Sunday, November 30, 2008

Change of Heart

I am listening to the Dance Music now.... Ahh! NO!

I used to really despise Dance music so much. I would change radio station whenever it comes out. But after hearing from this band that actually mix punk rock with dance. I now enjoy listening to it. So from now on I will be more open minded towards electronic/dance music. But I still dont think I'm that open enough to enjoy it by itself. I used to criticise people based on what music they listen to. But now I truly understand that people have their own personal taste in music and I should respect it. So be free and listen to any music you like without restriction. haha. Music makes people happy. And you shouldn't be teased by what kind of genre you listen too. But it is still good to keep some guilty pleasure music. Just for the fun of it :D

1 comment:

Shanya said...

hahhaha. That means im not charged for having a guilty pleasure of humming to the jonas brothers eh? hahah