Sunday, March 1, 2009

Feeling MUSEY?

The updates for MUSE just keep coming! Probably because of the NME awards which happen a few days ago. Muse picked Best Live Act again. :P Congrats but they didn't exactly did much last year. And Matt Bellamy won Sexiest Male Award. BAHAHA, he's just oozing with sexyness in that sweater. Eventhough I think he's the hottest man alive(he still is), but I know theres much more better looking guys :D See I ain't bias. And I wish Matt would shut up and let Chris talk for once. Love to hear you talk but give the dude a chance.

Again been waiting so patiently for their fifth album. According to them they're doing a space rock solo that last about 15 minutes? And otherworldly Dark Disco? Of course, this information is coming from Matt & Dom. So its **AHHH! Rat! Ok out of topic, but seriously as I was typing this freaking huge fat grey rat, with the black beady eyes came out of nowhere. I feel unsafe now. Back to MUSE kiddo** just bollocks. If the information is from Chris then it's more believable but it could be full of crap too. Lesson: Never trust what MUSE says.

But there still a long way to go until they finally release they re album. Sigh. Patience is the key. But but but but whyyyy! Any ideas on how to not ache for the new MUSE album?

Ohh and I watched tiny bit of Taking 5, a movie. Eventhough its a typical teen flick. But it seems cool :D Click Five stars in it, when Eric Dill was lead singer. But the band is called 5 Leo Rise*haha* And the drummer became the guitarist? The Bassist became the drummer. The Lead Guitar became keyboardist and the keyboardist became the bassist? Sounds confusing. But just wondering why they switched it in the movie. Oh I know. They want the main to be the best looking ones I guess. Hurmm.

Currently reading Beat The Reaper, which is about a doctor and his past life of being a mobster. So far it's funny and full of 'info'. Now I know what Moxfane is. And now I want to know more about the mafia. Maybe it'll be the next post. And here is a video of Matt the nature lover.

*Thank you Cydonian Knight for making this vid :)
Nite nite

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