Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sixth Sense

I'm bored woop ti doo. And did you read Qm's story of Undying Love So Unbelievably cute. Cue the Aww. It reminded me of the story of two lovers too. I got this from an SMS, haha very romantic. Probably heard of it but whatever. I'm bored so I shall write eventhough nobody's gonna read it. Where shall I begin, sorry if I retold it incorrectly because I'm gonna go with the flow.

The guy I shall call him hurm...- Stephen :)

The girl will be......-Kristen :D

Stephen works at this local record shop. Not knowingly he would have met the love of his life at this very place. Stephen was a shy guy and when he saw Kristen he knew that she'd be the one for him as his heart would race everytime he saw her.He and Kirsten went to the same school, they see each other a lot but never talk. Kristen felt the same way about Stephen,but she was shy also. She would regularly would buy cd just to see Stephen but to her dissapoitment she only came back with another cd and a broken heart.

One day, Kristen got into a car accident and died. Stephen was devastated when he heard the news. He decided to go her place and mourn over her death. Kristen parents lead him up to Kristen's room. There he finally broke down and cried. Because he saw all the cd's she bought still unopen arrange neatly in a row. The reason he cried was because inside the unopen cd was his love letter to her.

I feel so emo now :( cheese and potato bye.

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QMcullen said...

gosh, this is sad

i'm emo now);