Monday, February 23, 2009

Only by the day

Who would have thought a band of 3 brothers and a cousin could be make it in the industry *scoff jobros* Well luckily the Jonas Brothers doesn't include a cousin, well I'm talking about Kings Of Leon.Not exactly pop teen idol look but yup, today's newspaper stated that they won in the Brits award, Best International Group if I'm not mistaken and a couple of others. But I usually hate awards, usually they're bias, but heh it's nice to see some win. Eventhough, I'm blogging quite late about them ( a lot actually) but I couldn't get their song out of my head, especially "Sex On Fire" which is seriously addictive.

Yeahhh youuuuu... your sex is on fire. Loving them :D

Powered by the natural raspy vocal(not as raspy as james morrison and others) and with southern rock , how can they go wrong? Their latest offering Only By The Night certainly is an album to hear. They manage to slow down tempo but still manage to stay off from the sappy slow rock love song and dozing off in the middle of the album. New Fav, 17 :D and they're not horrible live! yeay!

ohh she's only seventeen....

I am your brother.. your bestfriend forevahhhh(had to do it)

Dude far right, tre cool hair.

Currently listening to Phoenix - If I ever feel better. Feel a bit electro pop, funky? Then listen to this feel good tune. Certainly could make you sway side to side. And make you walk as if you're a cool cat. Bahaha

Vidimo se.


Shanya said...

Hahahah omg jonas brothers forever!!!!! I know you loveeeeeeeeeee joe kan ina kan kan! Hahahahha ANyways taylor swift is the BOMB babe!

QM said...

Kings of Leon are kinda good. Their songs not bad. Booo JB!!!
Yeah & XOXO for Taylor Swift!!