Saturday, March 6, 2010

My name is Forrest Gump

Currently watching it on TV and one word, random. It's such a random story. But behind the funny lines lies a true heart felt story. It's really sweet in a way :')

Well, I felt like blogging. And in a few hours I'm going to watch Alice in Wonderland :O I know, it's really late, and I have swimming tomorrow. Sigh, sigh. I'm such a busy girl D: From Monday to Sunday! It's just one year :\ SPM. I want to do well. Really I do. Not only for scholarship purposes but just to see how far I've learnt. Though I would probably forget what I've learnt in a few months D:

Yeah I've been quite 'obsessed' with a choir group called Only Men Aloud! Well my friends know why in particular but I like their version of Angel. I mean it's like so cool when they belt out. You must have some powerful vocal to do that man.

I'll end it here, Muse is going to Poland :\ GAH


Ayuni Gerrard :D said...

omg i loveeeeee forrest gump. so cute haha

rory said...

omgg yesss :DDD