Monday, February 8, 2010


Since I feel Animal Planet-ish, I'm posting a picture of the Japanese Makak. It looks like a tiny human in a snow suit :D

Oooh I might as well share my favourite animal.

The Siberian White Tiger :D Yes Yes Yes. And this year is the year of the tiger, how nice. I love them, I just love big cats, roar :B Omg I just want to cuddle it! But if I did, I'll probably end up half-eaten.

*Note I misspelt macaque D:


AQ said...

I don't want to all Johnny Rain Cloud and all but it is spelled macaque. hehe. And why do the call lions king of the jungle? They don't live in jungles. they live in savannahs. Tigers live in jungles. and they're physically bigger than lions too. how strange.

rory said...

Hahaha thnx for the correction. Spelling was never my thing. Well bottomline is theyre the king.

AQ said...

you're welcome. And agreed. Tigers rule. Haha