Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tenth avenue north

I feel so bored again I think I might have to babble now. Let's pick a topic. My friend suggested talking about Muse. Oh man I have so much to write about them :)

The Tale How I Fell In Love With MUSE(Part 1)
I was never really into Muse, because before Form 2 I was a mainstream radio listener. I was bubble gum pop and R&B type of people. I never like those Rock songs. *shivers*. I don't know what meteor hit me that made me like Rock and ditch pop. I've been listening to Blink 182 for my entire life because of my brother who bought the CD's and tour and all that. That's how I got into skater-punk Rock. Then my MOM liked all those deep husky type of Rocker's voice.And my friends started to listen to Screamo. But I never really liked screamo, some are cool but some you know. And by form 2 I became Indie/Punk/Alternative/Progressive/Rock chick? Well I like that kind of music. Ok I've gone way out of the topic. So I fell in love with Rock.

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