Sunday, November 30, 2008

Change of Heart

I am listening to the Dance Music now.... Ahh! NO!

I used to really despise Dance music so much. I would change radio station whenever it comes out. But after hearing from this band that actually mix punk rock with dance. I now enjoy listening to it. So from now on I will be more open minded towards electronic/dance music. But I still dont think I'm that open enough to enjoy it by itself. I used to criticise people based on what music they listen to. But now I truly understand that people have their own personal taste in music and I should respect it. So be free and listen to any music you like without restriction. haha. Music makes people happy. And you shouldn't be teased by what kind of genre you listen too. But it is still good to keep some guilty pleasure music. Just for the fun of it :D

Give me a beat.

It has nothing to do with DOM. But this guy is hot, to me :) I know my friends are so gonna disagree. Especially Mai. She never liked him. Sigh.

Dominic Howard of MUSE has his own signature drumstick. Why should you care because I do. If someone actually found it here in Malaysia please inform.

The Dominic Howard model (stock # TX101W) is made of American hickory. It is 16” long and .571 inches (14.5mm) in diameter with a medium-small, acorn-shaped wood tip for precise articulation. The long taper provides superior rebound on any playing surface.

Friday, November 28, 2008

20th post. Wooh! Round Number.

I may not be the best guitarist but I want a nice guitar :D And I am in love with this one. I'm posting pictures of it because it looks so bloody cool. It's a GIBSON LES PAUL HD.6X-PRO DIGITAL ELECTRIC GUITAR - BLUE METALLIC. What ay be yoo tay.

One of the best traditional Les Pauls ever made: a hand-oiled mahogany neck, smooth frets, and a comfortable profile for effortless playability, and classic Gibson humbuckers for incredible, traditional tone.

Media-accelerated Global Information Carrier (MaGIC): An Ethernet port with patented Gibson technology carries bi-directional signals with low latency and no signal degradation over miles of cable.

Innovative Hex Pickup: The product of years of development, the Hex pickup is composed of six small, patent-pending humbuckers positioned under each string at the bridge. The high-technology pickups send six individual signals to studio-grade preamps, allowing the six signals to be immediately digitized. The incredible sensitivity of the Hex pickup and the high-definition signal stream offer dynamic range and sonic possibilities never before imagined.

Breakout Box (Bob): The breakout box for the HD.6X-Pro routes any combination of the six Hex signals to any assigned destination‹automatically detecting outputs and designations for ease of use and playability.

(honestly I don't know what the hell am I posting.)


I've been thinking about next year and what will I take. OH growing up is a pain. I think I gonna miss 3 Lambda. Of course me and my friends are the ones who make noise, I bet our classmate are annoyed by us. After all the drama that has happen in that class. We still manage to have fun in Lambda. Next year, we will be separated. Hopefully some will still remain the same class. But I really did enjoy my highs and lows there. Haha emo plak. Snap out of it. Ok. anyways, yeah it suddenly came to me, that I had fun and enjoyed my time at that class. HOHO. LALA.

Spiraling out~

Patience is the key?

I have been so patient this year XD I've been so patiently waiting for the end of PMR. Thank God it's over. But I have to wait for the results. You know how long I've been for twilight. A long time. But it's out now.

But now I have to patiently wait for MUSE's next album. They said they have a couple of tracks in mind. And will start recording. They said they want to make a great album so they don't want
to rush it. Sigh. Can't wait for the symphonic monster (they've always talk about that):D I need another Muse Maniac to discuss it.

Another album I can't wait is The Click Five. Shocking?haha. My friends know why. But I've heard some of their new materials in the web. It's different from Modern Minds And Pastimes. More Rock & Roll but they still have their catchy chorus. Anyways, I know many of my friends prefer the old singer, Eric Dill. But I'm just in love with Kyle Patrick. Haha. After I've seen Click Five live, I've been hooked on them. So I will forever not make fun of The Click Five anymore.

Klakibumpy ~Buh BYe

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm Gonna Make This A Twilight Post Day!

I'm going to recommend to people so that they will listen to Twilights OST. Which in my opinion has a lot of genres in one album. So you won't get bored with the same kind of music. So here's the list of the tracks.

