just oozing with sexyness in that sweater. Eventhough I think he's the hottest man alive(he still is), but I know theres much more better looking guys :D See I ain't bias. And I wish Matt would shut up and let Chris talk for once. Love to hear you talk but give the dude a chance.

Again been waiting so patiently for their fifth album. According to them they're doing a space rock solo that last about 15 minutes? And otherworldly Dark Disco? Of course, this information is coming from Matt & Dom. So its **AHHH! Rat! Ok out of topic, but seriously as I was typing this freaking huge fat grey rat, with the black beady eyes came out of nowhere. I feel unsafe now. Back to MUSE kiddo** just bollocks. If the information is from Chris then it's more believable but it could be full of crap too. Lesson: Never trust what MUSE says.

But there still a long way to go until they finally release they re album. Sigh. Patience is the key. But but but but whyyyy! Any ideas on how to not ache for the new MUSE album?

Ohh and I watched tiny bit of Taking 5, a movie. Eventhough its a typical teen flick. But it seems cool :D Click Five stars in it, when Eric Dill was lead singer. But the band is called 5 Leo Rise*haha* And the drummer became the guitarist? The Bassist became the drummer. The Lead Guitar became keyboardist and the keyboardist became the bassist? Sounds confusing. But just wondering why they switched it in the movie. Oh I know. They want the main to be the best looking ones I guess. Hurmm.

Currently reading Beat The Reaper, which is about a doctor and his past life of being a mobster. So far it's funny and full of 'info'. Now I know what Moxfane is. And now I want to know more about the mafia. Maybe it'll be the next post. And here is a video of Matt the nature lover.

*Thank you Cydonian Knight for making this vid :)
Nite nite

Monday, February 23, 2009

Only by the day

Who would have thought a band of 3 brothers and a cousin could be make it in the industry *scoff jobros* Well luckily the Jonas Brothers doesn't include a cousin, well I'm talking about Kings Of Leon.Not exactly pop teen idol look but yup, today's newspaper stated that they won in the Brits award, Best International Group if I'm not mistaken and a couple of others. But I usually hate awards, usually they're bias, but heh it's nice to see some win. Eventhough, I'm blogging quite late about them ( a lot actually) but I couldn't get their song out of my head, especially "Sex On Fire" which is seriously addictive.

Yeahhh youuuuu... your sex is on fire. Loving them :D

Powered by the natural raspy vocal(not as raspy as james morrison and others) and with southern rock , how can they go wrong? Their latest offering Only By The Night certainly is an album to hear. They manage to slow down tempo but still manage to stay off from the sappy slow rock love song and dozing off in the middle of the album. New Fav, 17 :D and they're not horrible live! yeay!

ohh she's only seventeen....

I am your brother.. your bestfriend forevahhhh(had to do it)

Dude far right, tre cool hair.

Currently listening to Phoenix - If I ever feel better. Feel a bit electro pop, funky? Then listen to this feel good tune. Certainly could make you sway side to side. And make you walk as if you're a cool cat. Bahaha

Vidimo se.