Wednesday, November 25, 2009

HAHA I can't believe we actually did that..

Guessed what me, sharanya and alliya did today? Well we went to Ampang to visit QM. Our parents were like AMPANG?! Why Ampang? QM's at her grandma's and we missed her terribly :) So we decided to visit her.

The only ride to KTM was my mum which meant we had to wake up early and get ready by 8 a.m. So my mum dropped us at the station at sek. 19 which is less scarier than Batu Tiga. And whooptidoo the train was delayed until 9.35. And we were stuck there just blabbing our hearts out at 8.40 a.m waiting. The train came at 9.40 and it was packed. The ride felt loooonngggg and it was very very very uncomfortable. So we stopped at KL sentral and switched. That ride was more pleasant. Then when we reached Masjid Jamek we went to the Ampang line. And LRT is so much better and faster than that stupid KTM. Oh when we were going to Masjid Jamek we were so down that we even consider to just go KLCC and chill there but for QM we shall fight on. Then took a cab to QM's.

The first thing we did was just collapsed at her bed. QM said we look like we're dead. We felt like it too. So spent an hour there I guess? Then we went to McD for some lunchies. QM's place and McD is far. And we had to walk on the freaking main road. I bet the passerby think we're bunch psycho girls who never knew that you can ask McD to send to your house. But again we just love to challenge ourselves. So we walked for what it seems a never ending walk until we reached McD.

We took our time eating since we had a lot of time until QM's grandma pick us up. So we ate very slowly and ordered desserts. While we were in McD a stupid incident occured. I blame Sharanya for her luck but yet I was thankful :D A 'whoa' guy entered and so me and sharanya instantly stared like wide eyed I think, must be. Because then another 'whoa' guy which we shall call dude was staring, he was at the counter waiting to order. So heres roughly how me and Sharanya were.

Sharanya:Where did he come from?
*looks at dude caught him staring at the tv above our head*
Me: What's wrong with him? Is he staring?
Sharanya: OMG Lina, what's wrong with him. He's smiling*starts to panic*
Me: *fidgeting and panicking because Sharanya's panicking and look at the dude*
Dude was staring at tv and he's mouth was like trying to hold a laugh.
Me: No, lahhh he's watching the tv.
Sharanya: *can't remember but I kept telling he's staring at tv because everytime i look he stared there but he's face was seriously like holding a laugh and I was still not convince he was smiling*
But the more I look up I caught him staring and when he saw I was looking he stared back at the tv. After then he finally smiled.

So turns out he was grinning at Sharanya but when I look up he quickly change his facial expression. Bottomline, he was having fun playing games with us. Lol I know useless info but hee he was 'whoa' you know. I had full grin after the incident.

After that we went to Pavillion to buy New Moon tix for this Sat. But they won't let us. SO yeah. Then QM's grandma offered to drop us at KLCC so it would be easier for us to go back. We walk around and drank then went to the station. The ride back was better. Then our final stop was in Sbg so we went inside Sbg Parade and went straight to MPH. Alliya bought a book. I bought three Darren Shan :D had too. I wanted to buy Eldest but QM has it so I bought Darren Shan but I had only 34 ringgit and one Darren Shan was 26.90 so Sharanya lend 50 ringgit to me since she's not buying. She said that one of the Darren Shan book was her present for me so I only had to pay her back for one book.

It was fun :)

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