Muse - "Supermassive Black Hole"
>Spectacular :D

Paramore - "Decode"
>Everybody's in love with this song

The Black Ghosts - "Full Moon"
>Very mysterious and so cool. And quite eerie

Linkin Park - "Leave Out All the Rest"
>Self explanatory

MuteMath - "Spotlight" ("Twilight" mix)
>I love this song. Especially the beginning the Ahhhhhh part :D

Perry Farrell - "Go All the Way (Into the Twilight)"
>Very interesting. If I say so myself.

Collective Soul - "Tremble for My Beloved"

>I love the part when he sang "So I tremble for my love". The melody repeats itself. Still nice

Paramore - "I Caught Myself "
>Another awesome track from Paromore.

Blue Foundation - "Eyes on Fire"
>Now this is really eerie. Again it's different but nice

Rob Pattinson - "Never Think"
>I dont know what the hell was he singing about. He was sort of mumbling

Iron & Wine - "Flightless Bird, American Mouth"
>Very folky. And happy tune. The lyrics are witty. I like it.

Carter Burwell - "Bella's Lullaby"
>This song keeps repeating in my head. I just love it. It starts out mellow and ended in a such a sweet way. Like the relationship between Edward & Bella which isn't always butterflies & rainbows. Edward's suppose to hum this tune. But it's really hard to hum it.


Twilight Day Out

Today was so fun and tiring. Alliya and Sharanya came by my house to get ready and all that. So we blew dry Shanya's hair, Alliya wants to curl the bottom of Shanya's hair so she twisted around the hairbrush. Then she wanted to untangle it, it was stuck! So we had to slowly untangle it. Haha. Never trust Alliya. Joking :D

Just before we got in to see the movie, there was this one hot Mat Saleh guy. Although hes really young but hes adorable! His eyes wow. And he was in the cinema with us. Too bad he's bro isnt hot.

Moving on to the movie, it was so COOL. But they cut out the kissing part and all that. Which made a bit weird because one minute he's close to her then POW he jumps back. But the scene that really made an impression was the BASEBALL SCENE. OMG. HOT.HOT. I never knew baseball could be so cool. And the background music was Supermassive Black Hole adding to the Hotness. At first, I thought all the cast looks so out of character, but after seeing the movie I actually think they did fit. And Twilight was suprisingly Funny.

So now I will never tease the Cullen Brothers. And even Edward looks hot. I really like the movie. I know some would say it's not all that, but in my opinion, if you've read the book you should definately see the movie eventhough it's different.

Me and my friends made a new Team. Since it's either you are Team Edward or Team Jacob. Well I am Team EdCobJasMetCarLie. Which stands for Edward,Jacob,Jaspar,Emmet,Carlisle,Charlie. They rule. And I'm exhausted.

Arriverdarci, Monkeys.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I don't care about the title! I'm gonna stop numbering.

I'm so bloody happy right now. Dom answered my question. Sigh. I'm really happy eventhough it's nothing but it means something to me k. But yeah woot woot. I'm crazy. But you probably knew that.

The Question

Can Dom show the creepy painting of Matt to the fans?

Submitted by musebrat

The Answer

I’ll try and sneak it out someday. It’s a bit edgy. I know where it is though. Dom.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fourteenth Century

Just finished A Walk To Remember, I know a bit lame for not reading it earlier. But I loved the movie. I love the movie and Landon :) But the book omg. Is so bittersweet and nice. Definately favs. But all the books I've read are all my favs.

The story is about Landon Carter**loves**who falls for the daughter of the town's Baptist. And it's from a guy perspective. So there is still hope for a normal guy(and doesn't necessaryly be a vampire)to be sweet and have the guts to spill out his emotion. I always thought that the book's author was a girl. Turns out it's a he.

At the prologue, he warned at first you will smile and then you will cry. I certainly did smile and then droplets of tears rolled down my cheeks. Eventhough I was prepared for the part where she said that she was dying. But the way he wrote how it felt like for him when she said it made me really sad.

At the end, he changed to become a better man because of Jamie Sullivan whom he love dearly. Even after forty years later, the memories of Jamie still ran through his mind. Now that is Love man.

