Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I feel like some Orange Juice.

I've got some OJ. AHHHH.

Let me tell you what happen today in my glorious life, well today I had my Grade 4 violin exam (I know low grade, bt wtv ok). So I was really nervous, palm sweating, cold hands, felt as though I was going to faint. But I've manage to actually remain conscious. So it started out OK but the it just went downhill when she asked me to play scales :O yeah I screwed up A LOT. When I say a lot, I meant it. What's in the past remains in the past. So lets go forth with life. So dramatic.

Wokayh after that horror dissaster, I went to OU (yes I skipped school muahahaha) and watched How to train your dragon. The movie wasn't even about training dragons :\ haha but I still like it in a way eventhough the dragon looks like a cat but still it's good.

Hiccup's cute :D

I have a karangan to do. A freaking 600 words karangan. Who in the world created this! I still have piano/violin lessons today and I'm procastinating from doing it now. By the end of this post. I have too. So looks like I have to go. BYE BYE BYE.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Just a couple of days ago was the end of a 3 day debate competition, woah. Even the 5 prelimanary rounds took a toll on me D: But it's a good way to strengthen my brain! Haha build some mental muscles.

So there were a lot of stuff that happened. We've learnt so much in the short few days. We were prepared for a formal debate and instead the debate style were quite casual. Some adjudicators we're nice and helpful and some were just plain rude. And it makes me wonder why are these type of people exist in this world. To make people suffer? But anyways I've come to the terms that they are going to be people like that, and you have to deal with it. My dad adviced me that you have to build a thick skin and if you really can't handle them then just walk off because it's not worth your time.

So yes I'm going to whatever it takes to build a thick skin. Sharanya and I are determined to better ourselves in debate no matter what. We're going to start watching CNN HAHA. And we're going to kick some debaters ass.

Debates is all about making your solution better than the opponents. You have to convince the people why is your way better than others. And half of it is making fun of the opponents solution.

And yes my blood is boiling with debate! HAHAH I feel like I want to debate again! It was really fun. Had a fun experience even with the emotional break downs along the way.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

My name is Forrest Gump

Currently watching it on TV and one word, random. It's such a random story. But behind the funny lines lies a true heart felt story. It's really sweet in a way :')

Well, I felt like blogging. And in a few hours I'm going to watch Alice in Wonderland :O I know, it's really late, and I have swimming tomorrow. Sigh, sigh. I'm such a busy girl D: From Monday to Sunday! It's just one year :\ SPM. I want to do well. Really I do. Not only for scholarship purposes but just to see how far I've learnt. Though I would probably forget what I've learnt in a few months D:

Yeah I've been quite 'obsessed' with a choir group called Only Men Aloud! Well my friends know why in particular but I like their version of Angel. I mean it's like so cool when they belt out. You must have some powerful vocal to do that man.

I'll end it here, Muse is going to Poland :\ GAH