Monday, March 2, 2009

Aching from saying goodbyes.

Hahah :D this was barely a year ago. Good times, sigh.
Prepare for a full on emo post :)

Today is Thiro last day at SMKBJ, :'( I feel like crying, seriously. Known you only for a year, but its still good enough of a year to make me your friend. Like QM said, we didn't exactly clicked at first. I thought you hated us :D Thira, I'm gonna miss the way you tease barney, your crazyness to other people and who am I suppose to harrass people with? And I never even got the chance to hang out with you outside school, although we planned a dozen times, but none came to life. Especially Twilight, grr. Eventhough you would pick him over me, I would still pick you over any other guys:) You probably think I'm a psycho, but I am :D And Good Luck and I only wish for the best for you. Even if you forget me, which I think you will, still you'll be apart of my 3 Lambda memories.

Love ya thiro, sincerely lino or leon or wtvelse you call me.

So emo! I don't know why but I always had trouble with saying goodbyes. I guess I just want everything to stay the same but I know that's impossible. So you just have to accept the fact that things do change and you can do nothing about it. I remember my first big farewell, where I had to move and leave my neighbourhood friends. I know you guys are still going on without me but I still miss you guys :) And I don't think I can get over missing you guys. Yuni, Allia, MY, you are the bomb. When you coming here again?Bros before hoes, LOL.


Alllliaaa:D said...

Yeah baby!Bros before hoes ! HAHA! :DD Next holiday weih! Then we can rock out once again !! :D

Shanya said...

Thiraaaaaaaaa is sooo alaaa thira whos gonna be our resident gossip queen of the outside world!!! Miss thira!