Wednesday, March 18, 2009



Is it me or are they hot?

It's about 4.30 p.m and I just finished watching Coldplay live at BBC. All I could say is Chris Martin is HOT. HAHA. This post isn't really to see whose better than who. I just want to write about them and all. Because, you guessed it, I'm bored. Ok let's start with Coldplay shall we?

Should I introduce them? I mean, you guys probably know them but for the sake of someone whose been living under a rock I shall type out their names. Let see, there's Jonny Buckland the guitarist, who always wears the cap, wonder if he's bald? Then Guy Berryman,bass, out of all of them, the handsome one HAHA. Chris Martin, to me the hottest of all :P sings, plays piano, guitar. And last but not least, Will Champion (what a name) the drummer, who bangs the famous church bell in Viva La Vida.

Back to the BBC live, Jay Z was there, boping his head to beat. Coldplay are HUGE, and they still manage to maintain their humble attitude. Live performance wise they're amazing. Even Matt Bellamy said something along this line,"I thought I was a good singer then I saw Chris Martin singing. Now that guy, he could really sing." Poor Matt, his confidence shattered HAHA. When Coldplay are on stage, their presence are too strong, you're drawn to it. I think that's the key to success, to have your presence felt. And marvellous songs help as well :D I've known Coldplay longer than Muse, they're always on the radio, so Coldplay has history with me. And I took Coldplay for granted and didn't really pay attention to them. And when they played their old hits in concert, my mouth automatically starts to sing a long. And Chris Martin is usually the main focus, and he likes to communicate with audience as though you're friends with him. Friendly you might say. After a song, he'll talk and then gets a few laugh from the audience then continue to play. I don't think Coldplay changed personality wise but their music evolve along with every album. If you had to create the same type of music over and over again, you probably die of creativity deprivation. Summary of Coldplay, they have been my music while growing up. And I swear to pay attention to them more:D Yes, Chris Martin is HOT. I wish I could write more, but time is short. So moving on.

MUSE consist of Matthew Bellamy who plays piano,guitar and sings (just like Chris Martin :O Myb I'm attracted to those type of guys). Dominic Howard aka Spiderdom, colourful pants guy he bangs drums and human bones. Chris Wolstenholme, he's the gentle giant, he doesn't speak much because Matt usually blabs off so he never gets the chance :( But when he speaks its pleasant to hear what he has to say :D

Here's the incommon things Muse and Coldplay have they're both British (Gotta love the accent). Muse and Coldplay are friends. They're unbelievably tremendously awesome live. I love them both. They're funny people. Loyal fans. And sometimes I couldn't comprehend what they're talking about.

Now for the difference, Coldplay is famous everywhere, Muse on the other hand have problems reaching US.Most obvious thing, they have different genre, Coldplay are more to soft rock vibe but Muse are like rock, with some space and conspiracy theories mix into their songs. Chris Martin seems to be a confident person and connects with audience more easily but Matt is quite shy ( Not Joking) so he doesn't talk to the crowd often, usually Dom does it. And Coldplay said they're always a step behind on live performance with Muse. See they love each other. Awww :)

Better stop now.


QM said...


I root for Muse!! cause they can play rock out with the instruments!

Muse! high 5! (;

ayuniG said...

Guy is friggin hot:D
ahh, i want him

Michangelina said...

I stem from Coldplay, they are absolutely fantastic. (I know all their songs by heart)
Of course, I also enjoy Muse... but ever since the release of The Resistance, I've been in love with Muse. More so, than Coldplay. Ah... It feels as though my taste has developed.

rory said...

Haha it's okay to try out different bands for awhile. And when you come back to Coldplay I'm sure you're gnna fall in love with them againn :D

fahmi said...

for sure coldplay is number one...;)

rory said...

na ah. MUSE FTW! :D

Anonymous said...

mm,muse all tym fav band to watch n listen to...