Friday, November 28, 2008

Patience is the key?

I have been so patient this year XD I've been so patiently waiting for the end of PMR. Thank God it's over. But I have to wait for the results. You know how long I've been for twilight. A long time. But it's out now.

But now I have to patiently wait for MUSE's next album. They said they have a couple of tracks in mind. And will start recording. They said they want to make a great album so they don't want
to rush it. Sigh. Can't wait for the symphonic monster (they've always talk about that):D I need another Muse Maniac to discuss it.

Another album I can't wait is The Click Five. Shocking?haha. My friends know why. But I've heard some of their new materials in the web. It's different from Modern Minds And Pastimes. More Rock & Roll but they still have their catchy chorus. Anyways, I know many of my friends prefer the old singer, Eric Dill. But I'm just in love with Kyle Patrick. Haha. After I've seen Click Five live, I've been hooked on them. So I will forever not make fun of The Click Five anymore.

Klakibumpy ~Buh BYe

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aqil said...

You really like Indie bands don't you? pardon me if i got the genre wrong... i'm out of touch when it comes to modern bands...