Friday, November 28, 2008

20th post. Wooh! Round Number.

I may not be the best guitarist but I want a nice guitar :D And I am in love with this one. I'm posting pictures of it because it looks so bloody cool. It's a GIBSON LES PAUL HD.6X-PRO DIGITAL ELECTRIC GUITAR - BLUE METALLIC. What ay be yoo tay.

One of the best traditional Les Pauls ever made: a hand-oiled mahogany neck, smooth frets, and a comfortable profile for effortless playability, and classic Gibson humbuckers for incredible, traditional tone.

Media-accelerated Global Information Carrier (MaGIC): An Ethernet port with patented Gibson technology carries bi-directional signals with low latency and no signal degradation over miles of cable.

Innovative Hex Pickup: The product of years of development, the Hex pickup is composed of six small, patent-pending humbuckers positioned under each string at the bridge. The high-technology pickups send six individual signals to studio-grade preamps, allowing the six signals to be immediately digitized. The incredible sensitivity of the Hex pickup and the high-definition signal stream offer dynamic range and sonic possibilities never before imagined.

Breakout Box (Bob): The breakout box for the HD.6X-Pro routes any combination of the six Hex signals to any assigned destination‹automatically detecting outputs and designations for ease of use and playability.

(honestly I don't know what the hell am I posting.)


aqil said...

Congrats. Wow. Nice guitar. Way cool. You either did your research or you googled it and just copy & paste. Either way, very prolific... Good job. Why don't you ask for it for 8A's?

faez said...

Fenders are cooler XD

rory said...

yeah i like fender too. But the color is so damn nice. I would ask my parents to buy it but it cost $4,399.97