Thursday, November 27, 2008

Twilight Day Out

Today was so fun and tiring. Alliya and Sharanya came by my house to get ready and all that. So we blew dry Shanya's hair, Alliya wants to curl the bottom of Shanya's hair so she twisted around the hairbrush. Then she wanted to untangle it, it was stuck! So we had to slowly untangle it. Haha. Never trust Alliya. Joking :D

Just before we got in to see the movie, there was this one hot Mat Saleh guy. Although hes really young but hes adorable! His eyes wow. And he was in the cinema with us. Too bad he's bro isnt hot.

Moving on to the movie, it was so COOL. But they cut out the kissing part and all that. Which made a bit weird because one minute he's close to her then POW he jumps back. But the scene that really made an impression was the BASEBALL SCENE. OMG. HOT.HOT. I never knew baseball could be so cool. And the background music was Supermassive Black Hole adding to the Hotness. At first, I thought all the cast looks so out of character, but after seeing the movie I actually think they did fit. And Twilight was suprisingly Funny.

So now I will never tease the Cullen Brothers. And even Edward looks hot. I really like the movie. I know some would say it's not all that, but in my opinion, if you've read the book you should definately see the movie eventhough it's different.

Me and my friends made a new Team. Since it's either you are Team Edward or Team Jacob. Well I am Team EdCobJasMetCarLie. Which stands for Edward,Jacob,Jaspar,Emmet,Carlisle,Charlie. They rule. And I'm exhausted.

Arriverdarci, Monkeys.


Shanya said...

GO TEAM EdCobJasMetCarLie!!!!

C's said...

i cant wait for New Moon!!!

MysCullen said...

what a nice name for a group