Saturday, April 4, 2009

Update from the dead.

I mean it's been like how long since I post anything? Ages I tell you! Oh so good to blog. OMG I'm getting addicted to it. But I couldn't write a proper post with a proper topic today, seeing the time is short so next time maybe.

Who would have guess Form 4 could be this mind boggling busy, after getting shitty result, average maybe, or below, I'm quite impressed, I didn't fail any subject :D Of course my mother didn't appreciate that point of view. Sigh. But hey! Everything is a new experience no matter how bad it is.

Mission- To study at least once a day

Progress- No progress detected :D

As you can see my mission possible is not going so well. My Physics tuition teacher asked "Have you ever wanted to get up but you just can't? Well, there is a scientific reason for it. It's called INERTIA." And I replied "Isn't that lazyness?"

SO there you have it people, I blame INERTIA :) I know, I know you could never blame anyone or anything for your failure but only yourself :( I'm trying to register into a tuition centre but my parents have been pretty busy, so lets see. I have a feeling I'm not gonna go to any. But I do want to.


QM said...


HAHAHAHH! Inertia, hahahha. How I wish Sir could read this now. I bet he'll be like wtf.

no fair, I failed 2 subjects:/

Anonymous said...

"I blame INERTIA!" - LOL - good one.

Cool blog ya got goin' on here, followed you over from my blogger buddy QM :)

mysarah said...

The Zombie looks extremely WICKED. Wow INERTIA. i think i have it almost everyday. :)