Monday, October 12, 2009

Paintball, anyone?

Yesterday, I yes I went to PAINTBALL with Jason and the rest. I was pretty doubtful and me, Sharanya and Alliya almost backed out seeing as to many people did backed out. But since we're not that sane we decided to go.

It didn't give a good first impression, because it was a freaking rubber tree estate. And it was damn scary. Then suddenly Nedree said we're playing with these older guys who looks like the Chinese Mafia (no offense, they looked scary with their tattoos). So we got our gear and I didn't know the marker(I prefer to call it a gun) was heavy and I was thinking we're going to run with this metal thing? Then they brieved us about safety and I was becoming more and more petrified. Oh I was so freaking hot since I was wearing a t shirt and hoodie and vest.

The first game, well was the hill going up full of rubber trees. And again, the marker was so heavy man. We split into groups of two I think. The first went inside, and guess what Jason left us alone man. But we had Nedree. I bet they were bum to be stuck with 3 useless girls. But we were useless for the first game. Practically shot nothing. But our group WON lol. I guess thanks to Nedree and his friends.

So we were pretty exhausted after the first game and learned that we'll playing another in a few minutes. Sigh Sigh Sigh man. We walked to the next one which was at the lake. Playing the Tanamera tournament style? I don't know I was to tired to notice. But that was my favourite match because I actually did something to shoot at. That was the first time I got shot on the leg and neck but that was like indirect hit. But my friends got shot so I headed back too.

Third was Killhouse. People started to shoot each other from across. I got shot in the face. So I was out. But it was scary trying to cross. I just held out my hand and screamed "I'm out". And balls were flying everywhere.

Fourth was they hid Nedree, Mikhail and these two other guys and we had to find them. I got shot a lot (explains the bruises). I actually screamed when balls were flying towards me. And me being naive hid behind a very skinny tree until this guy said stop to the one who shot me and I retreated.

Fifth was speedball. I hate it. It was a small area and people are shooting like mad. I just wanted to finish my pellets so I just shoot. And then went out. Then this topless guy went inside and got hit. His bruise immediately showed after he got hit.

That's moi the right one :D

WOW I survived paintball. Not one but five games. And it's a fun sport so you should really try it ofcourse But make sure you're nice and cushioned.

Still nursing my aches and bruise, bye.
P/S: only 5 girls went.


AQ said...

wow. cool. i wanted to go but i was broke. hehe

kid:) said...

u guys look like G.I.JOE

rory said...

oh yeah we kick g.i joe's butt