Edward Cullen might be the Hottest Vampire on Earth. And guys complain that they could not be Edward because of his words, quotes and he's unbelievable charm. But guys certainly can be like Landon. He's just a normal 17 year old who changed for the better and fall in love.I am definately in love with Landon Carter. I guess it's the way he told the story and how in love he was that made this book such a tear-jerker. And there's hope in this world to find a guy like that.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Twelfth Night

I'm getting used of blogging since I've a topic to talk about. Haha. Currently listening to Don't Stop Me Now so I'm really pumped up. HAHA. Before I continue my tale I shall babble. If you know me, you know that I fall for a guy fast. Like turpedo fast. Again sickness. And its either it would be really long or really short. The really short one happens a lot. But the long time, man is so hard to forget. My blog is like talking about guys, guys,guys and more guys. I must really have no life. Thank you Thiro for introducing me to The Rolling Stones. They're awesome, at first I thought Rolling Stones were some grandparents gone crazy. But they're Cool haha.

The Tale Of How I Fell in Love with MUSE(Part 3)

Then I started to download their albums and search good old Wiki. And develop a crush on the Drummer first,Dom Howard. But after a couple of months I fell for Matt more.When I see MUSE live on youtube it's so amazing. Making me more obsess. And I love their personalities. They're a bit one of a kind especially Matt making me adore them more. And they're funny And I love how Matt kicks,slide and command the stage. And the crowds would go woooh. So the more I learn about MUSE and Matt the more hooked I got. That's how I fell with MUSE and Matt Bellamy :D

I think they're super awesome and I hope they ll never stop but I know they will. But their music is like chocolate cover almonds to me. They have lots of genre from Really rocking Stockholm Syndrome to a nice ballad like Blackout. So MUSE has varieties of genres. And so far I'm Lovin It. :) That is the Tale.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Eleventh Hour

The Tale Of How I Fell in Love with MUSE(part 2)
So then Supermassive Black Hole was a single. Then I started to listen I was like cool but not totally into yet. Because I thought the falsetto were a bit too weird.HOHO.Then MUSE annouced that they'll be touring Malaysia and MTV started to play their live gigs. And I started to listen to Starlight and thought woah cool. And I want to go their concert but was afraid of getting squish. By the time I got enough courage to go the tickets were SOLD OUT. Can you believe it? Sigh. So I was practically moping around because I missed it. And that's when I started to really listen to MUSE. Addicted a bit but not obsess yet.

Tenth avenue north

I feel so bored again I think I might have to babble now. Let's pick a topic. My friend suggested talking about Muse. Oh man I have so much to write about them :)

The Tale How I Fell In Love With MUSE(Part 1)
I was never really into Muse, because before Form 2 I was a mainstream radio listener. I was bubble gum pop and R&B type of people. I never like those Rock songs. *shivers*. I don't know what meteor hit me that made me like Rock and ditch pop. I've been listening to Blink 182 for my entire life because of my brother who bought the CD's and tour and all that. That's how I got into skater-punk Rock. Then my MOM liked all those deep husky type of Rocker's voice.And my friends started to listen to Screamo. But I never really liked screamo, some are cool but some you know. And by form 2 I became Indie/Punk/Alternative/Progressive/Rock chick? Well I like that kind of music. Ok I've gone way out of the topic. So I fell in love with Rock.

Ninth Amendment

My Impossible List

1. Have a private Muse Concert

2. Be the smartest person on earth

3.Marry Matt Bellamy

4. Rule the world.

5. Become a vampire

6. Have a date with Edward Cullen.

7. I want a world like Harry Potter

8. Eat non-stop and not get fat.

9. Ban exercising.

10.Have pizza on Jupiter.

I know it's stupid. stoop-pid. But it's my blog pshhh. So I can do whatever on it. If anyone actually reads this please suggest something for me to write. At least I can do some research and do something. But I wont be suprise if it's 0 comments. But try to suggest okay? Pretty pleasee with lots of chocolate fudge on top with marshmallows. Umm marshmallow. I think I'm gonna buy some tonight.

Sayonara Beaches.

8th to finish

I'm watching the early episode of America's Next Top Model and they like invited this contortionist. And she was like putting her leg up in the air and bending here and there. I thought her body might snap. Seriously doesn't that hurt ? And I'm as flexible as a Twig. Sigh I should have never stop taking ballet :(

Anyhooser I'm posting DNA model party with Lucas in itahahah so u can stop reading. Because I'm just bored to death.

