Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Remember Remember the Fifth of November

So I've finished like reading the books that Alliya gave me which are Local Girls and The Boys Next Door. But the common thing about those two books were the guys.

In Local Girls well the guy's like patient and totally a gentlemen and rich. So what more can you ask for? Well apparently it gets complicated when the guys is your bestfriend twin brother. Can anybody say Drama? Haha. gedik. So the girl kinda got herself into her own mess. And the guy has to patiently put up with her. Amazing rite? I bet in real life the guy would just run away and forget about her. But girls in books always have some problem and whining issues. Is it really like that. Maybe, because I whine a lot. The Boys Next Door, well it's more of the girl being confused. And at the end, the guy gave her 16 roses for her 16th bday. Talk about a way to get forgiveness. So this is why in real life I always look at the guy and think no, he is not romantic enough or he's not funny. It's because books invaded my mind. In books the guys are flawless. I know a girl like me couldnt possibly get that kind of guy, but a girl can hope right? When there's a will theres a way. So I probably die alone because of my expectation. Thats what you get when you read to much books.

Adios. your Whine n Cheese


Shanya said...

Yeah books always gie the wrong we still love it ryte...& theres noting wrong with aiming high...if we aim low then we will et beyond low..but if we aim high we will get middle:)
im blabbing tnx lina 4 dat hahaa.
i mean come on edward cullen???
how are we supposed to find a hot,pale,vampire

QMcullen said...

yeah, look at me now,

praying for Edward Cullen to come through my window=|

lino said...

BOOKS! wht are we to do