Thursday, June 4, 2009

Guilty Pleasure.

Yes people, today I went and saw Hannah Montana the Movie :O It was awesome. HAHA. Hey, everybody has their own guilty pleasure. And I do like HM :D And I'm not alone, in the cinema there were tonnes of teenager (LATE teens) filling the space. Oh I do enjoy the show, probably because of the company which was Alliya and Sharanya. I was laughing my head off making stupid comments to Sharan, and the girls beside me were laughing too. And I felt like getting up and join them when the Hoedown Throwdown was on. Zig-zag across the floor... fun times :) I guess if you just need a lighthearted movie, something to unwind then Hannah Montana is for you. But if you truly hate her, then don't watch it. Ok I'm off doing the hoedown. It was funnnnnnnnnn.

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