DNA model top trio Lucas,Eddie Klint,Matt Gordon
(That's what the caption stated at the website.)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Seventh Heaven

You guessed it I'm bored but I'm just showing the guy who got rejected playing Edward Cullen. I mean he's hot and all that but I think Rob Pattinson would do a better job. My opinion only.

And now the 'chosen one' :) enjoy
Au revoir my friend.

Sixth Sense

I'm bored woop ti doo. And did you read Qm's story of Undying Love So Unbelievably cute. Cue the Aww. It reminded me of the story of two lovers too. I got this from an SMS, haha very romantic. Probably heard of it but whatever. I'm bored so I shall write eventhough nobody's gonna read it. Where shall I begin, sorry if I retold it incorrectly because I'm gonna go with the flow.

The guy I shall call him hurm...- Stephen :)

The girl will be......-Kristen :D

Stephen works at this local record shop. Not knowingly he would have met the love of his life at this very place. Stephen was a shy guy and when he saw Kristen he knew that she'd be the one for him as his heart would race everytime he saw her.He and Kirsten went to the same school, they see each other a lot but never talk. Kristen felt the same way about Stephen,but she was shy also. She would regularly would buy cd just to see Stephen but to her dissapoitment she only came back with another cd and a broken heart.

One day, Kristen got into a car accident and died. Stephen was devastated when he heard the news. He decided to go her place and mourn over her death. Kristen parents lead him up to Kristen's room. There he finally broke down and cried. Because he saw all the cd's she bought still unopen arrange neatly in a row. The reason he cried was because inside the unopen cd was his love letter to her.

I feel so emo now :( cheese and potato bye.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Remember Remember the Fifth of November

So I've finished like reading the books that Alliya gave me which are Local Girls and The Boys Next Door. But the common thing about those two books were the guys.

In Local Girls well the guy's like patient and totally a gentlemen and rich. So what more can you ask for? Well apparently it gets complicated when the guys is your bestfriend twin brother. Can anybody say Drama? Haha. gedik. So the girl kinda got herself into her own mess. And the guy has to patiently put up with her. Amazing rite? I bet in real life the guy would just run away and forget about her. But girls in books always have some problem and whining issues. Is it really like that. Maybe, because I whine a lot. The Boys Next Door, well it's more of the girl being confused. And at the end, the guy gave her 16 roses for her 16th bday. Talk about a way to get forgiveness. So this is why in real life I always look at the guy and think no, he is not romantic enough or he's not funny. It's because books invaded my mind. In books the guys are flawless. I know a girl like me couldnt possibly get that kind of guy, but a girl can hope right? When there's a will theres a way. So I probably die alone because of my expectation. Thats what you get when you read to much books.

Adios. your Whine n Cheese

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fourth Edition.

The title suck but I dont care because I'm cool. Ngee. Okay first and foremost I want to say Brandon Flowers (The Killers duh) doesn't have a moustache anymore so yeah.

Today I went for lunch at this restaurant called Uno! located in Taipan. It's Italian food. I suggested to my mom to go to Dominoes at first because I want to eat the New York Crust again then my brother suggested Uno! so we went there. I had this Cartisini Platter I think I don't remember. So basically it's like this toasted baguette with toppings like smoked salmon, mushrooms, tomatoes and my favourite chicken ham. Hoho. I mean the food's good but the water's pricy. Lala~ I'm full . Haha ade mamat Italian kat luar restoran. Hot Gler ngan dianyer potbelly and bald head. Thiro mesti terpikat kan? So basicaly I was eavesdropping on their conversation, oh there were two Italians. So I tested my Italian language skills but I failed miserably. Haha so I can't be a translator :( merepek. Viva la Italiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :O I thought Italians suppose to be hot unfortunately the ones in Malaysia aren't. Oh I want to watch Madagascar. It's been a long time since I've been in a cinema. The last time was with Alliya, Sharanya and Sze Yan, we watched Eagle Eye.

Currently I'm listening to Boys Like Girls. So-so la. But their first single still the best for me. I'm starting to blab. OK I have no idea what to write. Fat lip - Sum 41 ,funny.

