Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Raging Hormones.

Oh God, help me as I am a teenager at the peak of hormones. I don't know why I'm so bloody attracted to musicians. It's like they're a force of their own. Seriously, if I went to one of their concert I would instantly fall for them, that's what happen when I went to Click Five. And now I am listening to Coldplay live and so sorry Sharan, but Chris Martin is so hot live. His vocals is so dreamy. I hate sounding like a pathetic teenage girl but it's true. I get all jelloid watching bands perform live well. If they suck, ho-ho then they'll be in my hate list.

Bands I want to see (solo include)
Michael Jackson (he is the king of pop)
Taylor Swift <3
Gym Class Heroes (hey they're addictive)
Blink 182 (since they got back together, why not?)
Anyone from Fueled By Ramen.


A. K. said...

Seems like you have the TI disease. I mean the teen infatuation. Who does not love musicians.. You are perfectly normals and seems to be enjoy your teenage years.

I like Cold play.. But Micheal Jackson ... a big no.. Sorry if i have hurt you with that...

rory said...

haha sokay, MJ isn't for everyone.