Thursday, November 5, 2009

Do you like that girls?

What's up with the title? Well Tyson said that so gedikly yet so HOT.

*SIGH* How long have I been out? Well long, too long, I can't even remember how to blog. My finals aren't over YET. But tomorrows Modern Maths pssh HAHA. Probably gonna fail it too. Okay let me get this exams stuff over with. I had chemistry with Chemistry. The only subject I left like blanks was Add Maths, I think half way through I gave up. School Smool.

So what has been on my mind lately, well definately MUSE. They have a new video Undisclosed Desires, it just makes you think WTH. But then again they are MUSE! Eccentric and sometimes just plain bizarre.

I still have a stack of books to read. I'm planning to read The Da Vinci Code and Eragon, since QM says its nice. Eragon is such a nice book, I mean the spine of the book. It opens easily without leaving a mark :O It's like, almost heaven. And it's light too!

QM got free tix to see Time Traveller's Wife so we're planning to watch it A.S.A.P. And she has the book too, but Alliya wants it.

I joined swimming class!! I CAN FLOAT!! But it was scary, and after what Sharanya told me what happen to her when we missed the second class I have nightmares til the next class. Which is in two weeks :

My cat likes to eat papers, and he's currently hugging sheets of paper while sleeping. He also likes to crawl inside a box and start attacking the corners.

I can't wait for the hols!

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