Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hardwork, sweat and gore

I just ate a bar of Kit to the Kat. Ate a small packet of chipsmore and my fridge is stuffed with chocolateee. Ngeeeeeeee :D

So Muse is headlining a couple of major festivals around the world. And you know what, Malaysia isn't in their plan!!!!!! HMPHHHH *heart breaks* Ok breatheeeeeeeeeeeee.

It's almost the end of February the second month of the year. And I'm so behind on homeworks. Teachers are giving homeworks like MAD and it's not like that they're the only one who gives! I wish the school system was like the American's, homework shall be given on paper and so you would just send in the paper instead of a whole ugly old fashion book. Where you have to copy the question and then answer! And I don't understand doing your own notes because I think student should do whatever way that is effective for them to study. For example, some people when they write a lot, they'll remember but when I write nothing ever goes to my head. I prefer to read and understand. Graphics, video are the best.

So it really is the students preference. I wish they would improve the education system so student will actually gain knowledge that they'll remember for life. I really hope so because seriously right now what I'm learning, I'll probably would forget it once I'm out of school :\ To understand is different than to know, you know? I don't know, I'm babbling. Hmm I'm getting far too serious an stressed this year. It's not good for my randomness.


I used to be into Twilight because it was the 'hype' but now it's just going so overboard. Twilight Moms, ..... they're scarier than goblins.