Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fourteenth Century

Just finished A Walk To Remember, I know a bit lame for not reading it earlier. But I loved the movie. I love the movie and Landon :) But the book omg. Is so bittersweet and nice. Definately favs. But all the books I've read are all my favs.

The story is about Landon Carter**loves**who falls for the daughter of the town's Baptist. And it's from a guy perspective. So there is still hope for a normal guy(and doesn't necessaryly be a vampire)to be sweet and have the guts to spill out his emotion. I always thought that the book's author was a girl. Turns out it's a he.

At the prologue, he warned at first you will smile and then you will cry. I certainly did smile and then droplets of tears rolled down my cheeks. Eventhough I was prepared for the part where she said that she was dying. But the way he wrote how it felt like for him when she said it made me really sad.

At the end, he changed to become a better man because of Jamie Sullivan whom he love dearly. Even after forty years later, the memories of Jamie still ran through his mind. Now that is Love man.

Edward Cullen might be the Hottest Vampire on Earth. And guys complain that they could not be Edward because of his words, quotes and he's unbelievable charm. But guys certainly can be like Landon. He's just a normal 17 year old who changed for the better and fall in love.I am definately in love with Landon Carter. I guess it's the way he told the story and how in love he was that made this book such a tear-jerker. And there's hope in this world to find a guy like that.

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