Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I don't care about the title! I'm gonna stop numbering.

I'm so bloody happy right now. Dom answered my question. Sigh. I'm really happy eventhough it's nothing but it means something to me k. But yeah woot woot. I'm crazy. But you probably knew that.

The Question

Can Dom show the creepy painting of Matt to the fans?

Submitted by musebrat

The Answer

I’ll try and sneak it out someday. It’s a bit edgy. I know where it is though. Dom.


ayuniG said...

WOAH! cool cool cooooooooooolll

im ganna ask him too Lah! hahah

Shanya said...

omg!!! seriously lina??? ARE u freakin serious....hehehe
now that we got inside contacts we can be rockstars :P

MysCullen said...

ahhhh!! gila bapak best :D