Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ninth Amendment

My Impossible List

1. Have a private Muse Concert

2. Be the smartest person on earth

3.Marry Matt Bellamy

4. Rule the world.

5. Become a vampire

6. Have a date with Edward Cullen.

7. I want a world like Harry Potter

8. Eat non-stop and not get fat.

9. Ban exercising.

10.Have pizza on Jupiter.

I know it's stupid. stoop-pid. But it's my blog pshhh. So I can do whatever on it. If anyone actually reads this please suggest something for me to write. At least I can do some research and do something. But I wont be suprise if it's 0 comments. But try to suggest okay? Pretty pleasee with lots of chocolate fudge on top with marshmallows. Umm marshmallow. I think I'm gonna buy some tonight.

Sayonara Beaches.


Shanya said...

i suggest u write gr8 i am..hahaha just kidding write lah about muse...more...i dun kno much...
hope it helps :)

athirah said...

make out with matt bellamy duhhh

athirah said...

duhhh make out with mattheww

athirah said...

duhh duhh duhhh

athirah said...

mattheww grr

athirah said...

im bored :/