Sunday, November 23, 2008

Eleventh Hour

The Tale Of How I Fell in Love with MUSE(part 2)
So then Supermassive Black Hole was a single. Then I started to listen I was like cool but not totally into yet. Because I thought the falsetto were a bit too weird.HOHO.Then MUSE annouced that they'll be touring Malaysia and MTV started to play their live gigs. And I started to listen to Starlight and thought woah cool. And I want to go their concert but was afraid of getting squish. By the time I got enough courage to go the tickets were SOLD OUT. Can you believe it? Sigh. So I was practically moping around because I missed it. And that's when I started to really listen to MUSE. Addicted a bit but not obsess yet.

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QMcullen said...

hahaa i knw what u mean,
we have some sortof sickness that no doctor can cure..
yeah, MUSE. This girl would do anythin for them(;