Friday, June 26, 2009


Tee-hee I just started watching Guns N Roses on tv. Before this I've only heard of their songs on radio and through their records so I only know how Slash looks like. I didn't know that the lead singer wear tight shorties to every concerts :D omg it's funny. Reminded me of Lady Gaga, because of the pantless thing. Well technically he is wearing pants but still ...needs to be longer. Qm will so love it! :D

Well the obvious news today is the King of Pop passed on. And my jaw dropped as I heard the news while going to school. I can't believe there's no more Michael :( Ok now I'm really sad. I've been a fan of him since I was like 5? I used to thought he was a girl. But my mum said no he is a guy with long hair. While people were listening to twinkle twinkle little star, I was singing Billie Jean. He was my first ever favourite singer even my mum thought it was weird and she bought his albums for me. I used to enjoy watching his music video, his concert. Sigh. He is just one of kind. Although its been a long time since I've heard his music but his music has really influenced me. It's just surreal that hes gone and I wished I've seen him live because now I'll never knw.

Oh I've found taylor rapping :) something to cheer me up.

The ending is hilarious!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Thank God It's Friday.

I swear to you this NIE Mag Competition is literally making me bonkers. Why do me and my friends always create unnecessary stress? Well because we're just too smart. Hmm, got back some of my results and it is suck-ish. And I have terrible Ego problem. I need to shut up more often:\ It's hard. It's like asking drug addict to stop taking heroin. Well not as dramatic as that but yes it is close to it.

My dad is starting to like Hey Jude, my new cat(yes it is a beatles' song). I am so behind on updating my music playlist because as you can see I am busy :P haha. But seriously I have been lately. And I am addicted to the internet:O My dad warned me about this. Oh God, can I get more worse?

I wish Muse could come here now and play the most kick-ass concert ever! Yes, I do daydream a lot and I think I'm gonna record it on my laptopoppy. It's like creating short stories and it is relaxing and you won't get bored of it because it's short. Long thick book like stories are a pain to write, trust me. So why not just do short ones? Brilliant! Hardihaha. Oh Sharanya pointed out that if I'm stressed, I'll laugh a lot.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Schools Going to Start.

Oh dear, it's almost the re-opening of school after a of too short of a break. 2 bloody weeks isn't enough. I need more time to relax thank you. Argh can someone please stop the re-opening of school! It is seriously a bummer that it is denting my mood so badly. Like now, I have no mood to blog but I blog because I want to share with my blog how miserable I am. Matt's bday was a week ago, oh matty, how I adore ye? Although you're 31 I still think you're a hottie. See it rhymes well most part. But hotness comes second to his talent but his talent is what makes him hot. Bottomline Matt+Talent=Hot.

I want to watch Ar-ray Pot-Er so badly. I don't know why. Had the urge. And I want a rory. But nevermind that. Wouldn't it be cool if we could see into the future? Ok too out of topic. I guess I'm bored-di-dum-da. Ohman it's ten already. Oh how time seem to flies. Pssh I'm gonna read Dancing in my nuddy pants.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Enough already.

Seriously the showdown between Kris Allen and Adam Lambert is seriously unnecessary. Kris won he should be entitled to the song. It is silly and disrespectful for the winner. Lambert is a talented guy, that could not be doubted and I'm 100% sure that he'll create his own original single. Can't people just wait a couple more weeks or months? I mean it's quite lame to create this showdown. Hello, the season is over, stop trying to create hype out of nothing. Although I am a Kris Allen fan but Lambert's version shouldnt be played. Then why don't Hitz play Archuleta's version of Time Of Your Life? Why wasn't there a showdown? Sigh. Bottomline is to the showdown, I know this is just for fun but the winners version of showdown is going to played and the other would be deleted so what if Adam's version won? And Kris is the owner of the song. Fair is fair.

holiday,yeah right.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Guilty Pleasure.

Yes people, today I went and saw Hannah Montana the Movie :O It was awesome. HAHA. Hey, everybody has their own guilty pleasure. And I do like HM :D And I'm not alone, in the cinema there were tonnes of teenager (LATE teens) filling the space. Oh I do enjoy the show, probably because of the company which was Alliya and Sharanya. I was laughing my head off making stupid comments to Sharan, and the girls beside me were laughing too. And I felt like getting up and join them when the Hoedown Throwdown was on. Zig-zag across the floor... fun times :) I guess if you just need a lighthearted movie, something to unwind then Hannah Montana is for you. But if you truly hate her, then don't watch it. Ok I'm off doing the hoedown. It was funnnnnnnnnn.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This is what I do daily.

I go to youtube. I just realised theres a hell loads of people covering Womanizer (e.g AAR, Lily Allen & Franz Ferdinand) I bet there's tonnes more. I think my lips is leaking, I can't drink properly :O I hate cute guys, they have it so easy. If they could sing or play an instrument or both they instantly become youtube hits. Life is unfair.

I'm adding to my list of acts I want to see is the band Franz Ferdinand.

They're just so amazingly cool live. No You Girls is such a cheeky song. It's a nice tune to sing a long during these hot school term break. "No, you girls never know how you make a boy feel,". Don't you just love how they pose at the starting. Usually I would scream cheesy! But I just think Franz Ferdinand are just so fun live. And how the guitarist holds the guitar as if he's trying to promote it Sze Yan style.HAHA. And you gotta love the leather jackets, and polka dot shirts. It has coolness oozing from every corner :)

And now I'm off to listen to Relapse.

Raging Hormones.

Oh God, help me as I am a teenager at the peak of hormones. I don't know why I'm so bloody attracted to musicians. It's like they're a force of their own. Seriously, if I went to one of their concert I would instantly fall for them, that's what happen when I went to Click Five. And now I am listening to Coldplay live and so sorry Sharan, but Chris Martin is so hot live. His vocals is so dreamy. I hate sounding like a pathetic teenage girl but it's true. I get all jelloid watching bands perform live well. If they suck, ho-ho then they'll be in my hate list.

Bands I want to see (solo include)
Michael Jackson (he is the king of pop)
Taylor Swift <3
Gym Class Heroes (hey they're addictive)
Blink 182 (since they got back together, why not?)
Anyone from Fueled By Ramen.

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Moon (Twilight Prequel)

Although I hate twilight for using SMBH by Muse. But I must say I do love the book. Well Twilight is on top, the others are so-so. The plot in Twilight is super good! And kudos to Stephenie Meyer for that. But I dislike her for using Muse and now people are always associating them with Twilight. But anyhooser, New Moon is coming up. And I can't wait ( I don't know why, can't blame me for being just another normal teen) And this is their official trailer!

Big puppy, the dog is adorable. Wolf wtv. Woof woof , bark,grr.