Sunday, November 2, 2008

First Cut Is The Deepest

Baby I know

Hello, to whoever, I doubt anybody will read this. But anyway, this is officially the first post. Hell yeah! I probably should introduce myself. Lets skip name etc.

I'm pretty much weird. I hate being the same as everybody. I am annoying and a chatterbox. I can't shut up. I've got a lot to say. I get pissed off easily and I'm quite sensitive but I tease people and people tease back so KARMA I guess. What goes around comes around. I'm not at all popular and I don't care really. I have real friends so it's all good. Oh I am addicted to MUSE and Matthew Bellamy *drools*. I like Music, mostly Rock music. Head bang all the way Haha :D So this my intro. Hell yeah Bye :)


sharanya said...

hahaha.. emo gyler first cut is the deepest???
btw thanks for saying im cool...but u know i;m lyke super cool.... and ur post sunds mcm hot & cold katy perry...
-headbang all the way out-

ur chica,
shanya ;)

Bellamy said...

Thank you sharanya :D

sharanya said...

ur comment kat myne lah.. gedix..

ur hating tyra fan,

thiro said...

haha sharan marah aku do :(

oo ur about me gle cool liao XD
first time gune >> XD