Monday, February 8, 2010

What is that :O

It's a Giraffe!

Why a giraffe you might ask? Well I don't know. But... I'm watching Animal Planet and I have always been 'intrigued' by giraffes. I just don't know :\ They're a bit weird look in my opinion. They're like giant alien beings. Maybe I feel that way because of those two antler-like thingy on top of they're head. Not to mention being unearthly huge. I have seen a couple of giraffe in my lifetime and I didn't like they're long tongue. They're just huge and scary and I don't like elephants too. Maybe I just don't like animals? Nooo. I just get timid by huge animals. Surprisingly, I think the giraffe is weirder than camel. But not as weird as the star nosed mole.

I had to space a lot because I didn't want to look at it. *shivers* No offense mole but I really think you're appearance is disgusting. Hate that picture, so I have to share it. SO back to the giraffe, they fight using their neck O_O yeap. I can't erase the darn picture of that bloody mole. So I have to end my post here. So now you know I find giraffe weird and my new found cringe worthy picture.

**Note: I overcomed my fear of the picture by just staring at it, I still hesitate to look at it. But I have no problem with it (not much) though it will never end up in my favourite animal list.

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