Awkward~ bye.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Re-try Third

Haha the title is totally blegh but who the heck cares. I'm so cool B-) What shall I write about today? Well my friends said blogging is suppose about yourself. They said I don't talk about myself :( But I have other stuff I want to talk about. But I shall try to be self centred in today's post. Yea Yah.

Oh let's start with my awesome birthdate which falls on 29 sept. Unfortunately no matter how many times I write about my birthdate nobody seem to take notice, so whats the point. Please remember it and wish me next year. Every wish or "presents" will be welcomed with open arms. I don't accept shit :D I mean literally shit. My all time favourite band is MUSE. Who cares about The Used :P I want to be a rockstar or marry one, that's my ambition. But Rock Kapak tak layan wey. My group circle of friends doesn't change a lot. Probably because I'm not really friendly. According to Sharanya, I look as though I'm the "emo" type. I'm not all rainbows and butterflies but defo not emo. People know me as the type who's annoying and loud. Tak sedar diri kot? Whateverla. I sing out loud eventhough my voice sucks. I don't care, because if I know or don't know you I'd still sing. Maybe thats why I embarass myself a lot. Like that one time when accidently said snares name infront of his whole entire class and everybody looked. Zip Zip Zop. I cried watching Lion King and A Walk To Remember. Poor simba and that girl who's dying. And I have addiction for dark chocolate. Thira said she is embarass to have a friend like me. And frankly I'm embarass for myself. Wow I'm just making myself look bad. So let show my good side, hmmph.






I'm FUN :D k bye.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Secondhand Serenade

No I'm not gonna talk about secondhand serenade. But anyway oogly doo my second post. Not first not third. Dos post. OK I'm babbling hoho.

Today I shall blab about my new found love of epic bands like Queen & The Beatles. I don't know what cause my sudden urge to listen all of their songs probably people keep talking about them so, I being a curious monkey wanted to know. So I went to wikipedia :P to research, yes nerdy but I love to read about useless fact. So I'm gonna start by talking about Queen ok?


This band is totally awesome. The energy from Freddy Mercury is so amazing. I just love how he sings his heart out just like that. So what if Freddy Mercury's gay, he still rocking with his leotards but I advise guys to not wear leotards it could blind the eyes of people watching. And Dom the drummer from Muse said the song "Don't stop me now" is the song he wants to be played at his funeral. Hell yeah! It starts out nice and ballad like and it builds up to a ball of explosion. Fabulous! I tell you. So listen to that song will you and Killer Queen. Oh yeah, and Bohemian Rhapsody.So far that's all I've been listening too but I'm already hooked.

"Dont stop me now (yes Im havin a good time)I dont want to stop at all."
-Don't stop me now, Queen.

The Beatles

I know that other people have been listening to The Beatles long before I took notice of it. But I still want to talk about them, Why? Because I like them. My mom was the person who asked me to play Hey Jude on the piano. First I was like oh cmon beatles? But after I listen to their albums and watch Across The Universe ( a film using beatles's song) I fell in love with their catchy melody and their easy going attitude and their witty song title. My personal favourite would be Hey Jude, Yellow Submarine, With A Little Help from My Friends, I Want to Hold your Hand. And the list goes on! The see-saw seem to tilt a little more to The Beatles. Well I didn't really pay attention Queen that much but I promise I will. Armed with their coconut hair , matching suits and the british charm, The Beatles's certainly conquered the world. Did I mention how much I love them? I really LOVE them.

"I am the eggman (woo), they are the eggmen (woo), I am the walrus,Coo coo, kachoo."
- I am the walrus, The Beatles.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

First Cut Is The Deepest

Baby I know

Hello, to whoever, I doubt anybody will read this. But anyway, this is officially the first post. Hell yeah! I probably should introduce myself. Lets skip name etc.

I'm pretty much weird. I hate being the same as everybody. I am annoying and a chatterbox. I can't shut up. I've got a lot to say. I get pissed off easily and I'm quite sensitive but I tease people and people tease back so KARMA I guess. What goes around comes around. I'm not at all popular and I don't care really. I have real friends so it's all good. Oh I am addicted to MUSE and Matthew Bellamy *drools*. I like Music, mostly Rock music. Head bang all the way Haha :D So this my intro. Hell yeah Bye :)