Sunday, April 12, 2009


I love concerts don't you? Well so far I've been to um 5 I think. And all have been brilliant. Some people would complain the music is too loud or it's too crowded. Oh cmon! Even my mum doesn't mind that. That's what concert is all about, well part of it.

I love how my heart beat is in synch with thumping bass sound from the speakers. Some would say, Turn it DOWN! But I'll be screaming Pump it UP! I love the excitement when the lights dim and all you could hear is the whispering of people anticipating the performing act. And the whisper grew into screaming as the spotlight shine on the act. Suddenly your heart pumps a thousand times faster as the act finally speaks on stage. What happen next, depends on how the act is.

I'm addicted to concerts, sigh.

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