Monday, November 24, 2008

Twelfth Night

I'm getting used of blogging since I've a topic to talk about. Haha. Currently listening to Don't Stop Me Now so I'm really pumped up. HAHA. Before I continue my tale I shall babble. If you know me, you know that I fall for a guy fast. Like turpedo fast. Again sickness. And its either it would be really long or really short. The really short one happens a lot. But the long time, man is so hard to forget. My blog is like talking about guys, guys,guys and more guys. I must really have no life. Thank you Thiro for introducing me to The Rolling Stones. They're awesome, at first I thought Rolling Stones were some grandparents gone crazy. But they're Cool haha.

The Tale Of How I Fell in Love with MUSE(Part 3)

Then I started to download their albums and search good old Wiki. And develop a crush on the Drummer first,Dom Howard. But after a couple of months I fell for Matt more.When I see MUSE live on youtube it's so amazing. Making me more obsess. And I love their personalities. They're a bit one of a kind especially Matt making me adore them more. And they're funny And I love how Matt kicks,slide and command the stage. And the crowds would go woooh. So the more I learn about MUSE and Matt the more hooked I got. That's how I fell with MUSE and Matt Bellamy :D

I think they're super awesome and I hope they ll never stop but I know they will. But their music is like chocolate cover almonds to me. They have lots of genre from Really rocking Stockholm Syndrome to a nice ballad like Blackout. So MUSE has varieties of genres. And so far I'm Lovin It. :) That is the Tale.



C's said...

yeah all hot guy, i knw that
Rolling Stones! Hahaha, yeah athira was kinda into thm, lol

Muse still better:))

rory said...

thnk u :)