Monday, April 27, 2009

New Look.

I re-did me blog. Just because I changed my header doesn't mean I given up on Muse, I still lahhvve them. And the background pic, credits to the creator, which I don't remember, but I think it's really pretty for some reason, it's like so subtlely beautiful?Misspellings? Who cares.

I know, I know I've been blogging about Taylor for quite number of post, but this is about the guitar really. Promise! There's this guitar brand called TAYLOR, and it just so happen Taylor Swift is using it. So I went to Bently near The Curve because my bro wanted to check the effects pedal, and right now I'm interested in buying an acoustic guitar although my dad disapprove it, he says I think you guitar will suffice your need for now. Still I wanted to check out, and so my bro pointed the Taylor guitar, so I tried strumming it.

I love it, my dad said" You just love it because it's named Taylor" ;O NO! Seriously I didn't even know Taylor use that brand but anyways it is a lovely guitar with a sweet sound and I badly want it just as much as I want the Stella Mccartney sneakers :\ being a girl is tough especially when the price is over the roof. You know how much the acoustic guitar cost?

RM4000 biggies, sighh even my classical guitar doesn't cost that much. So my hopes and dreams of becoming the owner of it will never be. Unless someone generously donate me the moolah then I will be more than happy to accept, JOKING :)

When I'm working and have cash I would buy it. SOMEDAY.SOMEDAY.

It was something like this I guess? But just plain inlay.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Felt like it.

Ok first and for most, quite pissed off. Can't really exactly tell why because.... GAH I'm so mad! haha stupid teenage angst :( And Sharanya your theory is wrong. But maybe I'm just bad luck. All things aside, it's seriously been awhile....oh how I miss the sound of my keyboard.

Let's have a Muse update, well not update really because this piece of news has been around awhile but I haven't really shared it. There's a couple of Muse in the early days video floating around in Youtube, and the best part is Matt had long hair, and its like silky and swooshy!They're doing a replica of Matt's guitar! NOOO! I totally agree with other people in forums, I'm not too happy about it because, eventhough I want one of those baby but IT'S MATT's. It's one the reason why I love Matt, he has a CUSTOM MADE guitar. Which are dead awesome. But maybe he's making a new guitar.O?
And Taylor is just amazing, I mean her album Fearless is just splendid. You won't totally love it the first time you hear it but when you hear a couple more times, IT'S SO GOOD. Thanks to Alliya I love Change.

Ok let's talk about the song Change, the lyrics are so inspiring.

It's just a sad picture,
The final blow hits you,
Somebody else gets what you wanted again,
You know it's all the same,
Another time and place,
Repeating in history and you're getting sick of it.
I hear ya Taylor, but it picks up after the first chorus. These days I seriously need more of happier songs in my life*sigh* I could really relate to the song because, other people usually gets what I wanted and it's hard to see them happy without a slight of envy slipping in. I was and still am sick of it.
But as the song goes Because these things will change..., hopefully my luck will change
immediately because I'm having such lousy ones now.*happy thoughts*
Other inspiring songs? Hmm The Beatles - Let it be. It is soo beautiful especially accompanied by piano can it get more touching. Chorusing Let it be.. Let it be... Let it be..
Currently listening to Toxic by A Static Lullaby. Hee its so fun to see another bands point of view of a song. Although they're shouting and screaming but it's cool :D But Britney you'll always be the best for your songs.
We'll blog when the next blue moon comes, sigh:(
**I miss my friends back at Section 11**
Farewell people.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I love concerts don't you? Well so far I've been to um 5 I think. And all have been brilliant. Some people would complain the music is too loud or it's too crowded. Oh cmon! Even my mum doesn't mind that. That's what concert is all about, well part of it.

I love how my heart beat is in synch with thumping bass sound from the speakers. Some would say, Turn it DOWN! But I'll be screaming Pump it UP! I love the excitement when the lights dim and all you could hear is the whispering of people anticipating the performing act. And the whisper grew into screaming as the spotlight shine on the act. Suddenly your heart pumps a thousand times faster as the act finally speaks on stage. What happen next, depends on how the act is.

I'm addicted to concerts, sigh.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Update from the dead.

I mean it's been like how long since I post anything? Ages I tell you! Oh so good to blog. OMG I'm getting addicted to it. But I couldn't write a proper post with a proper topic today, seeing the time is short so next time maybe.

Who would have guess Form 4 could be this mind boggling busy, after getting shitty result, average maybe, or below, I'm quite impressed, I didn't fail any subject :D Of course my mother didn't appreciate that point of view. Sigh. But hey! Everything is a new experience no matter how bad it is.

Mission- To study at least once a day

Progress- No progress detected :D

As you can see my mission possible is not going so well. My Physics tuition teacher asked "Have you ever wanted to get up but you just can't? Well, there is a scientific reason for it. It's called INERTIA." And I replied "Isn't that lazyness?"

SO there you have it people, I blame INERTIA :) I know, I know you could never blame anyone or anything for your failure but only yourself :( I'm trying to register into a tuition centre but my parents have been pretty busy, so lets see. I have a feeling I'm not gonna go to any. But I do want to.