Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fourth Edition.

The title suck but I dont care because I'm cool. Ngee. Okay first and foremost I want to say Brandon Flowers (The Killers duh) doesn't have a moustache anymore so yeah.

Today I went for lunch at this restaurant called Uno! located in Taipan. It's Italian food. I suggested to my mom to go to Dominoes at first because I want to eat the New York Crust again then my brother suggested Uno! so we went there. I had this Cartisini Platter I think I don't remember. So basically it's like this toasted baguette with toppings like smoked salmon, mushrooms, tomatoes and my favourite chicken ham. Hoho. I mean the food's good but the water's pricy. Lala~ I'm full . Haha ade mamat Italian kat luar restoran. Hot Gler ngan dianyer potbelly and bald head. Thiro mesti terpikat kan? So basicaly I was eavesdropping on their conversation, oh there were two Italians. So I tested my Italian language skills but I failed miserably. Haha so I can't be a translator :( merepek. Viva la Italiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :O I thought Italians suppose to be hot unfortunately the ones in Malaysia aren't. Oh I want to watch Madagascar. It's been a long time since I've been in a cinema. The last time was with Alliya, Sharanya and Sze Yan, we watched Eagle Eye.

Currently I'm listening to Boys Like Girls. So-so la. But their first single still the best for me. I'm starting to blab. OK I have no idea what to write. Fat lip - Sum 41 ,funny.

Awkward~ bye.


thiro said...

eh ade nombor die tak? nak arh

lino said...

012-hot italian