Friday, November 14, 2008

Re-try Third

Haha the title is totally blegh but who the heck cares. I'm so cool B-) What shall I write about today? Well my friends said blogging is suppose about yourself. They said I don't talk about myself :( But I have other stuff I want to talk about. But I shall try to be self centred in today's post. Yea Yah.

Oh let's start with my awesome birthdate which falls on 29 sept. Unfortunately no matter how many times I write about my birthdate nobody seem to take notice, so whats the point. Please remember it and wish me next year. Every wish or "presents" will be welcomed with open arms. I don't accept shit :D I mean literally shit. My all time favourite band is MUSE. Who cares about The Used :P I want to be a rockstar or marry one, that's my ambition. But Rock Kapak tak layan wey. My group circle of friends doesn't change a lot. Probably because I'm not really friendly. According to Sharanya, I look as though I'm the "emo" type. I'm not all rainbows and butterflies but defo not emo. People know me as the type who's annoying and loud. Tak sedar diri kot? Whateverla. I sing out loud eventhough my voice sucks. I don't care, because if I know or don't know you I'd still sing. Maybe thats why I embarass myself a lot. Like that one time when accidently said snares name infront of his whole entire class and everybody looked. Zip Zip Zop. I cried watching Lion King and A Walk To Remember. Poor simba and that girl who's dying. And I have addiction for dark chocolate. Thira said she is embarass to have a friend like me. And frankly I'm embarass for myself. Wow I'm just making myself look bad. So let show my good side, hmmph.






I'm FUN :D k bye.


thiro said...

haha tgk Lion King pun nak nangis :O

sharanya said...

ahaha... yah u look emo' thats why councellors' attack u... ;D

faez said...

i'm just following you because you're following me:P

lino said...

im the epitome of troubled child
lion king sedih doh