Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gym Class Heroes?

Why oh why God must I have a new addiction? I've been feeling a bit hip hoppish lately... haha ok that sounded beyond nerdy! You know Cookie Jar? Yeah yeah the old hit. Well, I used to hate it. Changed the radio everytime. But Now I'm Like Hooked! yes sir ree bob, I am.

Can't keep my hand uh my hands uh my hands off the cookie jar, Word!

Haha, you'll probably thinking, OMG this girl so lameeeeeee, well whatevs, I rock HA HA. As you can see my post has been very random and mostly about stuff that you probably already know. But Ladidaa I just realised that Gym Class Heroes are addictive. I remember when I was addicted to Clothes Off and I was singing it 24/7 and Queen and I. Conclusion, I like Gym Class Heroes.

I watched a couple of vids on youtube, live performances. They're awesome, please come to Malaysia! But I doubt they would, I doubt they even know Malaysia exist. Sigh. That's what you get when you're living here. But if they ever come ( but they wouldn't) could somebody please be kind enough to pay for it :P Oh and Somebody To Love by Queen. Yeap, Freddie Mercury is smack dang doodah freaking awesome. Ain't music just awesome,amazing,cool? Well I think it is.
Can anybody find meeeeeee!

I got a thing for milano,biscotti italiano :D

Currently listen to The Quilt :D
*Haha my visitors are like frm all over. I wonder how they got there? But anyways if you're there leave a comment, but if you choose not too, then thts ok, bye bye.


idzy said...

aku nk chips more cookie satu..

Besig said...

hey i showed u the video of the random dancing of cookie monster! cant get ma hands out the cookie jar!

Shanya said...

Okay weird lina very weird for two reasons! not one but two! !!